Makeup for Blondes

Become a bonafide blonde bombshell with my magical guide to makeup for blonde hair.

Darlings, do blondes have more fun? You’ll have to let me know! Whether you’re a natural blonde beauty with honey, strawberry or dirty blonde locks, or a bottle blonde with perfect platinum or ash-blonde tresses, discover the most flattering makeup colours to wear in my guide to makeup for blonde hair.

Lipstick for Blondes

Red Lipstick for Blondes

Blonde hair and red lipstick is an instantly iconic combination. Throughout history, blonde bombshells have worn red lipstick to create magnetising makeup looks that are captivating to watch on film and on the red carpet. The secret to choosing a red lipstick for blonde hair is to select a bright shade of red that comes alive when paired with the light colouration of blonde hair. True reds, blue reds, and orange reds can all look sensational on blondes - I always suggest reaching for a more vibrant tone to create red-hot contrast.

  1. Model with blonde hair wearing So Red Kissing lipstick

    K.I.S.S.I.N.G – SO RED

    I created my So Red K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick as the ultimate screen siren red. I took inspiration from the iconic blondes of old Hollywood to create a sumptuous, head-turning red that could make everyone, everywhere feel like a Hollywood star. This transformative, confidence-boosting shade gives the lips a plush, satin-finish shockwave of racy red that marries perfectly with beautiful, blonde hair styles. Pair So Red with my Kiss ‘N’ Tell Lip Cheat to create a fuller, wider-looking lip shape before gliding on your moisturising red lipstick look.

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  2. Model with blonde hair wearing Patsy Red Hot Lips lipstick


    This lipstick is named after one of the most magical blondes that I know – my mother, Patsy! Patsy Red is a gorgeous red lipstick from my Hot Lips 2 collection to be swiped onto the lips with instant glamour. Red lipstick is my mother’s signature look; I remember watching her apply her favourite shades when I was young and becoming transfixed by the iconic combination of blonde hair and red lips. I created Patsy Red as a blue-toned red lipstick with a magical matte finish; it looks divine on my mother, and I know you’ll adore it as well, darlings!

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  3. Model with blonde hair wearing Tell Laura Hot Lips lipstick


    Orange-toned reds like my Hot Lips lipstick in Tell Laura are super-flattering on blondes, darlings – especially if you have a warm undertone to your hair such as gold or honey blonde! Giving your pout a flicker of flame-toned lipstick can instantly lift the look of your makeup; it injects excitement and glamour into everyday makeup looks and can be the star of the show at events and occasions, too. Tell Laura and my Kiss ‘N’ Tell Lip Cheat are a perfect match – they’re your go-to lip combination for a traffic-stopping orange-red lipstick look!

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Pink Lipstick for Blondes

Pink lipstick looks flattering on everyone, darlings, but this is especially true for blondes. If you don’t feel like reaching for a statement-making red, the perfect pink lipstick can be an understated alternative that gives your pout a beautiful kiss of colour. Nude lipsticks with brown or caramel tones can sometimes look washed out when paired with the lightness of blonde hair, so I suggest reaching for pink-toned nudes and true pinks when searching for your perfect lipstick for blonde hair.

  1. Model with blonde hair wearing Nude Kate Kissing lipstick


    When working backstage as a makeup artist in the 90s and 2000s, I would mix pink lipstick pigments with concealers to create custom nude lipstick shades that I just couldn’t find anywhere! With my fabulous friend Kate Moss as my muse, I created my Nude Kate K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick as a nuanced nude lipstick with a hint of pink to get a nude lipstick look with a natural-looking, ‘your lips’ effect. This supermodel-inspired shade is a gorgeous lipstick for blonde hair, unlocking the most flattering nude lipstick look for blonde beauties everywhere!

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  2. Model with blonde hair wearing Dancefloor Princess Hot Lips 2 lipstick


    Whether you’re at your desk or on the dancefloor, my Dancefloor Princess Hot Lips 2 shade is a beautiful pale-pink lipstick that looks flawless on blondes. This popstar pink makes your pout its dancefloor, gliding across the lips and setting the stage for your perfect pink lipstick look. The soft, baby-pink tones create a pretty-in-pink effect while the nourishing K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula delivers satin shine that will enchant under dancefloor lights.

  3. Model with blonde hair wearing Velvet Underground Matte Revolution lipstick


    Do you love pink, darlings? Velvet Underground is one of my most vibrant pink lipsticks that’s reserved for those that love the most vibrant shades of pink! This electrifying shade of my K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick is a punchy fuchsia pink that’s bold, bright, and turns heads day and night! The statement-making shade really pops against light blonde hair, especially those who are cream or platinum blondes. For a dimensional-looking pout, softly line and contour the lips with The Queen Lip Cheat, then apply a slick of Velvet Underground straight from the bullet for satin-smooth, dollhouse-pink lips.

