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Read your horoscope for June 2024 from Fashion Astrologer & Star Sign Style Founder, Kimberly Peta Dewhirst.

Darling, your horoscope for June 2024 awaits!

  1. Horoscope for Aries June 2024


    June is a strong time for social engagements, sibling relationships, writing projects, teaching or generally getting on well with those around you.

    Note poignant interactions with your community, and intimate connections gaining a mutual understanding.

    Elevate friends, networks and communication skills, Aries, and be sure to reach out to those you’re interested in getting to know better (romantically or otherwise). Consider online or digital spaces have potential and significance too!

    There may be a nudge to conclude a business, financial or work-related project at the beginning of the month. By the 3rd you‘re likely open to local interests, rather than the material concerns that have dominated lately. However, as Mars moves into your zone of prosperity, possessions and earnings on the 9th, you could find there’s an ongoing impetus to tackle spending, what you have and what’s profitable.

    It’s possible you’ll personally identify with the position you’re in throughout the weeks ahead, or what you do for a living could gain ground.

    A shift on the 17th nudges you to be inwardly reflective. Home life, family and your property or sense of place comes into prominence. From the 21st, it could be important that you enjoy and appreciate a parent or parenting, your surrounding environment (and those in it).

    A Full Moon in your career zone peaks in the early hours of the 22nd, inviting you to highlight accomplishments, or gain recognition and praise. The remainder of the month encourages you to both nest and be productive, contributing to your household – a valuable commodity! Note this doesn’t have to be cash-driven – your time and talents may be prized assets to share.

  2. Horoscope for Taurus June 2024


    Financial security, a sense of purpose and meaning, or your role and income may well be foremost entering June, Taurus.

    Your contribution and tireless efforts could be the focus, and even a new identity or position you’re now in. This is amplified between the 4th and 7th, so find significance in what you do and all you’re capable of. A partner could be looking to you, your money or resources, so be prepared to affirm your ideas about saving, spending and amassing wealth or assets.

    There’s reverence around your accomplishments and notoriety at the beginning of the month, too.

    Congratulate yourself on the status, reputation or leadership skills you’ve achieved, or any accolades that boost recognition.

    The 8th to the 12th are a little more frustrating, conducting yourself among friends, social networks or society. You could be keen to build and uphold professional interests, yet a call to affirm or assert yourself isn’t exactly easy.

    The 16th touches on these issues again, with the greater community you’re a part of impacting earnings or the way you might make a living.

    Thankfully a shift on the 17th eases your connection to others. From this point you could get on well with close ties as well as people in your wider network.

    On some level you may have been enduring a lot in secret, however this month brings relief, so that you’re at the heart of local dealings and comforted by those likeminded. Make time for your inner circle, initiating get-togethers.

    You might find you’re able to articulate what’s been going on for you, with a way to communicate and touch on subjects that were previously under wraps.

  3. Horoscope for Gemini June 2024


    Allow a great focus to circle around your identity, your body and who you are at a personal or physical level, Gemini. Your character and the way others perceive you is brightly spotlighted at the month begins.

    There may be profound wisdom available, which arrives thanks to a friend or educational figure. It’s not only people – places could deeply influence you, with a long-distance trip, culture, or foreign philosophy making an impact.

    Pay attention, engage, and consider that you’re embracing a brand new you, with a grand journey unfolding. Be rejuvenated, with other people’s involvement touching you, and the way you’re venturing out to explore the world and its ways.

    Things are likely to make a lot more sense from the 3rd, as you comprehend how much you’ve overcome in private. Express your ideas on the 4th, as talking things over with a partner can get you on the same page.

    Leverage the 6th to affirm a fresh start, coming out of hibernation. Social activity is particularly strong and favoured on the 7th and 8th.

    Generally, you may be undertaking hard work and responsibility, either in your career or a public facing role. At times throughout the month you may be reminded of long-term goals and what it takes to reach them. The 12th and 13th are such days, and it might be difficult expressing yourself freely, given your ambitions or aspirations.

    Similarly, around the 16th you could doubt yourself, what you really think or are striving for.

    A shift on the 17th sees your values and financial position become important. Use the remainder of the month to manage all that you have, possess and might earn.

