BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS! Charlotte Tilbury Launches NEW! Fragrance Collection of Emotions!

Enter my NEW! universe of Charlotte Tilbury fragrance and discover six emotion-enhancing scents with unique worlds to be explored and adored.

Darlings, how do you want to feel today? Discover my six NEW! fragrances powered by Emotion-Boosting Molecules - they are your invisible superpowers that allow you to spray on your dreams and unlock emotions! Backed by neuroscience and 40 years of research, my NEW! perfumes are scents that make you feel!

Fragrance is the frequency that you emit to the world! I have always been enchanted by the olfactory magic of perfume from the way that a scent can enamour a room of people to the glamour of glistening bottles on my mother Patsy’s dressing table.

Celebrities, stars, experts, and beauty lovers around the world know how my magic makeup and skincare can help everyone, everywhere look and feel like the most beautiful version of themselves. For years, I have dreamt of expanding my beauty wardrobe, creating and curating a range of perfumes that feel like emotional superpowers - and now I am so excited to share my secrets with the world! When creating my NEW! Fragrance Collection of Emotions, I worked with world-leading master perfumers and neuroscience experts to create 6 scents that are powered by Emotion Boosting Molecules – they’re scents that make you feel! How do you want to feel today?

Enter my NEW! fragrance universe and discover the science behind the magic of my six NEW! fragrances…

The Journey to Charlotte’s Fragrance Collection of Emotions…

Since I was 13, I have been fascinated by the magical ability of fragrance to unlock memories and emotions. Fragrance can transport you to another world full of fantasies and dreams! It can help transform the way you feel and can create the most magical aura around you.

It’s been years in the making, darlings… I have dreamt of bottling and capturing feelings as enthralling, emotion-enhancing perfumes, and now, I am so excited to share my scent secrets with the world!

Working with world-leading master perfumers, I have bottled 40 years of cutting-edge research into 6 NEW! fragrances, each powered by Emotion-Boosting Molecules.

These fragrances are your invisible superpowers! They feel like portals to different emotions and other worlds, transporting you through different dimensions to however you want to feel and whoever you want to be!

Discover Charlotte’s Fragrance Collection of Emotions: 6 NEW! Scents That Make You Feel

Darlings, I am an alchemist of dreams, feelings, and fantasies! I have bottled the frequencies of LOVE, HAPPINESS, SEDUCTION, SERENITY, ENERGY AND EMPOWERMENT so that everyone, everywhere can spray on their dreams! And now, darlings, they are yours!

My Fragrance Collection of Emotions features 6 expertly concocted scents that are like invisible superpowers – each fragrance is a feeling bottled! You can mix and layer these perfumes to suit the frequency you want to attract into your life. It’s like setting your intention for the day or designing your dream night with scent!

Love Frequency fragrance packshot for blog

Love Frequency 100ml


Fragrance Family: Floral Woody

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: hypnotic Rose Essential and alluring Cashmeran

Top Notes: addictive Pink Pepper

Heart Notes: sultry Saffron, romantic Rose Ultimate Extract, hypnotic Rose Essential

Base Notes: sensual Musk, alluring Cashmeran, captivating Ambery Woods, intoxicating Patchouli Heart

84% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of love!*

Love Frequency encompasses that euphoric, comforting feeling of being in love and being loved in return. It’s the scent of timeless, universal love! From friendships to unconditional family love, blossoming romantic love to self-love, Love Frequency creates a love aura around you that evokes the greatest love stories of all. It lets love be your fantasy!

Shop Love Frequency

“Love Frequency is a romantic melody between a luscious rose and warm woods! It’s love at first sight with this addictive, floral-woody scent. Charlotte’s inspiration was to create something soft yet powerful; something addictive that you and your loved ones want to smell again and again. I used rose, the flower of love - it’s the perfect ingredient for this feeling”.

Anne Filipo - Master Perfumer

More Sex 100ml


Fragrance Family: Musk Leather

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: sensual Sandalwood Oil Caledonia, seductive Sexual Accord, addictive Leather Accord and velvety Musk

Top Notes: bold Black Pepper Oil, magnetic Juniper Berry Oil

Heart Notes: seductive Sexual Accord (Ambroxan, Sexual Musk, Aldron), addictive Leather Accord

Base Notes: velvety Musk, caressing Ambery Wood, sensual Sandalwood Oil Caledonia

84% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of seduction*

More Sex captures the essence of total carnal attraction. It’s pure lust, like a rush of passion through your body!

