Beauty Trends to Discover in 2024

These makeup and skincare beauty trends will be everywhere in 2024, darlings. 

Darlings, with the start of a new year comes new beauty trends to try! As a makeup artist to the stars, I’m always on the pulse of beauty trends and love to set new trends with my makeup. I’ve shortlisted 12 beauty trends that I expect to see everywhere in 2024!

Discover the trending colours of the moment, skincare trends to try and new beauty looks to experiment with in 2024, then learn how to create beauty magic with my must-have makeup and skincare!

12 Beauty Trends To Try in 2024

  1. Close up of model wearing Super Blue eye makeup

    1. Super Blue Eye Makeup

    One beauty trend I predict to see in 2024 is a beauty boom of blue eyeliner and eyeshadow. Blue shades are an effortless way to give your makeup look a pop of colour and they look particularly flattering with blue and brown eyes. Get the look with my Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Super Blue – an atmospheric navy matte and cerulean metallic dual eyeliner pencil. Use the beautifying blue shades to flood the waterline; give the lids a true-blue transformation; or create a fabulous feline flick in a sultry shade of blue.

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  2. Model wearing a trending latte makeup look

    2. Cafécore

    In 2023, we saw latte makeup take over social media and I expect to see cafécore spill into 2024, darlings! Getting the cafécore look is all about creating cosy, coffee-coloured makeup with the casual feel of an afternoon at your favourite coffee spot. I predict warm brown eyeshadows and latte lips will continue to be popular this year, with cooler, deeper espresso makeup emerging to give cafécore makeup an extra shot of magic. You can get an effortless espresso makeup look using the dark brown shades in The Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette and my Lip Cheat in Foxy Brown  – this duo is my secret to instant cafécore!

    Tilbury Tip: Once you’ve created your cafécore makeup look, reach for a sweet or spicy perfume that captures the freshly baked scent of a quaint coffee shop.

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  3. Kate Moss wearing a silver chrome makeup look

    3. Chrome Metallic

    All that glitters isn’t gold, darlings… Chrome metallics are having a resurgence! Silver, platinum and gunmetal shades are ready to give eye makeup everywhere a star-powered makeover in 2024. These icy tones look so impactful on the eyes; they capture the light and glisten like dazzling diamonds! Experience the magic of metallics with The Rock Chick Luxury Palette! This eyeshadow palette features mesmeric silver shades that will be perfect centrepieces for this year’s trending eyeshadow looks.

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  4. Model wearing a Gothic Western makeup look

    4. Gothic Western

    The timeless beauty of gothic makeup will never go out of style, darlings, but for 2024 I’m seeing classic elements like black eyeliner, smokey eyeshadow and vampy lip colours mixed with Western influences to create a gorgeous Gothic Western aesthetic. Reach for old favourites like The Feline Flick liquid eyeliner and The Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette to give your makeup look a gothic feel, then pair it with a musky, leather fragrance and vintage-inspired fringe to transport your look to the Wild West.

    Discover how to get a gothic makeup look

  5. Model applying Supermodel Body body shimmer for a head-to-toe body glow

    5. Bodycare: Head-to-Toe Body Glow

    We all know how important it is to take care of our skin, and that includes the skin on our bodies! Bodycare will be a key focus for 2024 including sensorial body creams and scrubs that help skin to feel smoother and more hydrated and radiance-boosting body highlighters and tanning drops to create the most magical body glow. You can glow from head-to-toe with my bodycare beauty secrets, darlings; discover Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream to give your body an immediate skin revival inspired by the effects of my iconic Charlotte’s Magic Cream, and Supermodel Body to lift the look of skin with a silky, runway-ready glow.

    Discover my self-care body routine:

  6. Model applying bright fuchsia Kissing Lipstick Velvet Underground

    6. Colourful Makeup Creations

    In 2024, we are embracing ‘kitsch’ – the German word for out-there and overly eccentric! The colourful world of ‘kitsch’ and colourful makeup is always inspiring me to play with colour and reach for unusual combinations, and I predict lots of 2024 beauty trends will follow this theme. From patchwork eye makeup looks and colourful eyeliners and mascaras to vibrant pink and red lipsticks and pigmented pops of blush, keep your eyes peeled for a wave of colour in 2024!

