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Unlock the secret to FULLER-LOOKING, SUPERMODEL BROWS with this precise, FOOL-PROOF, easy-to-use, REFILLABLE brow pencil, available in 8 flattering shades for every hair colour!

Light Blonde is a shade with cool undertones that is perfect for shaping, feathering and filling in fair, red and light blonde brows.


My signature Supermodel Brow is FULL, FLUFFY, FEATHERED and FIXED. It's a MODERN, FLATTERING BROW SHAPE that stays in place ALL DAY and will SUIT EVERYONE! Whether you have sparse, thick, faded or thin brows, I have bottled the beauty secrets to SUPERMODEL BROWS and your ultimate BROWFORMATION at home with my EASY-TO-USE products! FILL, FEATHER, FIX & LIFT your BROWS to LIFT & ENHANCE the look of your FACIAL STRUCTURE in minutes!

Use this magical micro-precision brow pencil as STEP 1, FILL of my 3-step system for creating THE SUPERMODEL BROW; It's as easy as FILL, FEATHER, FIX!

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Match your shade! If you previously used Brow Lift in Fair Brow & want to experience the beautifying MAGIC of NEW! Brow Cheat, Light Blonde is the closest shade from my NEW! line up!

Fill: 0.1g


What makes it magic?

  • Over 93% AGREE Brow Cheat™ MIMICS NATURAL brow hairs and adds SHAPE & DEFINITION to the brows*.
  • Over 93% AGREE Brow Cheat™ creates FEATHERLIGHT strokes and gives a NATURAL LOOKING but ENHANCED colour*!
  • Brow Cheat™ has a magical SMUDGE-PROOF, HUMIDITY-PROOF & SWEAT-RESISTANT formula with 16-HOUR WEAR**!
  • Rich in Emollients – allowing for smooth application, enabling easy creation of definition and shape.
  • Carnauba Wax – acting as an emollient, allowing slip and a smooth application.
  • Vitamin E – to condition.
  • Pure Pigments – a high concentration of pigments to create natural-looking colour with depth

*Tested on 105 people

**Tested on 30 people

***after 5 minutes

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Light Blonde Brow Model

Hair Colour and Brow Product shades to match to

Hair Colour and Brow Product shades to match to

3 Step Brow Routine including Brow Cheat, Brow Lift, Legendary Brows and Brow Fix

Supermodel brows 3 step routine Light Blonde Shade


Whether you have faded, sparse, thin, thick or full brows, I have bottled the SECRETS to SUPERMODEL BROWS in magical, flattering shades to suit EVERY type of brow and EVERY hair colour!

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