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More Sex fragrance packshot for blog

“A plunge into pleasure: More Sex is like a sensual whisper combining the sultry textures of the tailor-made sexual accord and sandalwood. For this fragrance, Charlotte wanted to create something sensual, hot, and sexy with animalic and musky facets. It is all about passion, seduction and love of course! The only ingredient missing is your skin…”

Anne Filipo - Master Perfumer

Joyphoria fragrance packshot for blog

Joyphoria 100ml


Fragrance Family: Warm Floral

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: radiant Ylang Ylang and enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract

Top Notes: joyful Petitgrain Oil, euphoric Coconut Water Accord, uplifting Neroli Oil

Heart Notes: intoxicating Tuberose Absolut, warm Jasmine Sambac, radiant Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract, velvety Cashmere Wood, powdery Musks

91% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of happiness**

With Joyphoria, I wanted to paint a picture in everyone’s mind of pure happiness and abandon! When you have happy thoughts, they beam out of you like sunlight! Joyphoria is escapism, celebration, and pure abandon in a bottle, lighting up your world and transporting you to pure paradise!

Shop Joyphoria

“This is a fragrance to help awaken joy and vivacity with its radiant and solar floral bouquet, enlightened by a delightful vanilla bean. Charlotte wanted to make a happy fragrance and I was inspired right away by the sun. First because who is not happy under the sun? It has such a strong influence on our mood. And also, because Charlotte is a very solar person herself, it all made sense.”

Anne Filipo - Master Perfumer

Magic Energy 100ml


Fragrance Family: Citrus Woody

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: reawakening Bergamot Oil, calming Cypress Ultimate and spiritual Palo Santo Accord

Top Notes: reawakening Bergamot Oil, earthy Myrtle Oil

Heart Notes: sophisticated Cypress Ultimate, sweet Jasmine Sambac, refreshing Seaweed Absolut

Base Notes: Cashmere Wood, spiritual Palo Santo Accord, Ambergris Accord, Olibanum Resinoid

98% agree the fragrance enhances your energy***

Magic Energy is inspired by Gaia The Goddess of Earth. I wanted to paint a picture of the divine energy of a magical forest – the very soul of the Earth, grounded and green. It helps to ground your energy and awaken your senses with bergamot oil, myrtle oil, cypress ultimate and Palo Santo accord.

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Magic Energy fragrance packshot for blog

“We all need to live life to its fullest! In this frequency, I’ve envisioned a fresh and invigorating combination of bergamot and cypress to reveal an unmatched, re-energising signature. Charlotte inspired me to create a fragrance that could help you feel reconnected to the ground, something that would link you to the 4 elements. This way, water is translated with seaweed and ambergris for an ocean boost; air is found through citruses and floral notes; earth with strong trees like cypress and cashmere woods; and fire with Palo Santo and olibanium.”

Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Senior Perfumer

Cosmic Power fragrance packshot for blog

Cosmic Power 100ml


Fragrance Family: Ambery Spicy

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: bold Black Pepper Oil, divine Cinnamon Bark Oil, captivating Clove Oil, mystical Amber Accord and enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract

Top Notes: bold Black Pepper Oil, divine Cinnamon Bark Oil, uplifting Bergamot Oil, fresh Woody Elemi Oil

Heart Notes: opulent Rose Ultimate, empowering Frankincense Accord

Base Notes: mystical Amber Accord, enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract, powdery Musks

89% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of empowerment***

Darlings, step into your Cosmic Power! This ambery, spicy fragrance is like pure unicorn energy! I truly believe in asking the universe to bestow its cosmic powers onto you, and that’s the picture that I wanted to paint with Cosmic Power! As I always say, conceive, believe, receive! We blended this fragrance around sophisticated and mystical amber, adding notes of spice to help supercharge and uplift your sense of self confidence.

Shop Cosmic Power

“Through a unique blend of spices and a luxurious amber accord, a mystical and mesmerising shield of strength emerges, creating a powerful effect of self-love. Charlotte had in mind a fragrance to help elevate feelings of inner self-confidence, something very intimate but with a stronger personality. I was quickly drawn to amber as it’s such a mystical ingredient - the perfect one to connect to your inner self. I added spices, too, as they are so sparkling and sign the fragrance.”

Dominique Ropion, Master Perfumer

Calm Bliss 100ml


Fragrance Family: Aquatic Floral

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: sweet Neroli Oil and refreshing Watery Accord

Top Notes: fresh Bergamot Oil, sweet Neroli Oil, relaxing Lavandin Oil

Heart Notes: soothing Orange Flower Absolut, refreshing Watery Accord

Base Notes: warm Tonka Bean Accord, pure White Musks, peaceful Orris Concrete

93% agree they felt calmer**

With Calm Bliss, I wanted to paint a picture of a tranquil oasis where peace and harmony fill the air. I was inspired by the calming, cleansing effect of the sea and lakes of lotus flowers – they are a sacred symbol of purity and rebirth. I love that lotus flowers rise from the mud untarnished, and that’s exactly what this fragrance helps to do. It makes you feel reborn! I liken it to the smell of a newborn baby, because there’s something in the purity, freshness, and innocence of how you were born into this worn – it’s Calm Bliss!

