How To Remove Halloween Makeup

After a night of spooky delights, discover how to remove Halloween makeup using my supercharged skincare secrets.

Removing Halloween makeup can be tricky if you don’t have the right products, darlings. Scrubbing away at hard-to-remove makeup can irritate your skin, so I have formulated skincare products like Take It All Off makeup remover and Goddess Cleansing Ritual to be gentle on skin while melting away Halloween makeup with ease.

Discover my tips and tricks on how to remove Halloween makeup and transform from your spookiest self back to being fresh-faced and fabulous!

  1. Take It All Off makeup remover stood in water


    First thing’s first, darlings, take off your false eyelashes! If you’ve gone big and bold with a pair of fluttering false eyelashes this Halloween, you’ll be relieved to take them off at the end of the night. Be delicate with your lashes and avoid tugging the sensitive skin around your eyes. To loosen the adhesive that you applied earlier, lightly press makeup remover into the lash band using a soft cotton pad. Once your false eyelashes have begun to lift, you can gently remove them with your fingers.

    Tilbury Tip: If your false eyelashes are in good condition, keep them in a sealed medicine box ready for a second wear.

  2. Split screen showing model before and after removing their eye makeup


    Glitter gets everywhere on Halloween darlings, and it is by far one of the hardest parts of your Halloween makeup to remove. For glitter on your body, I recommend using a lint roller to pick up loose glitter fragments and will help to avoid getting glitter all over your bathroom. With glitter on the face, a trick I like to use is taking a piece of masking tape and carefully picking up pieces of loose glitter - this is a much more gentle technique than scrubbing glitter away and is much kinder on the skin.

  3. Edna removing makeup with Take It All Off makeup remover


    To remove Halloween makeup, reach for Take It All Off makeup remover. The oil-based formula melts away makeup while gently conditioning the skin with soothing chamomile, helping to remove even waterproof and longwearing formulas that you used to create your haunting Halloween makeup look. My mantra for removing makeup with Take It All Off is SHAKE, SOAK and SWIPE! Make sure you SHAKE the bottle to activate the biphase elements, then SOAK a soft, cotton pad with the formula. Finally, SWIPE the cotton pad onto your eyes, lips and lashes and watch it gently dissolve even stubborn makeup.

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  4. Charlotte's Magic Body Cream body moisturiser submerged in water

    STEP 4: Take a Warm Shower

    After removing your Halloween makeup, freshen up in the shower. Soap and warm water can help to clean any remaining makeup and glitter from your body or areas like the eyebrows and hairline, and nourishing shower gels and shampoos will help to soften the feel of skin that has become dry thanks to products like body paints and liquid latex.

  5. Model cleansing their skin with Goddess Cleansing Ritual


    After you’ve removed the bulk of your Halloween makeup with Take It All Off, it’s time to double cleanse your skin with Goddess Cleansing Ritual. The double cleanse is a cleansing technique that involves two cleansers – one oil-based and one water-based formula – with both working together to give the skin a gentle but thorough cleanse that helps to wash away impurities. When applying Goddess Cleansing Ritual, take the citrus oil cleanser and gently massage it into dry skin to melt away makeup, before removing with warm water. Then, take the purifying bamboo charcoal cleanser and massage it over your damp face until it turns white, removing with the damp muslin cloth that comes in the box. The cleansing duo is perfect for freshening up the skin, washing away Halloween night and leaving you with a complexion that looks radiant and fresh from the spa!

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  6. Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask rose-gold packaging


    Your skin may be layered with more makeup than normal when celebrating Halloween, so be sure to treat it to a magical face mask! Whether you apply your face mask as a late-night ritual or on the following morning, that extra helping of hydration will do wonders for your complexion. For a quick fix of magical moisture, I recommend Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, a 15-minute miracle-worker that offers instant nourishment and moisture for dry, tired skin.

    Take Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask and place it on the skin pink-side-down, lining it up with your eyes and mouth, then let the Korean-inspired mask moisturise the skin with supercharged ingredients like niacinamide and shea butter. Massage to activate and leave on for 15 minutes as a restful ritual to help your skin recover from the spookiest event of the year!

    Tilbury Tip: You can use Charlotte’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask 3 times, so be sure to put it back into its packaging ready to be reused.

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  7. Charlotte's picks for post-Halloween makeup skincare


    Wearing heavy Halloween makeup can take its toll on your skin, darlings, and a supercharged skincare routine is the secret to overnight recovery. Once you have removed your Halloween makeup and soothed your skin with a face mask, it’s time to perform the rest of your night time skincare routine. After cleansing your skin, I recommend reaching for a pore-refining toner like my Glow Toner, hydrating serum like my supercharged Charlotte's Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, nourishing eye cream like Magic Eye Rescue and magic moisturiser like Magic Night Cream or Charlotte's Magic Water Cream to provide your skin with all the potent skincare benefits that it needs before a blissful night of beauty sleep.

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