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Darlings, color on HAPPINESS my Hyaluronic Happikiss Lip Duo!

Choose 2 delicious shades of my NEW! NEXT GENERATION Hyaluronic Happikiss lipstick with hyaluronic acid, a gloss balm for HYDRATED, PLUMPER, SMOOTHER LOOKING, HAPPY LIPS!

Formulated with HYALURONIC ACID and C-PEPTIDE for INTENSELY HYDRATED, PLUMPER looking lips, this is HIGH-PERFORMANCE, HYDRATING COLOUR YOUR LIPS WILL LOVE! glides on with a magical fondue-like texture for a dewy and juicy kiss of HYDRATING color on your lips!

This magical makeup kit includes…

Hyaluronic Happikiss in two shades of your choice: This NEXT-GENERATION, MULTI-MAGIC lipstick gloss balm is formulated with HYALURONIC ACID and C-PEPTIDE for INTENSELY HYDRATED, fuller-looking lips! Hyaluronic Happikiss is a hydrating LIPSTICK GLOSS BALM that glides on with a magical fondue-like texture for a dewy and juicy kiss of HYDRATING colour on your lips! 90% agree it is as nourishing and conditioning as a lip balm!*

Tilbury Tip: Due to its hydrating, fondue-like texture, Hyaluronic Happikiss is non-retractable. To apply, gently twist the base anti-clockwise to apply a little at a time!

Choose 2 shades from the below options:

Crystal Happikiss: a sheer nude pink shade for a subtle kiss of hydrating colour.

Enchanting Kiss: a peachy nude rose hydrating lipstick.

Happipetal: a dreamy tawny nude for a gorgeous glossy lip look.

Happipeach: a fresh, peachy nude hue to make your lips HAPPY!

Romance Kiss: a dreamy peach rose lipstick for a pretty glossy pout.

Passion Kiss: a beautifying soft brown shade for a sophisticated lip look.

Happiberry: a delicious berry hue with a kissable, dewy-looking finish.

Pillow Talk: my iconic nude-pink now in my hydrating lipstick with hyalruonic acid!


What makes it magic?

  • It’s MAKEUP MAGIC meets SKINCARE SCIENCE, with potent ingredients that leave lips LOOKING PLUMPER, SMOOTHER and more HYDRATED, whilst giving a HAPPY GLOW to the lips.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: a hydrating ingredient for PLUMPER, SMOOTHER LOOKING lips.
  • C-Peptide: A MIRACLE ingredient used to help maintain the youthful appearance of the lips. It firms and REDUCES THE APPEARANCE OF FINE LIP LINES.
  • Super-soft Polymers: Designed to CARE FOR YOUR LIPS.
  • Glossy Ester: A high water-holding ingredient that gives lips a HIGH-SHINE EFFECT. It moisturises lips, leaving lips looking glossy and dewy.
  • Hydrating Butters: RESPONISIBLY HARVESTED from Amazonian Rainforest trees. A natural hydrator for the lips with impressive replenishing and NOURISHING properties.
  • Passioline ‘Passion fruit seed oil’ Butter: SUSTAINABLY SOURCED ingredient known for its replenishing and CONDITIONING properties.
  • Glossy Pigments: to create a HIGH-SHINE FINISH with medium coverage.
  • User trials for Hyaluronic Happikiss over 4 weeks revealed that 92% agree lips feel kissably soft and smooth and 91% agree lips feel deeply nourished!*
  • Results of clinical trials for Hyaluronic Happikiss revealed that lips appear VISIBILY SMOOTHER by 181% after 28 days and it visibly plumps the look of lips by 169% after 28 days!**

*Tested on 102 men and women over 4 weeks

**30 people tested

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