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Calm Bliss fragrance packshot for blog

“A fragrance that will transport you into a serene floral paradise with its perfect balance between the relaxing watery accord and the soothing sheen of neroli. Charlotte had in mind a peaceful garden with orange and mandarin trees, a beautiful lake, and a warm smell in the air. I created a fragrance that was the translation of this imaginary place by using orange flower, citruses, watery facets, tonka bean, and a musky dry down.”

Anne Filipo, Master Perfumer

Discover More About My NEW! Fragrances

Darlings, each of my enchanting, emotion-enhancing eau de parfums come in beautiful 100ml bottles that will look and smell sensational on your dressing table. 

When you purchase a 100ml fragrance on or the Charlotte Tilbury App, you will also receive a 1.5ml fragrance sample so you can trial your perfume before opening the full size.****

Tilbury Tip: To find your perfect fragrance match, use my Fragrance Finder to discover the perfect scent for you!

Fragrance Discovery Set packshot for blog

To experience all 6 of my NEW! fragrances, shop my Discovery Set featuring 1.5ml sample sizes of every scent from my Fragrance Collection of Emotions. 

Shop my Fragrance Discovery Set

Prefer a travel size, darlings? My 6 NEW! fragrances are also sold as 10ml vials that are perfectly sized for your handbag.

Shop travel-sized fragrance

Darlings, how do you want to feel today? Enter a PORTAL TO PURE PARADISE and HAPPINESS with JOYPHORIA! Dream of a TRANQUIL OASIS with CALM BLISS! Discover the secret to SEDUCTION with MORE SEX! Bathe in the GLOW OF UNIVERSAL LOVE with LOVE FREQUENCY! Feel EMPOWERED with COSMIC POWER! Or immerse yourself in the DIVINE ENERGY of a magical forest with MAGIC ENERGY!

Fragrance Collection of Emotions still life

Making Magic: The Making of Charlotte Tilbury’s Fragrance Collection of Emotions

Darlings, I worked note by note with some of the best noses in the world to create my NEW! Fragrance Collection of Emotions. It was a dream to work with award-winning world leaders in fragrance – Anne Flip, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, and Dominique Ropion. I painted a picture of how I wanted people to feel when they smelt each scent and gave a list of my favourite fragrance notes that evoked certain feelings in me, then these master perfumers decoded and distilled my magic worlds, memories, and dreams into six unique fragrances.

Cosmic Power fragrance universe

“For each fragrance we were inspired by Charlotte herself, she had a very precise vision in mind regarding this new collection. It was all about emotional connections and creating fragrances to enhance feelings with a touch of magic. It is really unique to have a collection of 6 fragrances created thanks to neuroscientific research, AI algorithms and consumer studies to help evoke specific emotions, and we really worked with that in mind!”

Anne Flipo, master perfumer at IFF

“We went further than aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is based on historical usages. For this collection, we tested the ingredients thanks to neuroscience to understand which part of the conscious and unconscious responded was activated when smelling – each part having a link to a specific emotion. It is like an aromatherapy 2.0!”

Dominique Ropion, master perfumer at IFF

The Magic Behind Charlotte’s Fragrance Collection of Emotions

To create each of my olfactive worlds, I worked with IFF and Monique Remy’s Laboratory, the LMR. We played with three types of ingredients – natural, raw materials, synthetic raw materials, and accords – to create perfectly blended fragrances that smell incredible and enhance specific feelings through the power of scent.

The master perfumers I worked with understood the worlds I wanted to create and explored unique combinations of notes that would help bring them to life. Each of my six fragrances is a harmonious blend of EMOTION-BOOSTING MOLECULES and MAGIC FRAGRANCE NOTES distilled by the best noses in the world! They are like portals to different emotions!

Joyphoria fragrance ingredients

Emotion-Boosting Molecules are the notes and accords used to create fragrances that are proven to enhance specific emotions. Expert scientist Céline Manetta identified the notes that would help elicit feelings of love, happiness, seduction, energy, empowerment and serenity.

Magic Fragrance Notes are the magic worlds of each emotion. I had a specific vision for each emotion I wanted to capture – from the dreamy, dizzying heights of love for Love Frequency to a calming oasis for Calm Bliss. We channelled nature’s grounding energy through Magic Energy; paradisiacal happiness for Joyphoria; pure unicorn, stardust energy for Cosmic Power; and addictive seduction for More Sex!

Each world is a masterpiece – an olfactory celebration of emotion!


