How To Use A Lip Tint For Easy, Just-Kissed Lips

Discover how to use a lip tint to give your pout a just-bitten kiss of colour that looks just as good on your cheeks!

What is a lip tint?

A lip tint is a quick and easy way to give your lips a beautiful pop of colour. Lip tints generally look more subdued than a lipstick; instead, they deliver a flattering tint that gives lips a natural-looking flush that mimics sun-blushed skin or a love-shy flush. Many lip tints are formulated with a cream consistency that melts into the lips and leaves behind a healthy-looking tint that wears effortlessly and channels lived-in, natural beauty.

Tilbury Tip: Lip tints like my Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek are perfect for on vacation, makeup-free days, or busy weekdays where you’re looking for a fuss-free lip application that feels hydrating and requires minimal touching up.

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Discover How To Use A Lip Tint

How To Use a Lip Tint

  1. Tap onto the apples of the cheeks as a beautiful cream blush.
  2. Dab onto the lips as a subtle pop of colour.
  3. Blend across the nose for a sun-blushed effect.

How To Use A Lip Tint: Step-by-Step

  1. Model close up applying Charlotte's Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir

    1. Prep your lips with lip oil

    Before applying lip tint, it’s important to prep your lips with a hydrating lip oil. Applying a coat of skincare-powered lip oil helps lips to look and feel smoother, plumper, and ready for lip tint. Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir creates a moisture-rich, silky-smooth canvas for your lip tint to glide onto; the crystal-infused formula features hydrating ingredients from my ‘Magic 8’ matrix, as well as Swertian Leaf Extract that helps visibly reduce the appearance of lip lines. Roll on my magical lip oil before your lip tint and your pout will appear voluptuous and happily hydrated.

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  2. Arm swatches of all 7 shades of Charlotte's lip and cheek tint on fair, medium, tan and deep skin tones

    2. Choose your lip colour

    Once your lips are primed for lip tint, choose the perfect colour to complete your look. When choosing lip colour, I recommend applying your eye makeup first, then choosing a tone that will beautifully complement the eye look you have created. The magical thing about using a lip tint is that it can be used so subtly and look gorgeous alongside a wide range of makeup looks.

    My Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek is available in 5 sun-kissed shades that give the lips your dream holiday sun-kissed look! Do you want to escape to island paradise with Paradise Pink Glow, or unlock that day-in-the-sun look with Sun-Blushed Glow? Discover my sun-kissed shades then choose the perfect lip tint for your look.

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  3. Lip Brush for precisely applying lip gloss and lipstick

    3.  Apply with your fingers or a brush

    The beauty of a lip tint is the ease that you can apply them with. Whether you’re using your fingers or a brush, lip tints require less precision than a lip liner or lipstick and can be tapped on the lips in seconds for an easy pop of colour. Using your fingers will create a blotted effect that lightly tints your lips, while painting on a lip tint with a lip brush will give your lip look more definition by mimicking the look of using a lip liner.

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  4. Model wearing Sun-Blushed Glow lip and cheek tint as a lip tint

    4. Tap lip tint onto the centre of your lips

    To apply a lip tint with your fingers, gently warm up the formula with your index finger then tap onto the centre of your lips. Be sure to deposit lip tint onto your top and bottom lip and be careful not to smear any product outside of your lip line. If you want to apply lip tint with a brush, take an angled brush like my Lip Brush and pick up a small amount of lip tint, then paint it onto your lips as you would with a tube of lipstick.

    Tilbury Tip: If you have thin lips, it may be more effective for you to apply your lip tint with a lip brush as a brush has a fine point that makes it easier to stay within the lines of your lips.

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  5. Model wearing Sunset Bronze Glow lip and cheek tint as a lip tint

    5. Blot with your finger for an even blend

    Once you have applied your lip tint, lightly dab the edges to blend your lip colour into your lips. Blending your lip tint is the secret to creating a natural-looking, blotted effect, capturing that just a tint effect on the lips.  

    Tilbury Tip: If you tend to be a little heavy handed when applying makeup, try blending your lip tint with your ring finger to ensure you aren’t using too much pressure.

  6. Model holding Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek lip tint in terracotta shade Sunset Bronze Glow

    6. Add another coat or two to build up to your desired pigment

    Lip tints are known for looking subtle on the lips, but they can be built up to create a more pigmented lip look. I created my Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek tints to be super-light, beautifully buildable, and easy-to-blend, allowing everyone, everywhere to customise their dream lip look! With your finger or a brush, continue slowly adding lip tint until you have achieved the colour payoff and opacity that you’re looking for from your lip tint, remembering to blend as you go.

    Tilbury Tip: If your application is a little messy and accidently migrates around your mouth, you can easily clean up your look with a dab of Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer.

  7. Model close up applying nude-rose Lip Cheat lip liner in Icon Baby

    7. Define the edges with lip liner

    You can leave your lip tint look there if you like darlings, but if you would like to give your lips some extra definition, you can use a lip liner to line and define the look of your natural lip shape. I created my Lip Cheat lip liners as tools to reshape and resize the look of every pout; lightly kiss your top and bottom lip, the corners of your mouth, and your Cupid’s bow with a complementary shade of lip liner and your lips will look fuller and wider!

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  8. Model applying Pillow Talk Deep Collagen Lip Bath lip gloss

    8. Top with lip gloss

    Lip tints can have a gorgeous, glowy finish all on their own, but a slick of lip gloss never hurt anybody! Wear Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek tints on their own for radiant, sun-kissed lips, or top them with my Collagen Lip Bath for a magical, mirror-shine finish! Want more pout-perfecting, plump-effect lip gloss? Discover Pillow Talk Big Lip Plumpgasm for supersized, plumper-looking lips with the dreamiest, glass-like glaze!

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  9. Lip tint being used as blush on the apples of the cheeks and across the nose

    9. Use lip tint as cream blush

    Darlings, did you know that you can use lip tints as cream blush? Lip tints have a creamy texture that looks just as beautiful on the cheeks as it does on the lips! Once you have beautified your lips with your favourite shade of Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek tint, use your fingertips to tap your lip tint onto the apples of your cheeks and blend it out in soft, circular motions. The emollient formula smooths onto the cheeks to create a dewy-looking, sun-blushed effect that magically matches your lip look. It’s multi-use makeup magic!

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