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Eyebrow Makeup for Blonde Hair

Many blondes struggle to get the perfect shade for filling in their eyebrows. Blonde shades can often appear too warm and almost orange, whereas brown shades can look too dark against blonde hair. Discover my supermodel-inspired brow secrets in shades that will be flattering and natural-looking on blonde hair.

Makeup for Light Blonde Eyebrows

My Blonde shade is expertly designed to be light enough to create the look of subtle brow hairs that appear natural on even the fairest blonde eyebrows. To create natural-looking blonde eyebrows, I recommend using the Blonde shade of my Brow Lift or Brow Cheat eyebrow pencils to fill in your brows, then applying Legendary Brows brow gel in Taupe to tint your natural hairs with a flattering tone that’s not too yellow or too red.

Dark Blonde Eyebrows

Darlings, if you’re not a natural blonde, your secret is safe with me! However, you will need to adapt your eyebrow routine to cater for your new look. Your eyebrows will be naturally darker than your new shade of blonde; instead of trying to match your hair colour, it’s important to match your brows to your roots. Rather than reaching for blonde shades, reach for eyebrow pencils in Soft Brown and Taupe to create a slightly darker brow look that more closely matches your natural hair colour. Reaching for softer brown tones will help your eyebrows to look more natural with blonde hair, whereas reaching for medium browns and black shades will create bolder contrast.

Mascara for Blondes

Mascara for Blondes close up

Super Black Mascara for Blondes

Having naturally blonde hair often comes with lighter-coloured eyelashes which can look less apparent in photos and can become bleached when exposed to sunlight. Applying a jet-black mascara like Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara in Super Black will coat your blonde eyelashes with lash-defining, eye-enhancing pigment that makes your eyes pop! Black mascara looks flattering with every hair colour, but it’s particularly transformative for blondes with less prominent eyelashes.

Discover how to apply Pillow Talk mascara

Natural-Looking Mascara for Blondes

I adore the effect of mascara – it’s instant confidence and can change your entire aura! While jet-black mascara looks sensational on everyone, some blondes prefer a more natural lash look that’s closer to their hair colour. To get this effect, I recommend reaching for a more buildable mascara formula such as Full Fat Lashes! mascara to give lashes an understated, glossy look, or a coloured mascara like a brown or burgundy that will deepen the look of lashes while looking more subdued than eye-popping black.

Tilbury Tip: My Dream Pop shade of Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara is a gorgeous berry-brown hue that’s inspired by the magic of Pillow Talk! It’s a softer option than Super Black, giving blonde eyelashes a magical berry-brown tint to define and enhance their appearance.

Eye Makeup for Blondes

Discover the best eyeshadow colours for creating a magical eyeshadow look that will make your eyes pop and will look flattering with your beautiful blonde hair.

Makeup for Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

  1. Oyster Pearl Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow with lid off


    My Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow in Oyster Pearl is perfect for enhancing the sparkle of blue eyes and it looks particularly enchanting on blondes. Platinum and ash blondes look gorgeous in icy, pearlescent shades like Oyster Pearl – smoothing this antique, metallic shade onto the lids creates a shimmering, cool-toned look that makes eyes look brighter and more mesmeric while flattering the cool tones in blonde hair.

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  2. Luxury Palette in The Golden Goddess, a golden-brown eyeshadow quad


    Growing up in Ibiza, I was surrounded by glowing goddesses with long, blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. These beachside beauties inspired The Golden Goddess Luxury Palette – a sandy-gold eyeshadow palette that pairs expertly with deep, ocean-blue eyes. I curated this palette with silky, earth-toned shadows that are reminiscent of the Ibizan shoreline; it creates a glistening, golden eyeshadow look that transforms fair-haired beauties into radiant beachy blondes.

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  3. Walk of No Shame Eyeliner russet-red eyeliner


    A berry-toned eyeliner like my Walk of No Shame Eyeliner is the perfect pop of colour to add to the lash line. This deep, warm-toned eyeliner is inspired by my confidence-boosting lipstick shade, using the rich, russet-red tones to beautifully contrast the deep sapphire sparkle of blue eyes. This wearable red shade pops against blonde hair and blue eyes and is an empowering finishing touch to add to your eye makeup looks.

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Makeup for Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes

  1. Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow pot in Star Gold, a warm golden amber shade


    Gold eyeshadow is the secret to helping beautiful brown eyes to look even more golden! The Star Gold shade of my Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow has a warm, coppery undertone that complements the natural warmth of brown eyes. Swiping this glistening gold onto the lids creates a harmonious eye look with a golden glow that looks radiant on every blonde-haired and brown-eyed beauty.

