Makeup for Dark and Black Hair

Channel the striking beauty of black and dark hairstyles with my magical guide to makeup for dark hair.

Discover Essential Makeup for Dark Hair

Jourdan Dunn Makeup for Dark Hair

Jourdan wears NEW! Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipstick in Candy Chic

Lipstick for Dark Hair

Dark hair colours like jet black, onyx and deep brown have greater intensity than blonde, red and brunette hair which helps them to complement a wide range of punchy lipstick looks. Jewel tones like ruby red or garnet, and vivid pinks like magenta, fuchsia and berry-pink are particularly flattering alongside black hair. These shades may be intimidating for some, but the darker your hair, the easier it becomes to go bolder and brighter with your lipstick.

Red Lipstick for Dark Hair

  1. Dark-haired model wearing Carina's Love bright red Hot Lips lipstick


    Glossy black hair and a show-stopping red lip is a recipe for timeless glamour, darlings! Dark-haired beauties look fabulous in my Hot Lips lipstick, Carina’s Love! This vibrant, matte red is a high-definition, screen-siren red that delivers statement-making colour pigment. A bright red lipstick is the perfect way to contrast dreamy, dark waves, and Carina’s Love is destined for a starring role in your makeup collection!

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  2. Dark-haired model wearing Walk of No Shame berry-red matte lipstick


    I’ve used my Walk of No Shame Matte Revolution lipstick to create red lipstick looks on countless dark-haired beauties around the world! Its unique mix of rose, red and berry tones is what makes Walk of No Shame so special. The confidence-boosting shade gives your pout a rush of flattering lip colour that’s slightly more subdued than a bright red or pink, creating the dreamiest, berry-blushed lipstick look that beautifully complements shiny, dark hair.

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  3. Dark-haired model wearing Night Crimson deep satin-finish red lipstick


    If you’re looking for a red lipstick that can’t help but turn heads, my Night Crimson lipstick is born to be the main character. This irresistible crimson shade is inspired by my famous red gift boxes – it’s truly a gift for your lips, darlings. My nourishing K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula gives Night Crimson a lavish, satin finish, helping the deep and delectable plum-red hues to shine bright, all night. This striking shade pairs perfectly with dark, dramatic makeup looks and looks sensational alongside draping, dark hair.

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Pink Lipstick for Dark Hair

  1. Dark-haired model wearing Kim KW nude-pink Hot Lips lipstick


    Kim KW is a pale pink with cool undertones, showcasing a more flesh-toned take on pink that looks jaw-dropping on dark-haired beauties, everywhere. Its sweet, powder-pink shade expertly contrasts black hairstyles, creating a modern nude lipstick look for every mood and moment. The satin-finish shade glides onto the lips to create a barely there pout that looks soft and delicate alongside jet-black locks.

    Tilbury Tip: For deeper skin tones, pair Kim KW with a deeper lip liner like Pillow Talk Intense Lip Cheat to help blend the pink pigment with your natural lip colour.

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  2. Dark-haired model wearing Amazing Amal berry-pink lipstick


    Deep, sweet, and seductive – beautiful berry tones look gorgeous alongside dark hair. One of my favourite pink shades to beautify my dark-haired muses with is Hot Lips 2 in Amazing Amal; it’s a deep pink that’s almost cranberry! This magical matte shade looks sensational alongside dark hair, pushing pink lipstick to its deepest, dreamiest dimensions and mixing warm red and purple tones that pop against the natural shine of black hair.

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  3. Dark-haired model wearing plum-pink lipstick


    Another one of my makeup secrets for dark hair is my Secret Salma Hot Lips lipstick! This modern-matte lipstick glides on a kiss of plum-pink that looks so flattering with dark hair. The mid-toned pink sets the mood for your makeup; it’s my lipstick secret for creating a plush, plum-toned pout that perfectly complements smouldering smokey eyes and blown-out locks.

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Eye Makeup for Dark Hair

Discover the best makeup colours to wear with dark hair. These expertly selected shades will make your eye colour pop and will help to accentuate the shine and depth of beautiful dark tresses.