BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS! Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream 50ml is the #1 Face Cream in the UK Prestige Skincare Market*

My globally loved moisturizer, Charlotte’s Magic Cream 50ml, is officially the #1 Face Cream in the UK Prestige Skincare Market!*

Darlings, my award-winning, globally loved Charlotte’s Magic Cream 50ml is the #1 Face Cream in the UK Prestige Skincare Market!*  

I’ve always believed in my MAGIC moisturizer’s ability to give skin an IMMEDIATE SKIN REVIVAL, and now my 50ml moisturizer is the #1 face cream in the UK Prestige Skincare Market!* It began as my skincare secret that I would use behind the scenes to create the dreamiest, glowing skin. Word spread about my born-backstage formula, and soon enough, celebrities, stars, experts and skincare lovers around the world began to discover that Magic Cream is Magic Skin!

What started as a formula that I’d store in my makeup kit to take with me on set and into the dressing room is now an open secret. Charlotte’s Magic Cream can now be found in beauty halls all over the world from Hollywood to Hong Kong, and I’m so thrilled that my 50ml moisturizer holds the title of #1 Face Cream in the UK Prestige Skincare Market!*

Discover Where It All Began

The magic of Charlotte’s Magic Cream was born backstage! Working backstage at fashion shows in the 90s, I began mixing my own immediate skin revival moisturizer to transform the look of models’ tired, dehydrated, dull-looking skin. Soon every supermodel and star was asking for a pot of my ‘Secret Cream’! I worked with my expert in-house skincare scientists and industry disruptive, global skin innovation laboratories to create the most efficacious blend of supercharged ingredients to innovate the supercharged formula, and in 2013, I launched Charlotte’s Magic Cream! The world fell in love with the transformative powers of my backstage secret - you see the difference in 28 seconds and 28 days! 

I learnt from my father that to create a beautiful painting, you need a beautiful canvas, and in my career as a makeup artist, I quickly discovered that skincare is an essential part of any makeup application. A supercharged skincare routine is the secret to glowing, healthy-looking skin and will ensure that your makeup always looks better. Charlotte’s Magic Cream is my answer to unlocking a smooth and supple-feeling skin texture that looks lit from within and wears beautifully underneath makeup. This moisturizer is truly magic, darlings – I never do makeup without it!

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Why To Believe in Magic Cream

When creating Charlotte’s Magic Cream, I wanted only the best ingredients that would help to supercharge the appearance of skin and create a smoother, plumper-looking canvas for makeup to effortlessly glide onto. With the help of expert scientists, I innovated my Magic 8 Matrix – a clinically proven blend of high-performance, skin-loving ingredients that work in harmony to deliver an immediate skin revival.  

Key ingredients in my Magic 8 Matrix include a plump-effect peptide complex that helps skin to look bouncy and more youthful; vitamins C + E to provide a brightening effect that leaves skin looking magically dewy; and hyaluronic acid to flood skin with hydration while helping to retain more moisture over time.

It only takes 28 seconds for Charlotte’s Magic Cream to produce results you can SEE, FEEL + BELIEVE, while also providing skin benefits in just 28 days.  

Learn more about my Magic 8 Matrix

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Results in 28 Seconds 

-          Skin looks instantly SMOOTHER, FIRMER and PLUMPER

-          Skin is 3X MORE HYDRATED in just 1 HOUR**

-          Skin GLOWS, looking healthy and lit-from-within

Results Over Time

-          Skin feels 2X FIRMER in just 8 WEEKS***

-          Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles in just 4 WEEKS**

Darlings, 2023 marks 10 years of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty, and 10 years of Charlotte’s Magic Cream! This IMMEDIATE SKIN REVIVAL face cream was the first product that I ever launched, and it fills me with so much gratitude to know that the world loves Charlotte’s Magic Cream as much as I do. Charlotte’s Magic Cream is truly where it all began, and to celebrate our 10-year milestone as the #1 50ml Face Cream in the UK Prestige Skincare Market* feels especially euphoric!

If you haven’t tried Charlotte’s Magic Cream for yourself – the time is now, darlings! Shop Charlotte’s Magic Cream for miraculous Magic Skin!

*Source: Circana Group (UK) Ltd. Retail Tracking Service. Aug '22 - Jul'23. Value sales. To verify:

**Tested on 15 people

***Tested on 29 people

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Charlotte Tilbury

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With over 30 years experience, Charlotte Tilbury MBE is the world's number 1 makeup artist and British beauty entrepreneur. Charlotte established Charlotte Tilbury Beauty in 2013, which is now a record-breaking beauty brand that has won over 400 awards.