18 Festive Christmas Makeup Looks To Wear This Holiday Season

Dazzle this December with Christmas makeup looks featuring trending festive eye makeup and lipstick shades.

Darlings, the holiday season is my favorite time of the year! Using my expert eye for color and love for all things festive, I’ve shortlisted some fabulous Christmas makeup looks to wear this December! From berry reds to gorgeous greens, discover the holiday hues you need to create the merriest and most magical Christmas makeup looks!

Discover Christmas Eye Makeup Looks for Party Season

Darlings, the holidays are upon us! These 10 Christmas makeup looks will inspire you to create Christmas makeup magic. Discover the most festive eyeshadow colours to adorn your eyes with this year including the party-inspired shades in my NEW! Beautyverse Palette! Are you ready to dazzle this December, darlings?

  1. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using Hypnotising Pop Shot in Lovers Diamond

    1. Cranberry Red Eyeshadow

    Warm red tones are all around during the holidays and a red Christmas eye makeup look is a classic, darlings! Channel cranberry-coloured festivity into your gaze with a red eyeshadow palette like my Walk of No Shame Luxury Palette or a gorgeous garnet eyeshadow like my Hypnotising Pop Shot in Lovers Diamond. With tones of ruby red, berry and copper, you can make your eyes look crystalised with a dazzling, diamond-like finish that gives your Christmas eye makeup a cosy, festive glow!

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  2. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using The Rebel Luxury Palette

    2. Festive Green Eyeshadow

    From deep, forest-green eyeshadow to iridescent, jade green and shimmering emerald, green shades are a magical addition to your Christmas makeup look. Joyous, eye-enhancing greens are reminiscent of the jewel-toned hues of baubles and gift wrap and swiping them onto the lids gives your look a fabulously festive finishing touch. I recommend reaching for the silky green shades in The Rebel Luxury Palette to dial up your Christmas makeup look and create a gorgeous green gaze!

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  3. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using Hypnotising Pop Shot in Pillow Talk Diamonds Diamond Dimension

    3. Pink Fizz Eyeshadow

    Give your Christmas eye makeup a sparkling, effervescent fizz using my Hypnotising Pop Shot in Pillow Talk Diamonds – Diamond Dimension! This pearly-pink shade is the perfect party piece for your Christmas makeup look, providing diamond-inspired shimmer and sparkle that lights up the look of your eyes in seconds! Celebratory and celestial, this multichrome eyeshadow has hypnotising, high-impact shine and that will turn heads!

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  4. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using the Golden Galaxy shade from The Beautyverse Palette

    4. Golden Galaxy Christmas Makeup

    Illuminate the look of your eyes with the most gorgeous gold shade in the galaxy – Golden Galaxy! My NEW! Beautyverse Palette is the secret to creating Christmas makeup looks with sensational, starry eyes that beam bright! Golden Galaxy is one of my NEW! Crystal Glow shades; it glides effortlessly onto the lids and gilds them with an impactful, crystalline finish and a flattering golden glow. It blends beautifully with the silky matte shades in the palette and is perfect for creating a timeless Christmas eye makeup look.

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  5. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using the Cyber Silver shade from The Beautyverse Palette

    5. Cyber Silver Eyeshadow

    All that glitters isn’t gold, darlings… You can dial up your Christmas makeup look with silver eyeshadow to create an icy holiday glow! Sparkling silver eyeshadow all over the lids and on the inner corners makes your eyes POP! It beautifully complements silver jewellery and sequined clothing, adorning your holiday look with magical, metallic moments that will wow everyone at the table. Discover the Cyber Silver shade in my NEW! Beautyverse Palette – it’s a steely silver that’s perfect for tapping all over the lids to add celestial sparkle to your Christmas makeup look.

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  6. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using the Planet Pink shade from The Beautyverse Palette

    6. Planet Pink Christmas Eyeshadow

    Make your Christmas makeup look memorable and magical with a prismatic pop of pink eyeshadow! Playful pink shades are a fun way to experiment with colour during the holidays – they look vibrant alongside every eye colour and exude fun-loving festive cheer. The Planet Pink shade in my NEW! Beautyverse Palette belongs at every holiday party; it illuminates the look of the eyes with out-of-this-world pink pigment, wrapping the lids in shimmering party pink that could get anyone into the festive spirit.

