How To Wash Your Face

Wondering how to correctly wash your face and cleanse your skin? This helpful guide tells you everything you need to know about washing your face the right way.

Cleansing your skin correctly is the secret to GORGEOUS and GLOWY skin. That’s because correctly washing your face removes all dirt, impurities and residue makeup from your complexion. This way, your skin can rest and recover and all the MAGIC ingredients from Charlotte’s skincare products can properly absorb into your skin.

Read on to find out how to properly wash your face and the optimum water temperature for doing so.

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Discover How To Wash Your Face Properly

Darlings, let’s start with the basic rules of face washing. Before discovering Charlotte’s MAGIC steps to washing your face correctly, here are some important tips and tricks to keep in mind…

MAGIC TIP 1: Make sure your hands are properly clean before touching and washing your face. This way you don’t transfer any nasty bacteria that can cause breakouts!

MAGIC TIP 2: Apply your skincare products in the correct order so that your skin gets maximum benefits! You should be carrying out your cleanse both morning and night.

MAGIC TIP 3: Discover your skin type so that you can tailor your supercharged skincare products and routine to perfection!

MAGIC TIP 4: Aim to spend at least 60 seconds applying your cleansing products – this way your face gets a mini massage too!

MAGIC STEP 5: When cleansing at night, make sure to remove your makeup first. Charlotte’s Take It All Off is an oil-based bi-phase makeup remover for your eyes, lashes and lips!

How To Wash Your Face Step-By-Step

Now that you’re ready to start washing your face, it’s time to discover the Korean-inspired skincare innovation called double cleansing.

Cleansing your face using this 2-part method and Charlotte’s supercharged face cleansers is the SECRET to making your face ULTRA CLEAN, PURIFIED and GLOWING.

Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual duo contains both an oil-based cleanser with supercharged vitamin C to remove any traces of dirt and makeup left on your skin and a purifying charcoal cleanser with bamboo to deeply nourish your complexion. Here’s how to wash your face using the double cleansing method…

  1. A lemon-yellow cleanser with a white-gold coloured lid on top of a bed of lemons.

    MAGIC STEP 1: Apply your citrus oil cleanser

    Massage the citrus oil cleanser onto your face and around your eye area with clean hands. Then, take a warm water-soaked muslin cloth and apply it to your face to melt off your makeup. Next, press the warm muslin cloth onto your face for 20 seconds to open your pores for a MAGICAL steam clean.

  2. A charcoal cleanser in an elegant jet-black-coloured bottle with gold-coloured lid.

    MAGIC STEP 2: Apply your charcoal cleanser

    After using the citrus cleanser, it’s time for your second cleanse! Massage your charcoal cleanser into your wet face, taking care to avoid your eye area. Next, immerse your muslin cloth in warm water and wash face with cloth until all the product has been removed.

    Carry out your research-powered double cleansing method twice a day (morning and night) for a radiant-looking complexion from the moment you wake up!

    Tilbury tip! Don’t forget your hairline! Always make sure when applying your face cleanser that the product reaches all the way up to your forehead. This way, your entire complexion is covered and your face will feel beautifully cleansed and ready for the rest of your routine.

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Should you wash your face with cold water?

The optimum temperature to wash your face is lukewarm. Washing your face with cold water can tighten up your skin’s pores, which can prevent the effective cleaning of your skin. This means that bacteria and dirt can get trapped in your pores, causing blackheads and breakouts.

Meanwhile, if you wash your face with water that’s too hot, your skin can dry out, leading to dry, flaky and dehydrated skin. Lukewarm water is the perfect middle ground that’s suitable for all skin types.

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