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Moon Horoscope March 2024


With a pile up of planets in Pisces entering March, it’s wise for you to relinquish control, Aries. Let go, escape into fantasy, dream, and surrender to circumstances underway. As the zodiac sign that features before your own, a sense of closure is activated during Pisces Season, with the Pisces New Moon on the 10th amplifying liminal themes. One or more areas of life may seem to lack definitive answers, encouraging you to use sensitivity, faith and a sense of acceptance that’s become part of your muscle memory.

Turn to community and find your place among friends, a group or social scene but keep up with practical obligations, too. It may be apparent that the way you tap into your network is shifting, and around the 11th there may be important conversations taking place that put you in touch with your circle. Remember, there’s strength in numbers, and people to team up with when life seems challenging. Just be mindful of your money, income and plans for financial stability, which could be tested during the first part of the month.

Generally speaking, your career, work life and finances remain steady. You may be embracing a new approach to long-term plans, however there’s likely a familiarity about your goals, ambitions and what you’re striving for. Make sense of what you possess, literally and figuratively, and what can be surrendered that’s no longer aligned with where you’re headed. A sense of confidence could be brewing privately, with your attributes and purpose rewarded in private.

Spring Equinox on March 20th ushers in Aries Season, and an eclipse quickly follows on the 25th, which touches your intimate relationships. It may be apparent that a partnership requires work, as key people you’re involved with confirm what they need.


Your network, friendship circle and people in the wider world may stand out entering March, with Pisces Season leading you towards peers and associates in broader circles. You could be working hard at fostering an enduring connection to teammates, showing up as consistent, present and readily available. Or perhaps you’re striving to keep up with a humanitarian cause, taking a serious approach to social justice and global issues. Dealings and interactions with a group could see you engaging those abroad or in a different political sphere, with international concerns experienced through your social scene or community. There may even be strangers that are somehow familiar faces before you.

The New Moon on the 10th puts you in touch with the right people, so affirm your intentions ahead of time, considering what you might give or the values you might uphold among friends and crewmates. Recognise who you’re keen to surround yourself with, stepping closer to characters that seem aligned with your beliefs.

Pleasure planet Venus glides into a harmonious position in your horoscope from the 13th, which is a positive shift. Before this transition you may find your public face (and who you appear to be) doesn’t necessarily compliment the approach you’re taking at a personal level. Separating your authentic self from your visible, professional profile isn’t easy – try not to get to frustrated if your reputation, appearance and pathways to success are counter to the real you. Friends, followers and folk around you likely appreciate your truth, and understand what might be required of you in your outer role.

The 21st brings a connection of Venus and Saturn, which may enhance your team spirit, or bring a reality check around your affiliations. Taking a step back and reliving the pressure serves you well, so pull back after this point.


Long-term goals, aspirations and the road ahead may be established entering the month of March, with conversations about the responsibilities you’re upholding thanks to your career, personal objectives or reputation. Planets assembled at the top of your chart suggest you can focus on the side of your that’s visible, with accomplishments, achievements or a sense of recognition topical. There may be acknowledgement of accolades, a moment of success, or an honouring of your status.

Think about stepping into authority and a position of influence, evolving in the direction of your dreams early in the month. Ideally, you’re being realistic about the hard work involved with your plans, mindful of your limits, taking steps in a reasonable, measured fashion.

As Mercury teams up with visionary Neptune on the 8th, be sure to consider how far you’ve come, and the impression you give off to the world. This could provide important information as you forge ahead, doing what’s necessary that allows you to align with your future self. Like a butterfly incubating in its cocoon, you’re probably making sensible moves in private, opting to go low key in some instances, operating behind the scenes to advance ambitiously.

Aside from your title or notoriety, there’s emphasis on social life, teamwork and your group of friends. Find you’re engaged with people from all walks of life or different places, striking up conversations to learn and understand where others are coming from. Your perception of global issues and your own philosophy can shift, with Mercury’s move into your community zone on the 10th. Be reminded of another point of view and how your own outlook can develop, as you participating in an exciting crew or social dynamic. Note that the eclipse on the 25th could see your passions publicised!


The stars light up the most visionary sector of the skies for you entering March, Cancer.