  4. Horoscope for Cancer June 2024


    As June begins you could be confronted with realisations about your long-term plans, Cancer.

    Find you’re reflective, embracing a healing catharsis or letting go of people, places and things. If there’s anything that requires finality – or conversely a commitment moving forwards – you’re well placed to deal with it now, in private or with the support of close friends.

    You’re better equipped to make sense of your future and financial entanglements from the 3rd, waving goodbye, or taking time out to honour certain losses and transitions.

    It’s a wonderful time to retreat or relinquish control, with positive experiences working behind the scenes in a supportive role. You might even profit from taking a backseat, or find yourself helping peers, community members or strangers in your social circle.

    Thursday the 6th is an incredible day to pause and dream, perhaps gaining even greater insights into what others might require from you.

    Yet be aware that there may be words of wisdom you’ve come to know and understand that don’t translate easily.

    Try to put the puzzle pieces together, discerning about who it is that seeks your advice, opinions and expertise.

    Allow your public face to be on display until the 8th, with visibility, recognition and momentum around your career or ambitions. Then from the 9th be willing to actively participate in the fabric of society.

    Summer Solstice on the 21st brings relief and signals the start of your birthday month.

    If you’re struggling with a sense of limbo in the first part of June, you can anticipate overcoming this phase now. Re-enter the world and celebrate your relationships, finding you’re appreciated by those around you, effective in a crowd, group, or your social scene.

  5. Horoscope for Leo June 2024


    Your community and social engagements are sparkling at the beginning of the month, Leo.

    There’s fun to be had in a group setting, contacts to be made and a wonderful signature to harness in your relationships.

    Sense striking figures that prove seductive, inviting you to participate in a team of likeminded friends. You can step into a buzzing crew who recognise your talents, or the special addition you make from a social standpoint.

    Yet be aware of frustrations around the 9th, as your personal commitments are now apparent.

    It’s not easy moving into new spaces when there’s still work to be done in private. You might find it’s necessary to dig deep, acquiring a true balance between promises made, your own dedication and resolve, and the network that calls. People you’re involved with could prove demanding, and a touch of jealousy for your accomplishments might be aroused.

    A shift on the 17th signals a way to retreat and take the pressure off, with Summer Solstice late in the evening of the 20th amplifying a period of inner reflection. Here, you’re invited to stand back and allow life to unfold – go with the flow!

    A gentler, sensitive tone in the stars could now see you supporting those you’ve got to know, with your reputation positioning you strongly to mentor, influence, guide and work with others.

    Share your wisdom.

    This month’s Full Moon peaks in your health, work and wellness zone in the early hours of the 22nd, inviting you to celebrate routines you’ve maintained, or a sense of order cultivated.

    The remainder of June makes it easy to work behind the scenes, and toward your goals…

  6. Horoscope for Virgo June 2024


    As we enter a new month you may sense you’ve prominence in the world, Virgo. Consider your public image and ambitions, the work you do externally, and appearances you make that put you in the spotlight.

    You’ve likely grown and blossomed, so it may seem natural to focus on success, your goals and personal aspirations. These next steps are a logical progression, with your star rising and luck in professional circles. A job you do, your health practice or routine facets of your daily life have reverence now, and your own consistency likely fuels your path in the public eye. Welcome recognition for the position you’re in.

    Perhaps you’re being called upon to lead or demonstrate expertise in an industry, or notoriety is forthcoming because of undertakings around your lifestyle. Your reputation or career may be foremost, so think about an important message to express while eyes and ears are paying attention.

    Visibility might not be entirely comfortable, as you’re called to show up – and show off, particularly on the 12th. Key people may resist your status, how you come off, your brand or vocation. Therefore, consider learning and growing even more, aware of those opinions you respect and admire.

    From the 21st you’re in more comfortable terrain, among friends and a community, with teachers, paths to personal development and a course of education accessible. People in your network are now available, so say yes to social engagements and group excursions, including more long-distance travel!

    Your talents are potentially illuminated around the 22nd, with a Full Moon that wants you to bring all that you love, find fun or gratifying towards your audience. Announce something created or developed from the heart to your peers or followers!