    Tilbury Tip: For a multi-dimensional finish, layer Planet Pink with my Digital Lilac shade to create a mesmeric, high-shimmer gradient.

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  7. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using the matte shades from The Beautyverse Palette

    7. Magical Matte Christmas Eyeshadow

    Keep your Christmas makeup look simple and classic with a subtle veil of matte eyeshadow. Neutral shades of silky-smooth, matte eyeshadow can create understated Christmas eye makeup that softly enhance the look of your eyes while looking natural and barely there. I created my NEW! Beautyverse Palette to create extravagant Christmas eye makeup looks, however, the ultra-flattering matte shades can be used alone to create makeup magic that every minimalist will adore! Sweep the buttery, brown shades through the crease with my Eye Blender Brush and unlock effortless eyes in minutes!

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  8. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using Colour Chameleon cream eyeshadow in Pillow Talk

    8. Dreamy Pillow Talk Eyes

    Pillow Talk is the perfect shade for every season! My iconic world of Pillow Talk features dreamy nude-pink shades to light up the eyes and face with this holiday season, giving the perfect romantic flush to Christmas makeup looks. Whether you love to create soft, blush-toned looks with my Pillow Talk Luxury Palette; a classic smokey eye with Pillow Talk Dreams Luxury Palette; or shimmering makeup magic with my Eyes to Mesmerise, there’s a Pillow Talk eyeshadow to create everyone's dream Christmas eye makeup look.

    My Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencil is a perfect way to bring the magic of Pillow Talk to your Christmas eye makeup. This effortless cream eyeshadow is a dazzling pink metallic that makes the eyes gleam and glow; it swipes on to create a quick and easy Christmas eyeshadow look that sparkles with pure Pillow Talk magic.

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  9. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using the Exagger-Eyes Palette

    9. Bigger, Brighter, Twinkling Eyes

    Look bright-eyed this holiday season with my Exagger-Eyes beauty secrets! I created my Bigger, Brighter Eyes Palette in Exagger-Eyes to enhance the look of the eyes, giving everyone, everywhere the tools to make their eyes appear bigger, brighter and more awake. The palette features eye-enhancing shimmer shades that help eyes to appear more open and enlarged while you celebrate. Use the flattering, rose-gold shades to create a festive eye makeup look, then add the transparent topper shade to light up the look of your eyes even more!

    Tilbury Tip: My Exagger-Eyes eyeshadow palette pairs perfectly with Hollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo – my champagne and black dual eyeliner that effortlessly defines the look of the eyes!

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Discover More Christmas Makeup Looks

  1. Anu wearing a Christmas makeup look using Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Dream Pop

    10. Holly Berry Blush

    Give your cheeks a holly berry flush with a flattering, berry-toned blush. Beautiful berry shades are all around during the holidays and incorporating them into your makeup with blush is a playful nod to the season. My Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Pillow Talk Dream Pop is the perfect way to give your Christmas makeup look a festive flush; one dot on the apples of your cheeks will blend effortlessly to give them a ripe and radiant blush look of a freshly picked holiday wreath!

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  2. Bella Tilbury wearing a Christmas makeup look using Spotlight Beauty Light Wand

    11. Festive Golden Glow

    ‘Tis the season to glow, darlings! Adding a head-turning highlighter to your Christmas makeup look will help your festive joy to shine even brighter! To create beaming highlights that look dazzling on the dancefloor and mesmerising underneath the mistletoe, reach for my Beauty Light Wands in Spotlight and Goldgasm to create the dreamiest candlelit glow. Swipe your perfect highlighter shade onto the high points of your face for flattering, multi-dimensional shimmer, then watch it meld effortlessly into the skin to unlock the most fabulous festive glow.

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  3. Meg wearing a Christmas makeup look using Hollywood Blush and Glow Glide Palette Fair Medium

    12. Cotton Candy Christmas Blush

    Sweet as cotton candy – pink blush is a magical addition to any Christmas makeup look! Reaching for a pretty pink blush gives your cheeks a rush of rosy colour that makes them appear flushed with holiday happiness. Whether you love a light pink powder blush like Cheek to Chic in First Love; a silky pink liquid blush like Pinkgasm; or a berry-pink cream blush like Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow, choose your perfect pink blush to give your Christmas makeup a moreish, candy-coloured glow.

