Unlock Your Dream Summer Glow with 5 NEW! Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek Tints!

Discover Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek, my cream blush and lip tints that give lips and cheeks a sun-blushed effect that transports your makeup look to island paradise.

Darlings, do you want to know the secret to a dewy, healthy-looking, island-inspired blush and glow? My NEW! Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek tints are easy, multi-use cream blushes that give your lips and cheeks the most magical sun-blushed tint!

I’ve formulated 5 sun-kissed shades of my gorgeous lip and cheek formula and each is inspired by the unique hues that a day in the sun naturally kisses your complexion with. They brighten and enliven the look of every skin tone, channelling everything from an Ibizan sunset bronze glow to a vivacious, paradise-pink vacation glow! And darlings, they look just as good on the lips as they do on the cheeks!

Discover my NEW! Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek shades… They’re a one-way ticket to the most magical beach glow!

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Discover 5 Sun-Blushed Shades!

NEW! Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek tints are the same easy-to-use formula as my original Pillow Talk Lip and Cheek Glow in Colour of Dreams and Colour of Passion! Think of them as Pillow Talk’s jet-setting sisters that bask in the sunset hues of the shoreline! These NEW! shades are the secret to giving your lips and cheeks a dewy, healthy-looking, sun-kissed glow, wherever you go! Which shades will you vacation with, darling?

  • BEACH PEACH GLOW! A warm, peachy, coral-rose for a beautiful beach day glow.
  • SUNSET BRONZE GLOW! A bronzed terracotta for silky, sun-kissed skin.
  • PINCHED CHEEK GLOW! A flushed flame red for your dream sun-blushed effect.
  • PARADISE PINK GLOW! A vibrant coral-red for tropical makeup looks.
  • SUN-BLUSHED GLOW! A rosy pink for lips and cheeks that look softly pinched.

Want to try my original Pillow Talk Lip + Cheek Glow? Colour of Dreams is a muted rose that creates the dreamiest makeup looks and Colour of Passion is a rich berry-pink that looks divine on the lips and cheeks.

What Makes Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek Tints Magic?

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Do you love a glowy blush look, darling? Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek tint has a luminous, beach-glow finish that washes over your complexion like a picturesque pink sunset. It’s perfect for creating dewy makeup looks that channel the carefree energy of an evening on the beach. Just tap, blend, and glow for luminous lips and cheeks in radiant, island-inspired blush shades!


Cream blush isn’t going anywhere, darlings! Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek has the dreamiest cream texture that’s rich in emollients, allowing it to glide effortlessly onto the lips and cheeks. The formula delivers a sheer wash of colour that’s easy to build up and blend out to unlock your perfect blush and lip looks. It feels weightless and plays nicely with foundation, powder, and bronzer – it never cakes and is my secret to creating colour-rich cream blush looks!


Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek looks gorgeous on the lips and cheeks – it’s multi-use makeup magic! This 2-in-1 formula gives your makeup look an easy pop of colour that makes lips look luminous and full and makes cheeks blush and glow! They’re quick and easy, travel-friendly, and give you the Beautiful Skin glow that you love! Choose your shades and unlock glowing cheeks and the perfect pout in seconds!


Darlings, is blush your favourite step in your makeup routine? All over social media, beauty lovers have been experimenting with ways to use blush to create the most magical makeup looks! Whether you love the sun-blushed look of blush on the nose; the lifting effect of high blush; or the sunshine glow of sunset blush, use Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek to perfect every blush trend!

The Magic Ingredients in Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek

Claudia Lip + Cheek

My fabulous lip and cheek formula is infused with skincare ingredients – it’s colour and care, combined! Your lips and cheeks will love it, darlings.

  • FILM FORMING EMOLLIENTS: Creates an ultra-smooth dream-cream texture that glides effortlessly onto the lips and cheeks.

  • GLOSSY ESTER: Gives the formula added gloss and lustre for the ultimate island glow.

  • SILKY MICA: Helps the formula glide onto skin with a soft, silky-smooth finish.

  • MICRONISED POWDERS: Boost vibrancy, richness, and depth of colour while enhancing blendability and smoothness.

  • RASPBERRY LEAF STEM CELL EXTRACT: Moisturising effect to hydrate, soften, and revitalise the look of your lips and cheeks.

  • VITAMIN E: Conditions and moisturises for healthy-looking skin.

  • BEESWAX: Creates a rich and smooth texture and gives the formula a softening effect.

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