How To Apply Cream Blush

Get a gorgeous glow of blush with our guide on how to apply cream blush. This step-by-step guide will ensure you always have a flawless complexion.

Cream blush is a great alternative to powder variations if you love a blendable colour that you can build up. Even if you have oily skin and naturally shy away from cream products, a cream blush can always work in your favour. It’s all in the application, so we’ve compiled our top tips for how to apply a cream blush so you can rock your favourite colour every day.

Make Sure You Prep Your Base

Our top tip for any application of any kind of blush would be to perfect your complexion first. If you start with a beautiful canvas, you will be able to master any makeup. Treat your skin to the Goddess Skin Clay Mask for baby-soft skin, and always prep with Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser, Magic Eye Rescue cream and Wonderglow face primer. Whether you follow up with foundation or not, this routine will give you a gorgeous glowing complexion perfect for cream blush application.

Apply With Your Fingers

For best results, apply using your fingertips. By applying cream blush with your fingers, you can control the amount of blush you wear and build up coverage to your desired intensity. The warmth of your fingers will allow the blush to slightly melt with your touch so you can blend easily into your skin. You can then build this up without worrying about applying too much! If in doubt, blend it out!

Airbrush Your Finish

If you are applying powder after your makeup, always wait until after your cream blush for the smoothest application. This way you can set your blush if you have oilier skin, and you can see exactly where you need the powder to blot any excess oiliness for a truly airbrushed finish.