Halloween Eyeliner Looks To Try

Get inspired by these spooky Halloween eyeliner looks and effortlessly recreate them using my Halloween makeup icons!

Darlings, eyeliner is a transformative step in your Halloween makeup routine! Discover these graphic, dramatic and party-ready Halloween eyeliner looks to keep your eyes looking MAGICAL until MIDNIGHT this spooky season!

Discover 3 Halloween Eyeliner Looks

Spooky Spider Web Eyeliner

Spider web eyeliner is a Halloween classic! Using my famous liquid liner, The Feline Flick in super-black shade Panther, you can create a webbed eyeliner look that instantly gives your party outfit a spooky, sultry edge that screams Halloween!

To get the look, take The Feline Flick and sketch out a classic wing, extending it upwards and outwards to create a dark and dramatic liner. Then, take your eyeliner into your inner corner, creating a sharp point that defines your eye shape and creates a cat-eye effect. Transform your look into a moment of Halloween eyeliner artistry by making short strokes that connect to form a spooky spider web!

Tilbury Tip: Take your time, work in sections, and remember, applying plenty of Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara will give you fanned-out, fluttery lashes that make for a perfect distraction!

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Bat Wing Eyeliner for Halloween

Winged eyeliner is ICONIC, but on Halloween night, batwing eyeliner comes out of the shadows ready for its head-turning takeover. Every vampy vixen needs a beautiful batwing to complete their look, and my lacquered, liquid eyeliner, The Feline Flick, is the key to creating the perfect Halloween eyeliner look for the spookiest night of the year!

Starting with a classic wing, take The Feline Flick and glide it along your lash line and then, map out a similar shape slightly above your usual wing. Connect the two parts and create a dark, dramatic wing that angles outwards to resemble a bat’s wing. Add a couple more triangular shapes before merging your Halloween eyeliner with your lower lash line, completing your look with lashings and lashings of Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara

Tilbury Tip: Make your bat wing eyeliner SPARKLE by applying NEW! Hypnotising Pop Shots all over the lid! With your finger, pat the shade Diamond Eyes, an iridescent golden-pearl shimmer, onto the eyelid and inner corner for HYPNOTISING, HIGH-IMPACT SHINE that sparkles into the night!

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Magical Multichrome Halloween Eyeliner

Pillow Talk Crystal Dimension Eyeliner is a magical, multichrome liquid eyeliner that’s the LIFE OF EVERY PARTY! Imagined in a show-stopping shade that shifts from Pillow Talk pink to shimmering gold, this gorgeous addition to the Pillow Talk universe is destined to create mystical, mesmerising Halloween eyeliner looks.

When applying Pillow Talk Crystal Dimension Eyeliner, MORE IS MORE! Take this iridescent eyeliner and apply a bolder-than-bold winged eyeliner, taking the formula along the top and bottom lash line and accentuating the inner corners. Before adding lashings of lift-effect Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara, get your makeup look ready for Halloween by adding clown-inspired details. Sketch out a triangular shape below the eye to create a spooky spectacle!

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