When & How To Use Face Mist

In this guide, I’m answering your face mist FAQs including how to use face mist to refresh and revitalize your complexion and when to use face mist in your beauty routine.

Darlings, face mists are an instantly refreshing step to add to your magic skincare routine. In this guide, I’m answering your face mist FAQs; discover how to use face mist to give your complexion a dewy-looking glow and when to use face mist in your beauty routine for a hydrating immediate skin revival.

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Discover How To Use Face Mist

How To Use Face Mist in your Skincare Routine

In your skincare routine, face mist can be used to refresh and hydrate your skin while helping the rest of your skincare to absorb more efficiently. Apply your face mist onto cleansed skin for an instant burst of hydration, letting the formula absorb naturally into the face to create the perfect, hydrated canvas for the rest of your skincare favourites to be massaged into.

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When To Use Face Mist in your Skincare Routine

In your skincare routine, face mist should be applied onto cleansed skin to hydrate and revitalize the complexion. It’s best placed between your cleanser and toner as this allows the supercharged ingredients to soak into clean skin and helps the rest of your skincare products to absorb even more effectively.

Can I Use Mist After Moisturizer?

While face mist sits before moisturizer within your skincare routine, you can also apply mist after moisturizer for even more hydration. You can apply face mist on top of moisturizer, SPF primer or makeup throughout the day to give the complexion immediate refreshment.

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Do You Mist Before or After Exfoliating?

I recommend using face mist before exfoliating. Some exfoliants can be harsh and drying on the skin, so it’s a good idea to use your face mist beforehand to douse the skin with hydrating skincare benefits. Once you’ve exfoliated your face and applied serum, eye cream, moisturizer and SPF, you can reach for your face mist again to rehydrate skin with a magical misting.

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How To Apply Face Mist

Face mists are designed to give your skin an uplifting moisture boost. To reap the benefits of using a face mist like Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist, hold the bottle 6 to 8 inches away from your face and apply a generous mist to refresh the skin with a lightweight veil. Spray your face mist from different angles to make sure you coat both sides of your face and feel the benefits of the supercharged formula across your entire complexion.

Tilbury Tip: Darlings, always be sure to close your eyes before misting to avoid contact with the eyes.

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How Long Should I Leave Face Mist On?

After applying face mist, leave it on your face to let the supercharged skincare ingredients in your favourite formula absorb into the skin. Face mist may take a couple of minutes to naturally sink into the skin; if you would rather dry off your complexion right away after applying Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist, you can reach for an electric or handheld fan to gently waft your face dry while still feeling the benefits.

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When Should You Apply Face Mist?

Face mist is a multi-magic addition to your beauty routine, darlings! The refreshing powers of a face mist work around the clock to revive and revitalize the complexion; they can be applied in the morning as a part of your supercharged skincare routine; throughout the day as a hydrating skin pick-me-up; and in the evening as a soothing skincare self-care ritual. You should apply face mist whenever your skin is feeling dehydrated and in need of an immediate moisture boost!

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Can I Use Face Mist After Skincare?

Face mist can be used after skincare as a magical moisture top up. Use face mist any time you want to hydrate your complexion, whether that’s in the morning, in the evening or on-the-go.

Do You Use Face Mist Before or After Makeup?

If you are wearing makeup, you can use face mist as a radiant makeup refresher. Whenever you’re feeling dehydrated, reach for a comforting mist for instant, magic moisture. I created Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist to apply flawlessly over makeup, giving the complexion a dewy-looking glow on-the-go without disturbing your makeup.

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How To Use Face Mist over Makeup

First, use face mist before makeup to give your complexion a dewy-looking glow and create a healthy-looking, hydrated canvas for your makeup to glide onto. Give your face mist a few moments to absorb into the skin, then apply your makeup as normal. Then, throughout the day, you can reach for your face mist while on the go to hydrate your complexion with magical moisture while helping your makeup to look dewy and fresh.

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