How To Make Perfume Last Longer + The Long-Lasting Fragrances You Need To Try

Discover easy tips and tricks on how to make perfume last longer and get a glimpse into the long-lasting perfumes from my Fragrance Collection of Emotions.

Darlings, knowing how to make perfume last longer is the secret to feeling fragrant and flawless, all day long! Spraying on a delectable fragrance can instantly lift your mood and transform your day, but many perfumes fade away and disappear too soon.

When I was creating my first ever Fragrance Collection of Emotions, I ensured each of my eau de parfums have an 18-hour scent trail that makes an impression from dusk ‘til dawn and beyond! Discover my best long-lasting fragrances for everyone, everywhere, and learn my tips and tricks for making perfume last longer.

How To Make Perfume Last Longer

Why does my fragrance fade so quickly?

Darlings, there could be a number of reasons why your fragrance isn’t lasting on your skin. Discover 4 main factors that can cause your fragrance to fade:

  1. The woody fragrance note ingredients in Charlotte's Love Frequency perfume

    1. The strength of your fragrance

    Naturally, if you are spraying on a light, airy scent like a body mist or an eau de toilette, it won’t have the same longevity as a stronger fragrance. Also, some fragrance notes are stronger than others; fresh, citrus, and floral notes often fade quicker than strong woody, spicy, and musky notes which can lead to them not lasting as long on the skin.

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  2. The vanilla bean extract fragrance note ingredient in Charlotte's Joyphoria perfume

    2. The quality of the ingredients

    Fragrances with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients are more potent and tend to last longer on the skin.  Perfumery is an art, darlings! When you choose a fragrance that hasn’t been expertly handled by master perfumers, it’s likely to feature lower-quality ingredients and may not be blended with the olfactory expertise necessary to last on the skin.

  3. How To Apply Fragrance model shot

    3. Application method

    Knowing how to apply fragrance correctly is a cornerstone of making your perfume last all day, darlings. If you don’t apply fragrance to the correct areas, this can impact its staying power and lead to your scent fading much faster.

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  4. Close up of Charlotte's Magic Body Cream hydrating body moisturiser being applied to a model's arm

    4.  Skin dryness and dehydration

    When skin feels dry or dehydrated, this can affect the dry down of your fragrance. Hydrated skin gives your fragrance a cushiony, nourished canvas to settle onto, whereas dry and dehydrated skin feels rough and lacks moisture which can disrupt your fragrance and lessen its longevity.

    Discover the differences between dry vs dehydrated skin

12 Tips and Tricks on How To Make Perfume Last Longer

1. Apply perfume onto bare skin

Fragrance interacts best with the warmth of your skin, so always apply onto bare skin to maximise your perfume’s lasting power. Your body naturally emanates heat which helps to amplify your fragrance, improving its scent throw and helping it to last longer on the skin.

2. Spray perfume onto each of your pulse points

Pulse points are the areas on your body where you can feel your arterial pulse. Your pulse points are the perfect places to apply fragrance because they are some of the warmest parts of your body. Applying fragrance to your pulse points helps to intensify its scent, as well as boosting its longevity. Spray perfume onto each of your pulse points – the nape of your neck, your wrists, your ears, the inside of your elbows, and the backs of your knees – and your fragrance will last longer.

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3. Apply a hydrating base onto skin

A hydrated base is always best, darlings. Fragrance can be dulled when sprayed onto dry and dehydrated skin, so I always like to massage Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream into my pulse points before I apply perfume. My hydrating body cream is perfect for prepping skin for fragrance; it smooths and nourishes the look of skin and creates a plush-feeling canvas for your perfume to settle onto, helping it to dry down more effectively and last even longer.

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4. Avoid dry heat and low humidity

Fragrance wears best on hydrated, nourished skin, so it’s important to avoid environmental factors like dry heat, low humidity, harsh winds, and intense sunlight that can sap the skin of its moisture. Exposing your fragrance to these conditions can cause it to evaporate much quicker and lose its lasting power, so it’s best to avoid them when possible and to carry a travel-sized fragrance for top ups.