  7. Horoscope for Libra June 2024


    As we enter June you’ve the potential for a wonderful adventure, project or learning experience to pique your interest. It’s an incredible time to come together with those from other places, experiencing something joyful and profound!

    You could find you’re more devoted to your place in the wider world, to global issues or connecting to those long-distance. Look to understand people that are different, or engage others on topics that enhance your perspective and outlook on life. A course of study among friends could be ideal to pursue, particularly if it takes you further in body, mind or spirit.

    A love affair, pregnancy, children, hobbies, your creative expression or desires could be the catalyst that add meaning to opportunities now on your map. What you’re craving deeply could be intense and inspiring, with a broadening of your own knowledge, wisdom or faith.

    Embrace the path tied to your heart and happiness!

    Just be mindful that work life, health issues or your day-to-day could impose limits or stop your journey altogether. The 7th and 8th could prove frustrating if you have a job, domestic duties or a wellness practice on your agenda that can’t be neglected. The 16th could also remind you of a routine that’s somewhat non-negotiable.

    From the 17th you can shift away from personal development and start to showcase your competence. Important accomplishments may be easily demonstrated in public! Lean into your career, or vocation as a parent, leader or authority.

    The Full Moon in the early hours of the 22nd pulls you inward for reflection on how far you’ve come. By the end of the month you could find you’re working seamlessly with others, on track with your goals and aspirations.

  8. Horoscope for Scorpio June 2024


    As we enter June, there’s a signature in the stars that’s deep and possibly confronting.

    Personal or financial commitments could make you profoundly aware of your own security or stability, your dependencies and vulnerabilities.

    Important contracts, long-term plans, a will, co-parenting issues, your legacy and mortality may feature. Mortgages, pensions, insurance, credit cards or wedding vows could represent safety and an important binding tie to another.

    A matter of health, wellbeing, employment, your general lifestyle or day-to-day activities may be wrapped up with these issues too. Consider trusting someone to work through any fears in conversation, opening up to talk it over.

    Relationships mean a lot throughout the month, so sense key people that inspire you most, who you might share secrets with or important information.

    Be willing to take next steps with partners, developing loyalty in moments of connection.

    Note spaces you come together in, as your property, habitat or family might have great significance.

    Frustrating days include the 9th to the 11th, when certain people prove challenging. It’s not easy, processing contracts, pay-outs, money owed or due, and what you sense is the right way forward.

    Try to keep what others bring to the table front of mind, and how you might work together for mutual gain. An agreement that suits you both is an ideal outcome, as you share, pool together and figure out what you both value.

    Handling intense issues, private dealings and the more taboo topics is in focus until the 17th, when you can start to have faith and raise your head above water. Here you can also find one-to-ones become easier, with a gentler tone, sympathy and appreciation. Finish the month assured of where your heart is.

  9. Horoscope for Sagittarius June 2024


    June invites you to consider other people, entering into deep conversations that prompt you to understand an entirely different perspective. Communications could have potency, so that what you have to say (and what you’re now hearing from others) strikes a nerve.

    You may find yourself captivated by a key relationship or certain people, and you could even find your very identity revolves around a friend or loved one, learning something new and interesting. Be open to those that show up, and the outlook on life they have to share.

    Your sense of fun, creativity and ways you’re playful could be key the first week of the month.

    Note when your heart is wildly stirring, with pregnancy, children, artistic plans or passion projects directing your attention. Yet despite your own desires, you’re likely aware of what brings a significant other happiness. Thankfully, it’s likely you’ll find it easy to get on the same page as teammates and lovers.

    The 11th and 12th might be challenging, as the reality and demands of a job or home life become apparent. Long-term plans could add tension, so that you’re tested in finding a workable, practical solution.

    Between the 17th and 21st, a transition occurs that indicates more trust and intimacy is possible. Finances and the investment you might make becomes apparent, with a pact or agreement on the table. Show willingness to put in effort, aware of the part you play. Your input and what you have to give becomes even more illuminated with the Full Moon in the early hours of the 22nd.

    Recognise little things you can do, keeping the wheels turning for you and those you’re involved with.