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  2. Luxury Palette in The Rock Chick is inspired by Charlotte's sultry, smokey The Rock Chick look


    Create a cool-toned look for blonde hair and brown eyes with The Rock Chick Luxury Palette! This silver eyeshadow palette is infused with rock ‘n’ roll energy to create punk-rock eye makeup looks that demonstrate just how show-stopping silver can look on brown eyes. This palette is particularly flattering for ash blonde and platinum blonde rockers, helping to complement and emphasise the icy tones in their hair. Use the slate and charcoal shades to set the mood, then let the metallic silver POP shade be the headliner!

  3. An open, double-ended metallic and matte eyeliner in teal and sapphire blue.


    Brown eyes are effortlessly complemented by a rich, brown eyeliner like Rock ‘N’ Kohl in Barbarella Brown or The Classic in Classic Brown. However, if you’re looking to really make your brown eyes pop, reach for a bright blue eyeliner that will set off any brown-eyed makeup look. I created my Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Super Blue as a fool-proof way to exaggerate and enhance the look of brown eyes; it features a midnight-blue matte and a cobalt-blue shimmer to expertly contrast brown eyes and give a flattering pop of colour that suits every shade of blonde.

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Makeup for Blonde Hair and Green Eyes

  1. Chocolate Bronze Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow with lid off


    Swiping a shimmering brown eyeshadow onto the lids can enhance the sparkle of green eyes and help them to appear even brighter. The Chocolate Bronze shade of my Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow is a delectable chocolate brown that gives the eyes the most delicious, shimmering glaze. The natural brown tones effortlessly complement blonde hair, making this fuss-free eyeshadow a perfect one-eyeshadow look for instantly enhanced-looking eyes.

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  2. An open, quad eyeshadow palette with a mirrored lid with eyeshadows in shades of russet rose, dark brown, rose gold, and dull gold.


    The magical berry-rose tones of my globally loved Walk of No Shame Luxury Palette interact beautifully with sparkling, emerald eyes. According to colour theory, opposite colours play with the light and help each other to look their most vibrant; green and red are opposites on the colour wheel, so pairing these shades can create moments of eye colour magic! Just like blonde hair and red lipstick, blonde hair and red eyeshadow is an iconic look. Applying Walk of No Shame gives your look soft, berry-red beauty that looks flattering and flawless with blonde hair and green eyes.

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  3. Pillow Talk Eyeliner is a berry-brown pencil eyeliner inspired by Charlotte's iconic Pillow Talk shade


    Enhance the look of your glowing green eyes with a flick of my Pillow Talk Eyeliner! Inspired by my iconic Pillow Talk collection, this easy-glide eyeliner is a universally flattering berry-brown shade that defines the look of the lash line with the dreamiest pop of colour. Pillow Talk is the shade for every mood and moment – it’s everyone’s perfect shade, darlings – but the berry tones of this eyeliner look particularly flattering alongside gorgeous green eyes.

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Makeup for Blonde Hair and Hazel Eyes

  1. Rose Gold Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow with lid off


    Give your hazel eyes a rosy glow with a radiant rose-gold eyeshadow like Rose Gold Eyes to Mesmerise! Pretty pink metallics look beautiful with blonde hair and hazel eyes; they have a soft, pearlescent look to them that makes them super-flattering and easy to wear. Apply to the centre of the lid and the inner corners to illuminate the look of your hazel eyes, then pair with your perfect pink lipstick for blonde hair to complete the look.

    Shop Rose Gold Eyes to Mesmerise!

  2. An open, mirrored-lid quad eyeshadow palette with matte eyeshadows in chocolate, taupe, tan, and cream shades


    Hazel eyes have a magical mixture of green, gold and brown tones, so to complement them, you can’t go wrong with neutral matte shades like the ones in The Sophisticate Luxury Palette. This elegant eyeshadow palette is perfect for creating a less-is-more look that flatters blonde hair and hazel eyes. The shades range from subtle ivory to soft brown and are designed to create a sophisticated makeup look for every mood and moment! By keeping your eye makeup soft and subdued, your golden locks and hazel eyes can shine bright!

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  3. The Classic powder eyeliner pencil in Shimmering Brown


    You can use brown eyeliner to help your hazel eyes appear more golden, and The Classic in Shimmering Brown is the beauty secret you’ve been looking for! This blendable brown eyeliner lines and defines the look of the eyes by creating the most subtle liner looks with a hint of flattering shimmer. The neutral tone and illuminating pigments help hazel eyes to take on a rich, golden glow that mirrors the glamorous sheen of honey-blonde hair.

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