5. Let your perfume fully dry down

The dry down of your fragrance refers to the way your scent evolves as it dries. On initial application, a perfume’s top notes are the most prevalent, and then over time, it transitions through its heart notes and base notes. Actions like rubbing your wrists together or not allowing time for your fragrance to dry before you get dressed can disturb its dry down, and as a result, can alter its scent and decrease its longevity. Allow your fragrance to dry down fully and you will get the truest, most long-lasting wear.

6. Add an extra spray or two

The more fragrance you apply, darlings, the stronger your scent will become and the longer it will last. As a rule, I like to apply 4-6 sprays of fragrance to my pulse points, then a couple of sprays onto my clothes to create a magic aura. If you want your fragrance to last longer and smell stronger, I recommend being liberal with your fragrance to build up its intensity.

7. Spray fragrance onto your clothes, hair, and accessories

While it’s important to apply fragrance to bare skin, you can also spray your perfume onto your clothes, hair, and accessories to veil yourself in a mystical, magical aroma that lasts. Once your fragrance settles onto your skin, spray perfume onto your jacket, scarf, and hairbrush to add extra accoutrements to your scent profile.

8. Look at the base notes of your fragrance

Each fragrance is made with a harmonious blend of top, heart, and base notes to create the scent that you love. Top and heart notes are generally lighter and ephemeral in nature, with the true longevity of a fragrance coming down to its base notes. Base notes are deeper, more dominant notes like woods, musks, and spices that are used to ground a scent, lingering on skin long after the top and heart notes of your fragrance have dissipated. If you’re looking for a long-lasting scent, darlings, choose a fragrance with rich, robust base notes like patchouli, amber woods, and white musks that provide intensity and longevity.

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9. Choose a long-lasting fragrance

Darlings, choose a long-lasting fragrance and you won’t have to worry about it disappearing  too quickly! Not all fragrances are created equally, darlings… The six invisible superpowers from my Fragrance Collection of Emotions are backed by science and the expertise of master perfumers. Each scent features an inspired palette of raw natural materials, raw synthetic materials and accords, coming together to create unique, transportive fragrance worlds! When you spray on one of my emotion-enhancing fragrances, they leave an 18-hour scent trail that takes you on a magical scent journey… Just spray the magic way for all-day scent longevity!

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10. Reach for an eau de parfum

Different types of fragrance have varied intensities and the fragrance type you choose will be reflected in its longevity. Lighter fragrances like body mists and scented body lotions have a much shorter lasting time than eau de toilettes or eau de parfums. For a long-lasting fragrance application, I recommend reaching for an eau de parfum like the magical scents from my Fragrance Collection of Emotions because they have a higher concentration of fragrance which ensures each scent lasts longer.

Learn more about eau de toilette vs parfum

11. Layer different perfumes

To create a custom scent with a long wear time, try layering different perfumes on your skin. Choosing scents with complementary fragrance notes is a beautiful, expressive way to concoct a unique fragrance profile while boosting your scent’s longevity. Try pairing your favourite body mist with an eau de parfum to help it last longer, or experiment with layering your eau de parfums to create a glorious scent world of long-lasting fragrance notes.

Discover how to layer fragrances

12. Store perfume in a cool, dark place

The ingredients in fragrance can be delicate, so it’s important to store your perfume in optimal conditions to avoid disturbing the carefully balanced blend. Conditions like harsh sunlight and warm, humid temperatures can alter the ingredients in your fragrance so it’s not a good idea to store fragrance bottles by a window or in your bathroom. Find a cool, dark place to store your fragrances such as a beauty drawer or cabinet and your fragrance will last longer.

Discover the 6 Long-Lasting Fragrances from my Fragrance Collection of Emotions

Darlings, all six of my long-lasting fragrances have an atmospheric 18-hour scent trail! Over time, my scent stories unfold to reveal the nuanced notes that make up each of my emotion-enhancing fragrances, ensuring they feel intoxicating from the moment you apply until the end of the night. Discover my first ever Fragrance Collection of Emotions, then spray on a feeling that lasts and lasts!