You’re encouraged to dream about the future and acknowledge how far you’ve already come on your path. Elevate your outlook on life, your perspective or world philosophy, and the message you bring forth to a community, circle, or friends in your audience.

Planets assembled in Pisces encourage you to develop knowledge of who you are in the grander scheme of things. Find yourself seeking to understand other people, other places and belief systems. A teacher, course of education, your faith and public platforms that allow you to share may be significant. You might be drawn into conversation with loose acquaintances, those overseas or long-distance, speaking about your experiences and wisdom. Seed bright ideas and lay claim to a fresh start on the Pisces New Moon March 10th, imagining future opportunities that align with your goals. The reality of projects, plans or relationships will likely be clear to see.

There’s a strong signature around financial agreements this month too, your private life and commitments. Find yourself increasingly aware of your own ties and dependencies, who you can trust or rely on, addressing shared ownership, resources, loans and obligations.

March 21st presents considerations around your financial position, and later in the month sees your public image, career ambitions and reputation ramped up. Be intentional about your authority or leadership potential.

Family, your property or home is the subject of the eclipse on the 25th, with emphasis on your quest to comprehend how others operate and perceive life. Thankfully, with lucky Jupiter in your sector of friendship and teamwork, you’ll have an array of supporters conspiring to help you, so keep coming back to your social circle.


As we enter March the Sun – your guiding star in astrology – is already part way through the zodiac sign Pisces. The sector of your horoscope concerning joint interests, intimate agreements, pacts and shared resources is lit up. Shine a light on any sum of money that’s been loaned, promised or is due to be repaid, including taxes, inheritance, a mortgage or debt. Bring attention to possessions or assets that belong to others, which you’re keen to amass or own, and think about co-parenting, co-habiting or collaborating in your private life.

There may be investments, sacred bonds and energetic ties that are being taken seriously, or formal papers that bind you to others, including a work or marriage contract.

Note that these entanglements can serve you publicly, Leo, with promising transits around your professional life, accomplishments, fame, honours and achievements. Sense your aspirations and the person you appear to be, as well as the trusted unions or vows that underpin your external success. Refresh your intentions and affirm obligations with the New Moon on the 10th, recognising a give and take with all people. There may be an important goal, title or notoriety that you want to uphold in the world, ambitions that see you depend on the part others play. Certain individuals could support and fortify the path you’re on, so take steps to work together towards your future.

Spring Equinox on March 20th signals a change of pace that could be felt immediately, with the Sun’s ingress into Aries and your house of philosophy, travel, wisdom and publishing.

There may be experiences, knowledge or an educational path you’re keen to nurture, a quest to understand other people, places or beliefs. Open up to friends who enhance your journey, and discover more about yourself in the process.


The stars are sparkling in the corner of your horoscope that breeds awareness of others, Virgo, leading you to examine your relationship to people closest to you and the issue of intimacy. Important conversations may have already taken place, prompting you to examine what you want from a partnership. Ideas about sex, a wedding, the issue of your children or a future pregnancy may have been discussed; note you can continue to grow, evolve and develop your understanding of other people and their beliefs.

With Saturn slowly touring the sector of the skies tied to marriage and formal unions, it may be apparent you’re ready for a mature approach in love, business or friendship, taking engagements seriously. Or, it may be a significant other has proposed guidelines. A formal arrangement may suit you both, with a formula to deal with what you want and need from the other. For example, you may adhere to date night or scheduled one-to-ones. This may be a strategy that feels really good and helps foster mutual respect, as you both know where you stand, how much time you have together, and what to expect. Listen to what others have to say, pay attention to what a partner is proposing and be open to new experiences in your union. Think about what’s recently been touched upon in conversation and be willing to move ahead with a fresh start. The New Moon on the 10th brings you the perspective you need.

You’re likely more committed from the 11th onwards in an arrangement or your vows, which now seem to carry more significance and depth. Trust may be apparent, making it easier to confide private, taboo topics with honesty: finances, death and secret turn-ons.

Expect the eclipse on the 25th to reveal more about your personal life to your other half.


Work and wellness are themes in March, and yet make space for playdates, hobbies, love and prioritise a lust for life, too! Astrological co-pilots Venus and Mars now sparkle in your fun, fertile sector of children, games, holidays and creative output, urging you to make yourself happy and flirt with optimism. As amorous Venus is your guiding star, it’s important to pay special attention to this planet and where she’s leading you to indulge.

