10 Summer Blush Looks You Need To Try

From blush on the nose to sunset blush, discover the summer blush looks that will be trending all summer long.

Darlings, is it the summer of blush? Everyone, everywhere loves blushing cheeks, and summertime is the perfect mood and moment to get a little bit cheeky with your cheek makeup! These trending summer blush looks will be everywhere as the year starts hotting up, so whether you’re jet-setting, being a social butterfly, or soaking up the sunshine (while wearing plenty of SPF!), these are the blush trends every blush lover will be tapping into this summer.

Summer Blush Looks

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Discover Trending Summer Blush Looks

Whatever blush shades and finishes you love, there’s a summer blush look that’s perfect for you! Discover sun-kissed summer blush looks from popstar blush to paradise pink, then learn how to get the look with my globally adored blush icons including Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek cream blush + lip tints!

  1. Bella wearing a bright pink summer blush look created with Paradise Pink Glow


    Pink blush isn’t going anywhere, darlings, and during the summer, some like it HOT! Hot pink blush gives your face a healthy-looking, radiant flush that mimics the rush of excitement you get on an unforgettable summer night. Layer pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to create a euphoric pop of colour that brings every complexion to life, or drape it onto the tops of your cheekbones to lift the look of your face while radiating summer romance.

    Get the look: Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek in Paradise Pink Glow!

    Paradise Pink Glow is my tropical pink cream blush that builds and blends like a dream to give your lips and cheeks the most magical pink glow! Tap Paradise Pink Glow onto the cheeks to create a sheer pink blush look, then build it up to unlock a bolder, brighter, poppier pink that’s perfect for summer.

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    Discover my pink blush makeup tutorial

  2. Model wearing a nose blush summer blush look created with Sun-Blushed Glow


    You’re bound to have seen nose blush all over social media, darlings. In effect, tapping a rosy shade of blush onto the bridge of your nose and blending it across the centre of your face mirrors the look of sun-blushed skin after a day at the beach. Nose blush is an adorable summer blush look that makes your face appear kissed by the sun - it’s the gorgeous vacation glow that you love without the sun exposure!

    Get the look: Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek in Sun-Blushed Glow!

    I was inspired by the rosy, sun-blushed flush of summer skin when creating Sun-Blushed Glow. This coral-red blush is a fiery shade that blends out to give skin a back-from-the-beach appearance. It’s a perfect summer blush colour for tapping onto your nose to give it an instant, sun-blushed effect.

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  3. Model wearing a sunset blush summer blush look created with Pinkgasm Sunset


    Darlings, I absolutely adore the sunset blush trend – it’s the pinnacle of summer glow! To try this summer blush look for yourself, take two or three shades of blush that remind you of the glorious sunset hues that light up the sky during the summer – think peaches, oranges, reds, corals, and golds – then blend them all together to create a magical, sunlit horizon on your cheeks! Just dot, dot, dot, and sunset POP!

    Get the look: Matte Beauty Blush Wands in Pillow Talk Peach Pop + Dream Pop, + Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk Medium

    Growing up in Ibiza, I loved watching the sunset and basking in its glowing colours. My favourite sunsets had dramatic, golden hour hues that set the sky ablaze! Shades like Peach Pop and Dream Pop blend beautifully as a warm, pigmented pop of blush, and Pillow Talk Medium is the perfect golden peach for giving cheeks a sunset glow!

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    Discover my sunset makeup look

  4. Model wearing an ombre blush summer blush look created with Pinkgasm Sunset

    Ombré Blush

    Ombré blush is a similar technique to sunset blush that uses multiple blush colours to create a distinctive blush look. Rather than blending all of your colours together, the goal with ombré blush is to create a gradient that seamlessly flows from one shade to the next. The secret to creating a summer blush look with an ombré effect is to dot one shade higher on the cheekbone and another on the apple of the cheek, then blending them together on the centre of your cheek to meet them in the middle.

    Tilbury Tip: Place deeper shades further back on your cheek to fuse them with your bronzer or contour, and apply lighter shades at the front of the face for a highlighting effect.

    Get the look: Beauty Light Wands in Peachgasm + Pillow Talk Medium

    Choosing the correct blush tones is key when painting on an ombré blush look. Always reach for blush shades from the same colour family like my Beauty Light Wands in Peachgasm and Pillow Talk Medium. Both of these shades have a peachy tone, allowing them to mesh beautifully on the cheek while creating a visible gradient.

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  5. Model wearing a beach day summer blush look created with Beach Peach Glow


    Get that summer look and feeling with a beach day blush look! Beach day blush is all about quick and easy cream blush that unlocks an effortless, sun-kissed glow that will take you from the beach to the bar and beyond! Think less is more, darlings; choose a blush shade that’s reminiscent of glowing summer skin like a peach, bronze, or terracotta, then tap it onto your lips and cheeks for an easy, breezy pop of cream blush that signals the start of summer!