Whether you spray on Calm Bliss or Love Frequency, More Sex or Joyphoria, Cosmic Power or Magic Energy, each of my fragrances are formulated with potent ingredients and leave behind a scent trail that follows you for up to 18 hours! This trail becomes your aura - a magical frequency that is emitted to the world. It creates an inward and outward reaction so that you can manifest emotion with the power of scent!

The science of scent

Fragrance goes beyond how you want to smell, darlings. When creating my Fragrance Collection of Emotions, I wanted to make people FEEL. Studies show that there is a direct link between sense of smell and the limbic system - the most primitive part of the brain which stores emotions and emotional memories – which is why scent can often quickly become associated with a particular person, moment, or place in time.

Recent studies revealed that we learn to smell from inside the womb. A newborn baby will first experience the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin when they experience their mother’s scent before they can even see. Scent therefore plays a huge part in our emotional genesis. Sensorially, scent is an instant gateway to emotion and memory - more powerful than any other sense!

To determine a specific palette of notes and accords to work from, I worked with Céline Manetta (PhD in Psychology), Senior Consumer Science Manager at IFF, to harness data from the IFF SCENTCUBE™ Algorithm. This AI algorithm was created by IFF to identify ingredient combinations that work in harmony to help boost different facets of each emotion.

Calm Bliss fragrance molecules close up

“Since the very beginning, Charlotte was fascinated by the power of fragrance to unlock emotions. And at IFF, we have been studying the invisible power of ingredients for more than 40 years through our Science of Wellness programme.

We measure the emotional power of ingredients by understanding the specific response they can have on us and we identify which emotions they can enhance. We then use Artificial Intelligence with a proprietary tool called the IFF SCENTCUBE™ that analyses all this data and gives perfumers innovative ingredient combinations known to enhance specific emotions. It creates a specific palette of ingredients so they can compose with it.”

Céline Manetta

Over the past 40 YEARS, IFF have tested thousands of fragrance notes in an unconscious study into brain emotions. By reading the conscious and unconscious response to emotional patterns that respond to certain ingredients, IFF have captured 6 emotions that can be targeted through the power of scent! My fragrances are backed by 40 years of research – when they are sprayed, you feel immediately immersed in the worlds of love, happiness, seduction, energy, empowerment, and serenity.



The Inspiration Behind Charlotte’s Fragrance Bottles

I was inspired by the power of olfactory-visual synaesthesia where scent aligns with colour to unlock emotion! By harmonising the colours of my ornate fragrance bottles with their scent profile and associated emotion, I have curated a multisensory experience that’s unique to each olfactory world. 

My NEW! fragrances are decanted into ornate, one-of-a-kind bottles inspired by 18th Century potions and perfume design and are enclosed in a box that’s reminiscent of a book of magic that opens up to reveal the secret story behind each scent.

Seeing all six fragrances lined up on your dressing table creates a hypnotic rainbow of colours that bounces the light to create the most mesmerising prismatic effect that can guide you through your day.  

Magic Energy fragrance bottle still life

Charlotte's Design Inspirations

18th Century Glassware and Architecture: I have always loved 18th Century design from alchemy to architecture. I was inspired by potion and perfume bottles to create ornate bottles with spire-like lids that look instantly spellbinding.

The Great Pyramids: Ancient Egypt is endlessly fascinating to me; I drew inspiration from The Great Pyramids to give each bottle a pointed tip that’s said to act as an energy conductor that connects the earthly to the divine.

Colour Theory: Colour is a psychology, darlings… It’s the key to communication and manifestation! My father, Lance Tilbury, was an incredible artist and introduced me to the world of colour theory. I became a colour expert, using makeup as my medium to lift and enhance people’s features, but also their mood. I have matched each of my fragrances to a magical, mood-reviving colour to match my prismatic perfume collection.

Symbolism: A picture holds a thousand words - it can instantly convey a message or a feeling! Symbols have been used since the Stone Age as an ancient communication tool, and I’ve given each of my fragrances a bespoke symbol that helps transport you to your chosen fragrance realm.

Crystals and Gems: Crystals are associated with good intentions and miracle results. They radiate pure, positive, glowing energy that’s a perfect energy match for my fragrance collection.

Numerology: I worked with an expert numerologist to match the feelings of each fragrance to their magic number. Numbers are believed to represent unique energies and powers, and so I decided to inscribe each scene with a number that matches its emotional frequency.

The colour, symbol, and number of each bottle all work in harmony with their associated fragrance to create immersive, multisensory magic!

Darlings, scent has the power to unlock emotions! Everyone can manifest their dreams through fragrance – one spritz can set your intent and transport you to a whole new world! The last magic ingredient is you!

*Tested on 104 people over 1 week

**Tested on 105 people over 1 week

***Tested on 102 people over 1 week

****Available for purchases made on, while stocks last.

IFF SCENTCUBE™ is a trademark of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

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