    Tilbury Tip: Get the ‘kitsch’ makeup look with beauty icons like my Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Pillow Talk Dream Pop; Eye Colour Magic Liner Duos; and bold lip shades like Lost Cherry and Velvet Underground.

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  7. Model massaging body cream onto the chest with a lymphatic drainage technique

    7. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    Darlings, have you heard about the skin benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage? This massage technique involves applying light pressure to areas where the lymph nodes are situated such as the neck, chest and abdomen in order to help drain away fluids and reduce the appearance of swelling. You can reap the benefits of this massage technique in your at-home skincare routine. In 2023, I introduced the world to Charlotte’s Magic Massage which includes a lymphatic drainage technique – learn more in my how to moisturise your body guide and it’ll surely become a key step in your 2024 skincare routine.

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  8. Close up of model applying Collagen Lip Bath lip gloss for plumper-looking lips

    8. Plumper-Looking Pouts

    I predict that lip plumpers will be everywhere in 2024, darlings! Who doesn’t love the look of juicy, plumper-looking lips? Whether you prefer a minty, menthol lip gloss with a cooling plump effect or a spicy lip plumper that makes your pout tingle, these lip secrets are the key to supersizing the look of your lips this year! If you want to achieve the look of plumper-looking lips without the sensation of a lip plumper, discover Collagen Lip Bath – it’s my mirror-shine lip gloss with a pearly glow and plumping effect!

    Learn more with lip gloss 101

  9. Meg wearing a peach makeup look with Peach Pop Matte Beauty Blush Wand

    9. Perfectly Peach Makeup

    Peach is the colour of the year for 2024, presenting the perfect opportunity to apply peachy pops of colour to your lips, cheeks and eyes! I love to use pretty peach tones to bring warmth back to the face – they’re so flattering and are an easy way to play with colour. Some of my favourite peach makeup must-haves are my Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Pillow Talk Peach Pop and Peachgasm Beauty Light Wand to give the cheeks a peach flush, as well as Collagen Lip Bath in Peachy Plump and Angel Alessandra Hot Lips to create the perfect peachy pout.

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  10. Blessing wearing a tropical makeup look with Pinkgasm Sunset Beauty Light Wand

    10. Tropical Paradise Makeup

    An island escape isn’t just for the summer, darlings! Channel that summer feeling all year round by creating trending, tropical makeup looks. You can never go wrong with sun-kissed skin, sun-blushed cheeks and a dreamy satin-finish pout, and my beauty secrets are perfect for unlocking the most mesmeric tropical makeup look. Reach for Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer to give the complexion a beach-bronzed, natural-looking, sunshine glow; Pinkgasm Sunset Beauty Light Wand for glowing, rosy skin that mimics a day in the sun; and my island-inspired K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Coral Kiss for the most magical coral lipstick look.

    Tilbury Tip: Complete your tropical makeup look with a warm, breezy, tropical fragrance that brings back the euphoric feelings of an island vacation.

    Discover how to get a sunset makeup look

  11. Jourdan Dunn holding Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter

    11. ‘Your Skin’ Foundation

    In recent years, the beauty industry has favoured foundation formulas that are enriched with potent skincare ingredients like my AIRbrush Flawless Foundation and Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Foundation. Formulas like this help to improve the appearance of skin with every wear and I’m expecting them to continue to trend in 2024 and beyond. Skin tints, foundation sticks and serum foundations with ‘your skin’ finishes will continue to be popular, with many being infused with powerful skincare like SPF, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. And of course, darlings, Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation will continue to give everyone, everywhere the Beautiful Skin effect with its radiant, healthy-looking, medium-coverage finish!

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  12. Model wearing a Christmas makeup look using The Rebel Luxury Palette

    12. 70s Groove

    Slip into your dancing shoes, darlings… the 70s are back! I find it fascinating how cyclical makeup trends are, and I’m expecting to see dazzling, disco makeup looks in 2024 that are inspired by the show-stopping 70s! To get the 70s look, think balmy, bronzed skin; shimmering disco eyes; eye-popping earth tones; and gorgeous, glossy lips. I recommend reaching for beauty secrets like The Rebel Luxury Palette, Goldgasm Beauty Light Wand and AIRbrush Bronzer to create a magical, modern take on 70s makeup.

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