How To Apply Blush to Suit Your Face Shape

how to apply blush to suit your face shape charlotte tilbury
Alongside your contour and highlighter, blush is also a fabulous way to define and shape your face! Whether you have a round, square, oval, diamond or heart-shaped face, discover Charlotte’s guide on how to apply blush to suit you, for an easy healthy flushed glow to your makeup every day.

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How to Apply Blush on a Round Face

Round, fuller-faces make the perfect canvas for blush. Rounder faces will have evenly proportioned space on the forehead, cheeks and jaw with soft, rounded corners.

Round-faced beauties should apply their blush in line with their contour and highlight for a dazzling sculpted glow. Start at the apples of your cheeks – the area of your cheek that becomes prominent when you smile, in line with your pupils – and blend up and outwards, placing just below the tops of the cheekbones.

Charlotte’s Glowgasm face palette is the perfect all-in-one product for round-faces, with skin-enhancing blush, highlight and contour powders which sculpt and illuminate the cheeks!

How to Apply Blush on a Square Face

When applying blush to a square, angular face shape, the aim is to soften and add roundness to the face. You’ll know if you have a square face if the space on the forehead, cheeks and jawline are in proportion to one another, but the corners of the face are slightly sharper and angular.

When using blush on a square face, it’s best to focus the most colour on the apples of the cheeks. Apply in gentle, circular motions before lightly sweeping outwards to a seamlessly blended, magical finish!

Make sure to smile to identify the apples of your cheeks and be careful not to apply too close to the nose. Use your eyes as a guide; the pupils of the eyes are your stopping-points on each cheek. Charlotte’s Beach Stick cream blushers are perfect for dotting onto the apples of the cheeks! Choose Las Salinas for a pretty pink flush, Moon Beach for a peach glow or Formentera for a deeper berry blush look! Simply apply to the apples of the cheeks from the bullet and blend with your fingertips!

How to Apply Blush on an Oval Face

If you have an oval face, apply blush to widen/round the appearance of the face. Oval-shaped faces are slightly longer than they are wider, with more space in the forehead area.

Most blush application techniques look gorgeous on oval faces! Apply to the apples of the cheeks for a healthy rosy glow, or dust onto the skin in line with your contour, up and out onto the cheekbones for a more sculpted look. If you’re a beginner when it comes to blush though, learn how to avoid common blusher mistakes (or how to fix them) to ensure a gorgeous, glowing blush look every time!

Powder, cream and liquid blush work gorgeously on oval faces. If applying to the cheeks and sweeping upwards, choose Cheek to Chic powder blush using the Bronzer & Blusher Brush for a sun-kissed pop of colour to the face. Or for a more precise look on the apples of the cheeks, choose a cream blush! Beach Sticks work beautifully as a subtle, dewy wash of colour while Charlotte’s Pretty Youth Glow Filter cream-to-powder blush and highlighter duos give a gorgeous flushed glowing complexion in a single swipe!

How to Apply Blush on a Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond-shaped faces are similar to oval faces, but slightly more angular with a pointed chin, narrow hairline and high, more pronounced cheekbones.

Take your favourite cream or powder blush and apply to the tops of the cheekbones, blending it into your highlighter for a gorgeously glowing kiss of colour! Blend outwards from the cheekbones for a flawless result.

Charlotte’s Beauty Light Wands are perfect for diamond-shaped faces, with 2 ‘high-blusher’ (2-in-1 liquid highlighter and blush) shades which work gorgeously on the top of the cheekbones. Choose Pinkgasm, a glowing pink liquid highlighter and blush for a mesmerising pretty pink glow, or Peachgasm for a peachier flush of glowing colour!

How to Apply Blush on a Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces resemble a classic love heart shape; wider on the forehead and pointier on the chin area. Blush works well to soften and reduce pointiness on heart-shaped faces.

Apply Cheek to Chic powder blush in the shade of your choice slightly lower on the face, starting at the bottom of the apples of the cheeks, and follow a curved U-shaped motion up to the cheekbones and temples. Be sure to move your brush back and forth to blend edges for a seamless, gorgeous result!

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Powder Blush

For old-school powder blush, Charlotte’s Cheek to Chic powder blushers are perfect for every face shape! Available in 7 beautiful two-toned shades including pretty peaches, cool pinks and reddy-browns, these powder blushers are perfect for a luminous, even glow of colour on the cheeks.

When applying, follow Charlotte’s Swish & Glow ritual for flawless-looking blush every time! ‘Swish’ your brush around the outer shade and apply to the cheek according to your face shape, before adding the central ‘Pop’ shade to the apples of the cheeks for a revitalised glow!

Cream Blush

Use cream blush for an easy-to-apply, no-brushes-required flushed glow! Discover Charlotte’s Pretty Youth Glow Filter blush and highlighter duos for a youthful, smoother-looking skin blush look! The cream-to-powder mini blush palette comes in 2 shades; Seduce Blush, a perfect-for-summer coral shade, and Pretty Fresh, a pretty dolly-pink shade!

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Or for a mesmerising cream blush for on the go, choose Charlotte’s Beach Sticks cream blush sticks! Apply straight from the bullet and blend out with the fingertips for a glowing, dewy glow in a peach, pink or berry shade.

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Liquid High-Blusher

Shimmering liquid blush is perfect for a flushed, sun-kissed look! Pinkgasm and Peachgasm from Charlotte’s Beauty Light Wand collection are perfect if you love a glowing makeup look; apply straight from the wand with the sponge-applicator and blend with your fingertips or Charlotte’s Hollywood Complexion Brush to take your blush look to the next, gorgeous level!

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Blush Palettes

For glowing skin in an all-in-one palette, discover the Glowgasm Face Palettes in Lightgasm and Lovegasm. The palettes include mesmerising shimmering blush, highlighter and glow-giving bronzer; all you need for a bright, gorgeous complexion whatever your face shape!

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