How To Choose Your Perfect Foundation Shade Online

Discover how to choose your foundation shade online with my Foundation Shade Finder and learn how to get a perfect colour match, every time!

Discover Charlotte's Foundation Shade Finder

Darlings, a flawless foundation shade match is the secret to your best-looking skin. Your foundation can appear unnatural if the shade isn’t flattering for your skin tone, so it’s always important to know how to choose a foundation online that will look seamless.

Choosing the right foundation shade can be difficult if you’re not a makeup artist or a foundation enthusiast, and choosing foundation online poses even more of a challenge as you can’t see how it looks in person. We’re in the digital age, darlings, and I knew I needed to create a virtual shade matching tool that would make shopping on easier than ever, allowing everyone, everywhere to discover their perfect foundation shade online!

Discover how to use my Foundation Shade Finder to choose the perfect foundation shade and formula for you, then purchase online or on the Charlotte Tilbury App to perfect the look of your complexion! There’s a shade for everyone, darlings – find yours now!

Get your perfect shade match with my Foundation Shade Finder

Discover How To Choose Your Foundation Shade Online with Charlotte’s Foundation Shade Finder

Get perfectly shade matched in 60 seconds with my Foundation Shade Finder! Powered by BEAUTY AI, LIGHT TECH + an EXPERT SKIN ALGORITHM, my easy and accurate foundation finder mirrors the mind of a makeup artist, reading your skin for a flawless colour match* in seconds!

Simply answer a couple of quick questions about your skin tone, undertone, and foundation preferences, then upload a photo of yourself to let my Pro Beauty Tech determine which of my foundation shades is your magic match!

Get flawlessly shade matched with my Foundation Shade Finder

Need some more assistance, darlings? Discover my tips and tricks on how to choose your foundation shade online using my Foundation Shade Finder, below:

Step 1: Know your skin tone

Skin tone is broadly categorised into fair, medium, tan, and deep shades, and knowing which skin tone is the best match for your complexion will help you to choose the foundation shade that’s right for you.

The easiest place to start when identifying your skin tone is to look at the shades of AIRbrush Flawless Finish. My pressed powder is available in Fair, Medium, Tan, and Deep shades, and the one that has the closest match to the colour of your skin will reveal which foundation shades you should be choosing from.

Unreal Skin group shot

Discover AIRbrush Flawless Finish

Step 2: Decide where your skin tone sits on the colour scale

Skin tone is a spectrum, darlings! A good foundation will have a wide shade range that caters to a variety of skin tones, but this can feel overwhelming when trying to select your shade. To pinpoint which shades will work for you, decide which end of the spectrum your skin sits on. For example, if you have deep skin, look at the deeper shades of a foundation and think about whether your skin is lighter, darker, warmer, or cooler.

Tilbury Tip: My foundations follow a number system that goes from light to dark, making it easy to choose a foundation shade that’s slightly lighter or deeper. Always look at model imagery and match yourself to the person whose skin tone closely matches yours.

Shades of Unreal Skin

Step 3: Determine your undertone

Skin tones naturally contain a unique blend of colours that influence their appearance. Two people with the same overtone can have an entirely different undertone and will match different foundation shades. Skin can have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone, and a foundation that has a matching undertone to your skin will look the most seamless and flattering.

How To Determine your Skin Undertone

Warm undertones: skin appears yellow, golden, or peach, has green veins, and tans easily in the sun.

Neutral undertones: skin appears beige or olive, has a mixture of green and blue veins, and can catch a tan but is also prone to burning in the sun.

Cool undertones: skin appears red, pink, or blue, has blue or purple veins, and burns easily in the sun.

Discover the different types of skin undertone:

Yellow undertones: warm-toned skin with a hint of yellow e.g. Airbrush Flawless Foundation in 3W

Golden undertones: warm-toned skin that looks naturally tanned with a hint of rich yellow e.g. Beautiful Skin Foundation in 13W

Peach undertones: warm-toned skin with a hint of pink e.g. Beautiful Skin Foundation in 7C

Olive undertones: neutral-toned skin with a hint of green e.g. Airbrush Flawless Foundation in 7.5N

Neutral undertones: neutral-toned skin that’s not too warm or too cool e.g. Beautiful Skin Foundation in 4N

Red undertones: cool-toned skin with a red, pink or blueish tint e.g. Airbrush Flawless Foundation in 2C

Step 4: Decide which foundation coverage you’re looking for

As well as finding your perfect foundation shade match, it’s important to consider the formula and finish that will work best for you. When choosing your foundation, bear in mind which formulas will work for your skin type; have the best longevity; and create the flawless foundation look that you love.

I’ve created a collection of sheer, light, medium, buildable, and full-coverage foundations including my newest foundation innovation: Unreal Skin Sheer Glow Tint hydrating stick foundation and super-natural skin tint! Discover glowy, matte, and natural-finish options in a wide range of shades to suit everyone, everywhere on!

Foundation coverage options

Need some help finding your flawless foundation match, darling? Discover my guide on how to choose the right foundation finish for you.

Step 5: Do you want your foundation to match your skin or lean slightly lighter or darker?

You can make different shades of foundation work for you, darlings. Some people like to wear a foundation that’s slightly lighter than their skin tone for a lifting, brightening effect, whereas others choose a darker shade of foundation to look more tanned. To get the most natural look from your foundation, I suggest choosing a true tone foundation that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.

Tilbury Tip: Always blend your foundation down your neck and into your hairline to mesh it with your skin tone and avoid any harsh lines.

Step 6: Upload a photo for easy and accurate shade match analysis

The final step to finding your perfect foundation shade is adding a photo of yourself for my Beauty AI and Light Tech to analyse. Snap a quick and easy picture of yourself and my Foundation Shade Finder will decode which foundation shade is your perfect match!

Marie Unreal Skin

To get flawless results every time, bear these Tilbury Tips in mind when taking your photo:

  1. Look directly into the camera and avoid group shots

  2. Use natural lighting to capture your true skin tone

  3. Choose a single colour background and avoid wearing makeup, glasses or accessories

Once my Foundation Shade Finder gets a clear glimpse at your gorgeous face, it will match you with your perfect foundation shade.