How To Prep Your Skin: Pre-Party Skin Prep for Makeup

Prep your skin for the smoothest, most magical makeup application with my pre-party skin prep tips and tricks.

Darlings, before you apply a magical makeup look, it’s important to prep your skin with supercharged skincare products. Skin prep is the secret to creating a smoother-looking, glowing canvas for your makeup to glide onto. After applying your hydrating skincare routine using my MAGIC SKIN icons, your makeup will always look better! Whether you’re celebrating something special or are in the midst of party season, discover my tips and tricks for perfect skin prep for makeup to unlock gorgeous, party-ready skin!

Skin Prep for Makeup still life

What is Skin Prep for Makeup?

When makeup artists talk about skin prep for makeup, they are referring to the skincare steps they perform before applying makeup. Skin prep is similar to your day-to-day skincare routine, however it’s done with the intention of readying the skin for a flawless makeup application. Preparing the skin for makeup focuses on using skincare to help skin look smoother, plumper and more radiant – if you want your makeup to look seamless and glowing, skin prep is non-negotiable, darlings!

Why Should You Use Skincare Before Makeup?

Skincare and makeup work hand-in-hand when creating a magical makeup look. Think of your makeup like a gorgeous painting, darlings. When an artist is creating their next masterpiece, they reach for a smooth canvas that will help lines to look sharper, strokes to look smoother, and colours to pop! Your skin is your natural canvas, and the best way to help it look smoother, plumper and ready for makeup is to perform a supercharged skin prep routine. Serums, moisturisers and face masks can help to hydrate your skin, smooth out the appearance of skin texture and leave your face feeling silky and supple – once you’ve prepped your skin with skincare, makeup can apply and blend more seamlessly and look even more flawless.

What Should I Use for Skin Prep?

Prep your skin with hydrating skincare products, starting with a gentle face cleanser and finishing with a magical moisturiser like Charlotte’s Magic Cream. Reach for products that are infused with powerhouse ingredients like vitamin C, polyglutamic acid and hyaluronic acid that will help to add moisture to the skin and give it a lit-from-within glow that looks gorgeous underneath makeup. It’s important to consider your skin type and skin concerns when building your skincare routine; choose products that work with your skin and layer beautifully with one another without pilling or bunching up.