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Product Information

Darlings, my Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow is the secret to a FRESH, RADIANT BLUSH and PILLOW TALK GLOW for everyone, everywhere! Colour of Passion is a deep blushing berry-pink that mimics the natural blush of PASSION for a for a youthful looking glow!

Inspired by my BEST-SELLING, AWARD-WINNING world of Pillow Talk and the youthful, playful colours of LOVE, DREAMS and PASSION, these radiant, emollient-rich lip and cheek glow creams deliver a look of JUST-KISSED, MEADOW-FRESH, SEMI-SHEER colour to the lips and cheeks, so you can be your most beautiful you!

Colour of Passion is a deep, blushing berry pink that mimics the affects of painting on a radiant, healthy looking Pillow Talk glow!

This magical makeup icon is EXCLUSIVELY available on!

With an EASY-TO-BLEND, CHIFFON-SHEER texture, the formula is enriched with softening, hydrating Raspberry Leaf Stem Cell Extract and moisturising Vitamin E for lips that appear creamy and luscious as if just-kissed, and dewy, sheer, youthful looking cheeks with a fresh kiss of colour!

They’re easy-to-use for a FRESH, YOUTHFUL LOOKING, JUST-KISSED PILLOW TALK GLOW at your fingertips!

4 Pillow Talk products sold every minute*!

Shop the full magical nude-pink Pillow Talk makeup collection!

*Based on global sales figures for Pillow Talk products from January 2020 - December 2020.


What makes it magic?

  • Endlessly flattering, YOUTHFUL-LOOKING cream texture for the lips and cheeks.
  • MULTI-USE MAKEUP MAGIC that is easy-to-use and easy-to-choose!
  • Film forming emollients – allow the dreamy, cream-like formula to glide effortlessly along the skin.
  • Glossy Ester – for added gloss and lustre.
  • Silky Mica – offers a soft gliding effect for a silky-smooth finish.
  • Micronised Powders—deliver enhanced blendability and smoothness; rich in colour, vibrancy and depth.
  • Raspberry Leaf Stem Cell Extract – known for it’s moisturising powers.
  • Vitamin E – known for its conditioning abilities.
  • Beeswax – for a rich, smooth texture with softening properties.
  • Divine rose-gold packaging, inspired by old Hollywood rouge compacts.

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