How To Cover Spots With Makeup

Read this step-by-step guide to find out how to cover spots with makeup, for a flawless-looking second-skin finish with Charlotte's new complexion heroes.

Spots, or acne, happens. Blemishes are a fact of life, but they should never rule our lives! With the right skincare and beauty products, you can cover spots with makeup without your complexion feeling heavy or caked on. Charlotte’s NEW! Magic Away concealer is designed to give a second-skin feeling, so you can cover spots and acne without a mask-like effect.


  1. charlotte's magic cream

    Step 1:

    The first step to any makeup routine is a good skincare routine to help create a beautiful base. Apply Charlotte’s Magic Cream, massaging in to your face and neck to help create a glowing complexion.

  2. magic eye rescue

    Step 2:

    Use Magic Eye Rescue eye cream around your under-eyes and up around your brow bone. Tap in to help your eye cream absorb.

  3. hollywood complexion brush

    Step 3:

    Apply your chosen foundation. For lighter coverage, apply Light Wonder foundation, or if you prefer a full coverage, apply Magic Foundation. Use the Hollywood Complexion Brush to buff into your skin.

  4. magic away concealer

    Step 4:

    Using the Magic Away concealer, apply to any areas of redness or discoloration and tap in to blend. Dot the concealer on top of any spots you may have. It’s always better to apply your concealer after foundation, as you may not need as much coverage as you thought. Tap in with your finger, this will help the concealer blend seamlessly as it melts slightly under the warmth of your fingertips.

  5. Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder

    Step 5:

    Set your makeup using Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder. Apply to your t-zone and lightly over any blemishes using the Powder & Sculpt Brush, to help your concealer stay in place.