  10. Horoscope for Capricorn June 2024


    The first part of June spotlights the ways you tend to your own wellbeing and position, Capricorn.

    It’s a significant time to embrace a wellness practice, and to trust people who might be involved in your health, employment and the general maintenance of your lifestyle. It’s possible that tasks you undertake, your daily routine and upkeep can be fun, pleasant or give you creative licence and freedom!

    Find you enjoy being in a position of service to others, with a profound sense of reward or value added. Try to get along with teammates and those people that are of assistance to you, noticing a depth and reverence to interactions, chores or admin. These mundane, everyday dealings could be greatly healing, or, make up a part of a much deeper process connected to your own worth, purpose and contribution.

    It might not be easy multitasking, or tending to day-to-day routines, as your social life, pleasures, creative pursuits, and ways you engage is also an important consideration.

    The 8th to the 12th could be particularly frustrating if fun (or close ties) beckon just as duty calls…

    A planetary shift later in June makes it easier to enjoy yourself, and brings more consideration of key people in your world. Relationships feature more strongly from Summer Solstice late on the 21st, and a Full Moon follows in your sign (in the early hours of the 22nd).

    This lends itself to personal reflection, so that you might understand the effect you have on others. Be receptive to feedback, attuned to ways of working and getting along that show sensitivity and foster compassion.

    The remainder of the month suggests good times with intimate connections, so plan playdates and indulge!

  11. Horoscope for Aquarius June 2024


    As we enter June you could be sensing a profound pull to express yourself, through a creative feat or passion project, even though pregnancy (and the creation of life) or participating in hobbies, games and your social circle.

    A private, hidden side of your world – and perhaps of yourself – may be apparent, with time spent changing up your domestic life, sense of self-care or home spaces.

    Now, you can move ahead having fun, dating (to meet the person with whom to make a baby!) or getting involved with those that appreciate your talents and enjoyment of certain interests.

    Embrace a playful, childlike curiosity, and connect to others with enthusiasm, sensing an inspired fresh start with the New Moon on the 6th.

    Be mindful that the 10th and 11th are testy.

    Here you may find it challenging dealing with people connected to your property, with a financial component that’s frustrating too.

    While you’re inclined to be generous among friends, with good times and adventures underway, there’s tension and reason to slow down or work within a pressured environment.

    The 16th and 17th are also days to be mindful of your desires, money and what’s feasible.

    By the 21st you’re encouraged to develop a rhythm, particularly where health, your day job, or any consistent practice is concerned. Cancer Season is your window to address admin and maintenance issues, so open up to supportive people able to offer their help.

    You may sense an opportunity to employ the assistance of a coach, mentor or figure equipped with ideas and strategies that are utterly enjoyable!

    Consider possibilities for your optimum wellbeing towards the end of the month.

  12. Horoscope for Pisces June 2024


    There’s a strong theme of communication entering the month, as well as a greater focus on domestic life, Pisces. Your family, property, a parent, parenting or the past could be important, with a greater emphasis on your surroundings.

    Consider a change in your awareness of local events, spaces and close connections, and ways you participate among those in your environment. You might now find you’re thriving at home, in real estate, working from home more, or that nesting is important to you.

    The first week of June could see opportunities to forge ahead caretaking, addressing something important regarding your roots, nurturing tendencies, or, meeting an important goal that’s private. There may be a nudge to process where you’re from, where you’re headed, and a reflection on the notion of success or accomplishments.

    Note momentum around your role, finances and income, an ability to press ahead with enthusiasm. Your willingness to earn or contribute likely fares well within your household, yet check in with yourself between the 8th and 10th. This could be a confronting window, with plenty of tension in the stars. Money and social engagements are a tricky mix at the best of times, and the 11th adds extra pressure.

    There might be a necessary reminder of personal aspirations or what’s important to you, with conversations on the 12th that deliver clarity.

    A shift on the 17th signals fun! You can continue to be aware of developments underway that are more internal, yet devote time to pleasurable pursuits. Playdates, children, creative plans, parties, vacations or good times can be celebrated fully from the 21st, so be receptive to friends and loved ones.

*The details above have been created for promotional and entertainment purposes only. The content is not intended to amount to advice and you should not rely on it.

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