    Get the look: Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek in Beach Peach Glow or Beach Stick in Formentera

    During the summer, I want my makeup to look fresh, feel lightweight, and most importantly, to give me a golden summer glow wherever I go! Blush secrets like Beach Peach Glow and Formentera are perfect for swiping on before a day in the sun; they have that warm, natural-looking, summertime aura that makes everyone look and feel ready for summer.

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  6. Model wearing a boyfriend blush summer blush look created with Pillow Talk Pink Pop


    Have you heard of boyfriend blush, darlings? You might have heard me talk about how you can use blush to lift the look of your face, but boyfriend blush actually does the opposite. Affectionately named after the rosy-cheeked look of a heart-eyed other half, boyfriend blush uses a lower blush placement to give the complexion a natural-looking, cherub flush. Dotting blush on the lower parts of your cheek nearer to your nose and mouth will create a youthful-looking, rosy tint that accentuates the fullness of the face.

    Get the look: Cheek to Chic in Pillow Talk or Pillow Talk Intense

    You have to try this look, darlings! Makeup is all about self-expression and summer is the perfect time to experiment with new makeup styles. To try your hand at boyfriend blush, take the Bronzer & Blusher Brush and swirl into a shade of my Cheek to Chic powder blush, then tap it onto the bottoms of the apples of your cheeks to unlock an innocent, love-flushed glow!

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  7. Model wearing a terracotta summer blush look created with Sunset Bronze Glow


    Looking for a summer blush look that’s a little more sun-kissed than sun-blushed? Try stepping away from pink and peach blushes for a moment in favour of bronzed, terracotta shades this summer. Reaching for a warm, brown-toned blush is perfect for giving your complexion a sun-dappled appearance. These gorgeous tones marry the best of bronzer and blush to give your complexion a healthy-looking, sun-kissed glow that pops alongside your summer suntan.

    Get the look: Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek in Sunset Bronze Glow!

    Sunset Bronze Glow is inspired by the bronzed bombshells of Ibiza! I love to use blush to give the complexion a sun-kissed glow, and this bronze-terracotta shade perfectly captures the beach-bronzed glow of summer on the island. Tap Sunset Bronze Glow onto the cheeks for instant, sun-kissed skin, and wear it alongside Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer for your dream bronzed glow.

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  8. Model wearing a popstar blush summer blush look created with Pillow Talk Glow


    Discover the magic of popstar blush – gleaming, dream-light blush that mesmerises all the way to the back row! To get a superstar blush look, reach for ethereal pink shades with incandescent shimmer that makes cheeks glow from the intro to the encore. Glimmering shades that bounce light around the face and have a soft-focus, blur effect are the secret to creating a popstar glow – you can’t go wrong with a wink of popstar pink!

    Get the look: Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Pillow Talk + Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Pillow Talk Glow

    To look and feel like a popstar, simply dot my Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand onto the cheeks for a stage-ready pop of liquid blush, then drape Pillow Talk Glow onto the tops of the cheekbones as a blush topper to give them the Pillow Talk Effect of a megastar! Trust me, darlings, popstar blush will be a big hit this summer!

    Shop Pillow Talk Blush + Glow Glide Duo

  9. Model wearing a pinched cheek summer blush look created with Pinched Cheek Glow


    Doll blush is inspired by the rosy, softly pinched look that’s delicately painted on to porcelain dolls. You can recreate this youthful-looking, painted-on look with a poppy red blush that gives cheeks a sweet, flushed appearance. The secret to a flawless doll blush look is to focus your blush on the roundest part of the apple of your cheek and tapping in circular motions to give them the full, dolly look.

    Get the look: Beautiful Skin Island Glow Lip + Cheek in Pinched-Cheek Glow or Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Dream Pop

    Pinched-Cheek Glow is a vibrant red blush that’s designed to give your cheeks a softly pinched look that’s perfect for doll blush. If you prefer a matte finish, I recommend dotting my Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Dream Pop onto the apples of the cheeks as an easy pop of cherry red!

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  10. Meg wearing a Pinkgasm summer blush look created with Pinkgasm Beauty Light Wand


    Pinkgasm is for the summer and beyond, darlings… Pinkgasm is forever! My Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm is the perfect pearlescent pink that bathes cheeks in beauty light, and for anyone that loves a deeper, sunset-inspired blush tone, Pinkgasm Sunset delivers the same summer glow in a rosy, sun-blushed shade. Beauty Light Wands have a unique, high-gloss finish that looks gorgeous in every type of light from natural sunlight, to golden hour light, to beach night party lights! Just dot, dot, blend, and glow for your dream summer blush look!

    Get the look: Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm or Pinkgasm Sunset

    Beauty Light Wands belong in every summer makeup bag! Use the magic cushion applicator to dot your favourite shade of blush onto the cheeks, then blend them out to create a shimmering summer blush look. It’s as easy as dot, dot, blend, and GLOW!

    Tilbury Tip: Beauty Light Wands pair beautifully with Hollywood Contour Wands and Matte Beauty Blush Wands. Discover the magic for yourself with Charlotte’s Iconic Beauty Trio

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    Discover my Pinkgasm makeup look

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