Makeup for Dry Skin

Discover my magical makeup for dry skin including moisturising beauty secrets for the face, lips, and cheeks!

Darlings, when I’m working with dry, sullen skin, I always choose HYDRATING makeup that helps the complexion to look and feel smooth and supple. My beauty secrets are infused with SUPERCHARGED SKINCARE INGREDIENTS that help to combat dryness and moisturise the skin with every wear!

After performing your supercharged skincare routine, discover how I create a FRESH, HYDRATED-LOOKING BASE, JUICY, PLUMPER-LOOKING LIPS and GORGEOUS, GLOWING CHEEKS using my magical makeup for dry skin!

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Discover Makeup for Dry Skin Essentials

Beautiful Skin Glow Icons

Darlings, you have BEAUTIFUL SKIN, whatever your skin type! I created my Beautiful Skin franchise to give EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE their best skin day, every day! I wanted to create hydrating, skincare-infused formulas that give the face a gorgeous, healthy-looking glow, while improving the look of skin with every wear! Since launching my Beautiful Skin Foundation, the world has FALLEN IN LOVE with my heavenly, glow-boosting complexion heroes!

My Beautiful Skin GLOW ICONS look gorgeous on dry skin, delivering hyaluronic acid-infused coverage that hydrates while perfecting the look of your complexion.

Beautiful Skin Foundation provides medium-buildable coverage that looks smooth and naturally radiant, while flooding the skin with moisture and locking it in with Hyalurosmooth™ to help target dryness and uneven texture.

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Under the eyes, Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer marries the coverage of a concealer with the power of an eye cream, helping the eye area to look brighter and more lifted. It’s infused with 10% supercharged skincare ingredients including hyaluronic acid, golden vitamin C and niacinamide, helping skin to feel quenched and revitalised.

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To give dry skin a beachy-bronzed look, apply Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer for the ultimate SUMMER GLOW! My cream bronzer is like SUNSHINE IN A BOTTLE, giving the complexion a smooth, evenly bronzed look while quenching dry skin with hyaluronic acid and building up a glowing, healthy-looking tan.

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Hydrating Primers

Dry skin can be rough and flaky to the touch which can cause makeup to look textured and patchy. The key to creating a plush canvas for makeup is using a hydrating primer that helps to moisturise dry skin and leaves the complexion feeling soft and cushiony. By applying a moisture-rich primer, you can revive the look of your skin and create a smoother, more luminous base for your makeup to glide onto.

My hydrating primers are perfect picks for dry skin! Discover Hollywood Flawless Filter, my ICONIC glow booster with moisturising glossy oil to help SMOOTH, BLUR and ILLUMINATE your complexion for a HOLLYWOOD GLOW, and Wonderglow, my radiant primer infused with hyaluronic acid and moisturising rosehip and camelia oils to give skin an INSTANT, SOFT-FOCUS BEAUTY FLASH!

Choose your perfect primer for dry skin and create a dewy-looking base that feels MAGICALLY MOISTURISED and prepped for the rest of your makeup!

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Liquid & Cream Cheek Products

Creams and liquids are naturally more emollient than powders which can be useful when applying makeup to dry skin. Applying too much powder to a drier complexion can cause caking and unwanted texture, so I love to work with products like liquid blushes and cheek tints that help to keep the skin looking and feeling happy and hydrated.

For blush and highlighter, I love to use my WORLD-FAMOUS Beauty Light Wands and Matte Beauty Blush Wands to give dry skin a rosy flush and gorgeous glow! My incredible liquid blush and highlighter formulas are designed to LIFT and LIGHT UP the look of your face and cheeks by harnessing the power of BEAUTY LIGHTS, and my easy liquid blush wands channel the POWER OF PILLOW TALK to give the cheeks a magically matte, __LOVE-BLUSHED FLUSH! __

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That’s not all, darlings! My versatile lip and cheek tints are beautiful options for dry skin, giving the complexion a cheeky tint of softly pinched colour! Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow is my flexible cream formula that nourishes the skin with moisturising raspberry leaf stem cell extract and conditioning vitamin E, delivering a dreamy pop of colour for the lips and cheeks, or Tinted Love is my just-a-tint liquid formula that adds an easy kiss of colour while hydrating the lips and cheeks with moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid.

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Smoothing Finishing Powder

Sometimes powders can accentuate dry patches, so it’s crucial to use a smoothing, blurring powder for dry skin that doesn’t crease or cake! My AWARD-WINNING Airbrush Flawless Finish pressed powder is beloved by celebrities and the stars, applying angelically to make skin appear AIRBRUSHED, FLAWLESS, and __PORELESS-LOOKING! __

My soft-focus, smoothing-effect pressed powder is finely milled and feels silky-soft, helping it to settle on the face without accentuating skin texture and creating that flawless-looking finish that you want from your powder. It also contains rose wax and almond oil that help to smooth and hydrate the look of the skin, so all skin types can experience the benefits of a setting powder without feeling chalky or dry.

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Moisturising Lipsticks

To keep your lips feeling happy and hydrated while creating a glossy lipstick look, discover my moisturising lipstick formulas! First, apply Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir, a magic, crystal-infused, rollerball lip oil that conditions the lips with hydrating hyaluronic acid and a matrix of skincare ingredients, then choose a legendary lipstick colour to complete your look!

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For a comfortable coat of colour, choose a shade of K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick to perfect your pout! This is my moisturising lipstick formula that glides onto the lips, building up a pop of satin colour that feels kissably soft. Or, as a gorgeous, glossy option, apply a shade of my Superstar Lips, swiping the emollient formula onto the lips for instant luminosity! If you prefer a tinted balm, reach for Hyaluronic Happikiss to give your lips the softest kiss of colour that feels endlessly nourishing thanks to hydrating butters and, of course, helpings of hyaluronic acid!

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