In early March you can enjoy expressing yourself, getting involved with celebrations, inspired by your kids, crafts, sports and all that makes you smile. Embrace the good times, with emphasis on what you want, particularly on Friday the 8th when the Moon enhances your pleasures seeking. Later in the month you might find you’re well placed to articulate those desires to others, better understanding the key to your own heart and happiness.

But before then, Pisces Season invites you to set about the tasks, tackling health issues, outstanding admin and appointments. Address any improvements that can be made staying on top of things, speaking to employers, employees, those you assist or that serve you.

Bring extra patience and consideration to humdrum, everyday chores, appreciating the hard work you’re continuing to put in, in order to operate seamlessly. General maintenance could seem arduous, and yet sticking to a routine may bring sweet satisfaction. Relish a sense of wellbeing from the 12th, when Venus glides into Pisces and your sector of upkeep, recognising important support systems between the 21st and 24th.

Your relationships are increasingly important from Spring Equinox on the 20th, which signals the start of Aries Season. Acknowledge key people and changes within your unions. A Full Moon in your sign on the 25th brings revelations, potentially touching body issues or a very personal matter.


Pisces Season is well underway entering March, inviting you to embrace passion projects, your love life, children and the topic of pregnancy – or any ideas that inspire you! You could find there’s attention surrounding your talents, creative capabilities or kids, or the notion of a suitable mate (and even making a baby). The New Moon on March 10th helps elevate what’s important to you, be it your fertility, time spent with a lover, sporting interests, a hobby or the arts. As strategic Saturn has settled in this expressive, romantic sector of your chart, it’s likely you’re prepared to work hard for what you want. However, this planet also presents a reality check and favours discernment. What typically flowed freely may now seem to have a quality of consistency, making it necessary to use persistence.

Take a mature, serious stance around what’s in your heart, acknowledging your limits and the idea of rules or guidelines. Lean into plans that make logical sense and that compliment your position, financially or at work. For example, sign up to a dance class that’s affordable and introduces you to potential clients; get together with mates from school to work on a video series that can feature in all your portfolios, or bring friends together to plan a special celebration or holiday, dividing the costs.

A partner or key figures are likely supportive of your dreams and intentions, potentially providing you with the confidence you need to follow through, or alternatively putting you in touch with the right tools, skills and resources.

March 20th ushers in a busy spell, and an eclipse quickly follows on the 25th, which is an ideal moment to escape the grind. Home life, stability and personal security are yours to work at throughout the month but not at the detriment of your personal relationships.


Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth experiences, expansion and abundance is now planted in Taurus and your work-a-day house of rituals, systems and employment.

This suggests you’re on a journey so far as your job, health or daily life is concerned, with potentially major developments around your routine, general maintenance and upkeep required for your optimum wellbeing. Learning more about your daily rhythms could be immensely helpful! A practical project may enhance your productivity, as it forces you to adopt a different mindset, or, you may be wise to dial it back, able to delegate to others.

Embrace new ideas, techniques, technology and innovation, and sense the ways your home or family life underpins a reasonable approach to your lifestyle. Finding a way to blend positive habits with household interests might lead to an increase in earnings, security and stability, and this month makes it absolutely possible to find your groove.

During Pisces Season, planets assemble around the base of your horoscope, encouraging you to address your living set-up, property or environment – how you rest, hibernate or settle in your space. Allow nesting tendencies or parenting issues to come to the forefront, resetting with the Pisces New Moon on March 10th. The reality of where you live and the hard work you’ve undertaken around your domestic set-up could be clear by now.

Later in the month sees fun, playful moments, and your happiness, creative passions and talents spotlighted. You could be surrounded by kids or childlike people, falling in love, or focused on pregnancy. Say yes to days out and prioritise joy. An eclipse arrives on the 25th in your house of friendship, reminding you of the importance of teammates and your extended network. Consider your community, audience or peers, and what’s been neglected.


It’s a potentially social time, with opportunities to embrace close-knit friends, your neighbours, co-workers, siblings and the like, paying attention to the news or the word on the street. Pisces Season encourages you to connect to local environments and the people you meet, talking things over. Be aware of your communication skills, the way you navigate conversations and your surroundings.

