Intentions Unleashed: Mastering consistency and accountability that could lead to your best year yet

Discover how to set positive intentions with Margareta Serfozo, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach @ The Endearing Project.

As we step into a new year, setting intentions becomes a compass guiding our decisions throughout 2024. A daily ritual of intention setting not only provides direction but also gives a sense of purpose, helping you to navigate life with focus, awareness and a profound connection to yourself. Haven't tried setting intentions yet? No worries! Here are some tips to help you get started.

Lighting Candles to Set Intentions

Benefits of setting intentions

Science says intention and goal setting act as catalysts for success. Deciding on an intention is not the same as choosing a goal. It's like crafting a roadmap for your life. It helps you stay focused, make better choices and feel more purposeful every day. It's a simple practice that brings direction and clarity, empowering you to navigate life with a positive mindset. On the other hand, a goal targets a desired outcome - such as training for a marathon (goal) to live a healthier life (intention). Imagining and saying your intentions out loud have a big impact, making you more determined to turn your dreams into reality. Evidence suggests that engaging the mind, whether through mindfulness practices or setting intentions, has the potential to alter our biology.

The art of setting powerful intentions

Learning to set intentions takes practice. Find a quiet space, perhaps light a candle and grab a piece of paper. Set an intention and try my simple “Triple A method”: Accuracy, Authenticity, Achievability. First, check if your intention is accurate. Ask yourself why it's important to you and what your underlying reason is for your motivation. Then, focus on authenticity—how aligned is it with your personal values and life purpose? Finally, assess its achievability. Are you aiming too high or setting the bar too low? Rewrite the intention until it truly resonates with you. Setting intentions demands an honest conversation with yourself, offering insight into what truly matters, revealing blind spots and showcasing your sense of purpose.

Staying on track

Create a morning ritual around setting and journaling intentions, a serene moment focusing on what truly matters. This daily practice sets a positive tone, shaping your mindset for a more purposeful living throughout the day.

Additionally, choose a mantra that aligns with your intention, repeating it throughout the day. For example if your intention is to feel more confident - your mantra could be “ I can achieve anything I set my mind to”.

In the evenings, reflect on intentions and mantras and what differences you've observed over time, both in your mindset and in terms of the shifts that have unfolded in your life.

Finally, having someone to hold you accountable is really important. Research shows that when people commit to their goals with a partner, they're 65% more likely to succeed. So, ask a family member, colleague, or friend to be your partner on this journey. Regular chats about your intentions and friendly reminders will keep both of you on track, making it more likely to achieve your goals.

A daily ritual of setting intentions not only gives us direction and purpose but also empowers us to navigate life with focus and awareness. With science validating the transformative impact of intention setting, the key lies in consistency and accountability. These elements are crucial for a successful and fulfilling journey towards living a more purpose driven life.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for routine recommendations and the information, or comments herein, does not amount to, or replace, professional advice and should not be relied upon as professional or medical advice.

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Margareta Serfozo

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Corporate Mental Health Facilitator

Specialising in women's health and fertility, Margareta created The Endearing Project to support, guide and enable her clients to follow their own path to wellbeing through lifestyle and behavioural guidance, and wellness, health and fertility coaching.

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