    Tilbury Tip: My NEW! Hollywood Blush & Glow Glide Palette in Fair/Medium features a punchy pink powder blush that looks divine on the cheeks! It’s my personal favourite for creating a pink blush holiday look.

    Hollywood Blush & Glow Glide Palette – Fair/Medium

  4. Jourdan Dunn wearing a Christmas makeup look using Hollywood Blush and Glow Glide Palette Tan Deep

    13. Gingerbread Blush

    Channel dreamy gingerbread hues into your Christmas makeup look with a warm, terracotta-toned blush. Swirling into a blush that mixes bronze and blush tones is the recipe for a delectable festive makeup look with cheeks that look deliciously blushed. The terracotta powder blush in my NEW! Hollywood Blush & Glow Glide Palette in Tan/Deep is perfect for unlocking fresh-from-the-oven gingerbread cheeks and it also includes a golden highlighter to finish your look with a magical golden glaze.

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Discover Festive Christmas Lipsticks

  1. Bella Tilbury wearing a Christmas makeup look using Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur in Ruby Blur

    14. Red Lipstick Christmas Makeup

    The holiday season calls for a magical red lipstick, darlings! With wine, burgundy and bright red colours all around, there’s no other shade that exudes holiday festivity like a head-turning red. My Ruby Blur shade of AIRbrush Flawless Lip Blur is the perfect red lip for the occasion; it’s a hydrating matte liquid lipstick in a vivid ruby red that delivers instant glamour to your Christmas makeup look. Wear it blotted and blurred or wear it bold to customise your perfect Christmas lipstick.

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  2. Rina Sawayama wearing a Christmas makeup look using Rock Lips in Ready for Lust

    15. Festive Raspberry Lipstick

    If you prefer a deeper, sweeter shade of red, why not try a rock ‘n’ roll raspberry lipstick like Rock Lips in Ready for Lust? This luscious raspberry red shade of my famous K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick formula swipes on to give your pout a satin-smooth crushed berry look. Pair it with my Lip Cheat lip liner like Pillow Talk Medium or Crazy in Love for dreamily defined lips with the juiciest berry hue.

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  3. Meg wearing a Christmas makeup look using Matte Revolution lipstick in Pillow Talk

    16. Pillow Talk Christmas Lipstick

    Darlings, it’s the shade for every season and everyone! Pillow Talk is my globally loved, instantly iconic, nude-pink shade and it will beautifully sign off your Christmas makeup look. Wear my signature shade of Matte Revolution lipstick to give your look a pout-perfecting, universally flattering coat of colour that goes with everything. For the full Pillow Talk effect, pair your lipstick with Pillow Talk Original Lip Cheat to cheat a fuller, wider-looking lip shape before applying an iconic slick of lipstick.

    Tilbury Tip: Did you know that there’s more Pillow Talk to discover, darlings? Unlock Pillow Talk Medium and Pillow Talk Intense lipstick shades as well as more Pillow Talk beauty secrets for the lips, cheeks, and eyes in my Pillow Talk collection!

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  4. Kate Moss wearing a Christmas makeup look using Rock Lips in Rocket Girl

    17. Nude Lip Christmas Makeup

    For makeup minimalists, choose a nude lipstick that looks effortlessly beautiful. This holiday season, I introduced the world to Rocket Girl – a magical matte lipstick in a cool-toned, taupe-pink shade – it’s a chic, pink-toned nude to wear with your Christmas makeup look. The modern-matte formula glides onto the lips to perfect your pout with flattering, seamless-looking lip colour – it’s the perfect way to step in beauty magic this holiday!

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  5. Meg wearing a Christmas makeup look using Collagen Lip Bath lip gloss

    18. Glossy Christmas Lip Look

    Do you prefer a glossy lip look, darlings? Wear my Collagen Lip Bath on top of your favourite lip liner and lipstick to give your pout a party-ready plump effect. Available in universally flattering shades like nude-pink Pillow Talk and crystal-clear Refresh Rose, my collagen-powered lip glosses are perfect for adding magical, mirror shine to your lips ahead of the festivities. Whether you’re getting ready to greet your guests or are slumped by the fire after a festive feast, keep your lip gloss on hand for easy touch ups of glimmering gloss.

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