With your ruler Saturn established in this sector for the past year, you may be more discerning about information sources, limiting the media, teachers or soothsayers you pay attention to. It’s possible you’ve taken a step back from certain ties, staying true to your own happiness, engaging those that spark joy and making peace with those now absent.

A wonderful blessing in your horoscope is Jupiter, the biggest planet in our Solar System transiting your fertile house of self-expression – your fun, creative sector of personal pleasure. Early March sees you well positioned to bring structure around your talents, passion projects, and to your relationship with children or pregnancy.

There may be a practical rationale around your sex life, hobbies, holidays and your senses, as well as excitement about progress made. Experiences in the natural world may have encouraged you to tune in to your playful, childlike side; music, the arts, crafts and beauty may also be extra significant. Surround yourself with those likeminded, kin who understand and appreciate what’s in your heart or all that inspires you. Welcome new faces with open arms around the New Moon on the 10th and let them step closer to you and your ideas on the 21st. A sweet connection of Venus and Saturn lends itself to a good time, as long as you can sidestep money issues.

An eclipse on the 25th in your career zone promotes visibility, however you may be more concerned with family time or your home.


The way you find purpose, make a living, contribute something worthwhile and deal with personal finances is in the spotlight as March begins, with attention on your income, outgoings and budget. There may be a sense of reward that can’t be measured in monetary terms, merit in a role that’s charitable, or attributes that sustain you in other ways. What you possess, have saved or amassed could be of interest, as well as the topic of security, stability and safety, where you live, how you might settle and broach family life.

Pisces Season encourages you to address your position, earnings, what’s lucrative and what costs you too much. You may find you’re realistic about what you can afford, having taken stock, or, you might see sense in working hard at something that has meaning, and fosters a sense of esteem. Only you know what aligns with your values, something worth considering early in the month.

Elsewhere, growth planet Jupiter is planted in your domestic zone. There’s promise and momentum to plans that see you nesting. However, be prepared to buck trends and shirk convention. The way you run your household may be unorthodox or different and that’s ok.

Liberate yourself from tradition, finding your tribe if you haven’t done so already, marching to your own beat where self-care, parenting and home life is concerned. Yet note your actions, interactions and beliefs might not be consistent with the roots, space and property you’re developing. Watch for friction around the 8th.

Siblings, key relationships and a connection to those around you is foremost on the 11th and from Spring Equinox on the 20th. Bring focus to neighbours, communication skills, your immediate environment and those in it, enjoying the rapport and sense of honesty between you and people in close proximity.


The Sun moves through the heavens above, with your constellation forming the backdrop of its path now, Pisces. This encourages a celebration of your special qualities and puts you in the spotlight right through to Spring Equinox!

Be willing to talk about yourself, articulating key experiences and your personal philosophy on March 8th, as astute Mercury connects with visionary Neptune in your sign. Find those around you are paying attention – if you’re able to engage. It’s probably really tempting to isolate, withdrawing to address your private life on this day. Still, try to bring awareness to your unique perspective. Thinking about all you’ve gone through will ready you for a fresh start provided by the New Moon on March 10th. Here you can begin again with resolve around any personal resolutions, surrounded by close kin, friends, sisters, and neighbourly types. This is your opportunity to turn over a new leaf and embrace an alternative mindset or unorthodox message.

Things may seem sweeter from the 12th, as Venus arrives in your sign heralding good times and yet there’s work to be done. In March 2023, slow moving Saturn began to tour your corner of the skies, bringing a different flavour to your plans and designs. It’s likely you’ve begun to experience greater levels of responsibility and even demands in a physical sense. You may have cultivated discipline, toiling hard, increasingly mature and wise beyond your years. The weight of the world may seem to be piled on your shoulders, yet your influence among friends and community makes it worth the struggle. Circle back to the important teachings you share.

Sacred bonds, intimate ties and financial dependencies are the subject of the eclipse on the 25th, with emphasis on trust, a pact and where you’re bonded to others. Go easy around this intense day!

*The details above have been created for promotional and entertainment purposes only. The content is not intended to amount to advice and you should not rely on it.

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