How To Choose Blush: Cream vs Liquid vs Powder

Discover how to choose the best blush for you from my iconic collection of cream, liquid and powder blushes.

Darlings, which blush will you choose? Do you love a dreamy cream formula that glides onto the cheeks, a luxe liquid blush that’s packed with pigment, a silky-smooth veil of powder blush, or maybe the multi-use magic of a lip and cheek tint?

Each of my blushes is designed to beautify your cheeks with a flattering flush! To help you decide on the formula for you, here are some tips on how to choose your perfect blush!

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Cream vs Liquid vs Powder Blush


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Emollient, Blendable Formula

Cream formulas are often rich in emollients and so have more slip than liquids or powders, allowing them to glide across the skin and melt effortlessly into the complexion. With cream blushes, their ability to effortlessly move and blend makes them much more flexible, giving you more time to work product into the skin.

Luminous, Dewy-Looking Finish

Cream blushes are a popular choice for giving the complexion a dewy-looking rush of rosiness that mimics a naturally flushed face. The glossy, glowy finish of a cream blush lends itself to creating a radiant, glass-skin complexion, accentuating the look of the cheeks without mattifying your luminous base products.

Why To Wear Cream Blush

Since cream blushes are so effortlessly blendable and sheer out beautifully on the cheeks, they’re perfect for beginners who sometimes tend to over-apply their blush. You can also apply cream blush with your fingers, making them quick and easy options for busy blush-lovers!

The Cream Blush for You

If the idea of a glossy, dewy-looking cream blush sounds perfect for you, I recommend my Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow, darlings! Formulated with film-forming emollients that allow it to glide onto the cheeks, my just-a-tint cream blush delivers a chiffon-sheer flush of Pillow Talk-inspired colour with a dreamy, Pillow Talk glow! Plus, this formula can be used on the lips as a conditioning lip tint, so it’s double the magic!


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Self-Setting, Long-Wearing Formula

Designed to set in seconds, liquid blushes are among the most long-wearing blush formulas, helping the cheeks to stay looking rosy and flushed throughout the day. Blush can often be the first part of your makeup to fade, so wearing a liquid blush with plenty of staying power helps your blush look to last longer.

Pigmented Pop of Colour

Applying a liquid blush is an easy way to give your cheeks a pretty pop of colour that lifts the look of your complexion. Liquid formulas are often more pigmented than creams and powders, making them perfect choices for more impactful blush looks.

Why To Wear Liquid Blush

Reach for liquid blush to create a punchy blush look! If you love the look of rosy, blushing cheeks and want them to last all day, using a liquid blush is the key to creating a long-wearing flush!

The Liquid Blush for You

For a natural-looking, magically matte liquid blush look, choose my Matte Beauty Blush Wands! I created my matte blush wands to give everyone, everywhere an easy liquid blush that calls on the power of PILLOW TALK to unlock their perfect pink flush! Designed to be dotted onto the apples of the cheeks and blended out to give the complexion a natural-matte pop of colour, my beauty blush wands are as simple as DOT, DOT, BLEND and POP!


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Buildable, Silky-Smooth Formula

Sweeping a powder blush onto your cheeks is perfect for creating a silky-smooth blush look. Powder blushes come in a variety of formulas from punchy, matte shades to smooth satins or soft-focus shimmers like my Cheek to Chic powder blushes! Something they all have in common is their weightless, finely milled texture, effortlessly building a blushing pop of colour on the cheeks that feels silky-smooth.

Blurring, Soft-Focus Finish

Powder formulas don’t have the dew-factor of creams and liquids; instead, they blend effortlessly into the skin to create a blushing, blurring effect while staying in place. The soft-focus finish of a powder blush creates a seamless blush look that’s flattering and flawless-looking.

Why To Wear Powder Blush

Like any pressed powder, powder blushes are formulated to set into place. Powder formulas don’t have the slip of a cream or the runniness of a liquid, which is a dream for oily skin types that are prone to makeup moving around the face. They can be easily built up, giving you more control when adding product to customise your dream blush look!

The Powder Blush for You

Give your cheeks the chicest flush of blush with my Cheek to Chic powder blushes! Choose your perfect shade of my two-toned powder blush and illuminate your cheeks with a SWISH of pretty, pearlescent colour! The outer circle features a satin-matte blush tone, and the inner circle is a shimmering blush-highlighter shade – swirl your Bronzer & Blush Brush into both shades to unveil a luminous powder blush look that’s fabulously flattering!

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