Long-Lasting Perfumes

Love Frequency fragrance packshot for blog

Love Frequency 100ml


Lasts for: Up to 18 hours

Fragrance Family: Floral Woody

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: hypnotic Rose Essential and alluring Cashmeran 

Top Notes: addictive Pink Pepper 

Heart Notes: sultry Saffron, romantic Rose Ultimate Extract, hypnotic Rose Essential 

Base Notes: sensual Musk, alluring Cashmeran, captivating Ambery Woods, intoxicating Patchouli Heart 

84% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of love!*

Shop Love Frequency

What’s the secret to long-lasting love, darlings? Love Frequency is my most romantic fragrance, casting a spell on your admirer with fluttering notes of Pink Pepper, Rose, and Saffron. It’s a spellbinding floral scent with a stoic, woody base of Ambery Woods, Patchouli, and Cashmeran that acts as a long-lasting love foundation for soft, heart-warming florals.

Discover more about Love Frequency

More Sex fragrance packshot for blog

More Sex 100ml


Lasts for: Up to 18 hours

Fragrance Family: Musk Leather

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: sensual Sandalwood Oil Caledonia, seductive Sexual Accord, addictive Leather Accord and velvety Musk

Top Notes: bold Black Pepper Oil, magnetic Juniper Berry Oil 

Heart Notes: seductive Sexual Accord (Ambroxan, Sexual Musk, Aldron), addictive Leather Accord 

Base Notes: velvety Musk, caressing Ambery Wood, sensual Sandalwood Oil Caledonia 

84% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of seduction*

Shop More Sex

The magic of More Sex is its musky, leathery allure. Intoxicating fragrance notes like Ambroxan, Musk, and Leather Accord work together to create the smokey, atmospheric feel of a candlelit boudoir. It lasts on skin like a lingering touch, caressing the senses with magical, mood-setting notes of Sandwalwood, Black Pepper Oil, and Ambery Woods that are long-wearing and impossible to forget.

Discover more about More Sex

Joyphoria fragrance packshot for blog

Joyphoria 100ml


Lasts for: Up to 18 hours

Fragrance Family: Warm Floral

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: radiant Ylang Ylang and enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract

Top Notes: joyful Petitgrain Oil, euphoric Coconut Water Accord, uplifting Neroli Oil

Heart Notes: intoxicating Tuberose Absolut, warm Jasmine Sambac, radiant Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract, velvety Cashmere Wood, powdery Musks

91% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of happiness**

Shop Joyphoria

Joyphoria is like sunshine, bottled! I paired sparkling fragrance notes like Coconut Water Accord, Vanilla Bean Extract, and Neroli Oil to create a warm, radiant scent that feels like spraying on pure happiness! Heart notes of Tuberose Absolute, Jasmine Sambac, and Ylang Ylang are like a rolling meadow of free-spirited florals, and base notes of Cashmere Wood and Musk ensure that Joyphoria lasts from sunrise to sunset.

Discover more about Joyphoria

Calm Bliss fragrance packshot for blog

Calm Bliss 100ml


Lasts for: Up to 18 hours

Fragrance Family: Aquatic Floral

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: sweet Neroli Oil and refreshing Watery Accord

Top Notes: fresh Bergamot Oil, sweet Neroli Oil, relaxing Lavandin Oil

Heart Notes: soothing Orange Flower Absolut, refreshing Watery Accord

Base Notes: warm Tonka Bean Accord, pure White Musks, peaceful Orris Concrete

93% agree they felt calmer**

Shop Calm Bliss

Calm Bliss begins with a wash of Neroli Oil, Bergamot Oil, and Lavandin Oil, bathing the senses in an uplifting blend of citrus and florals. It delves deeper into Orange Flower Absolut and a Watery Accord to establish an ambient, aquatic aura. Finally, it submerges into the depths of Tonka Bean, White Musk, and Orris Concrete, creating an 18-hour scent trail that captures the mystique of a silent oasis.

Discover more about Calm Bliss

Magic Energy fragrance packshot for blog

Magic Energy 100ml


Lasts for: Up to 18 hours

Fragrance Family: Citrus Woody

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: reawakening Bergamot Oil, calming Cypress Ultimate and spiritual Palo Santo Accord

Top Notes: reawakening Bergamot Oil, earthy Myrtle Oil

Heart Notes: sophisticated Cypress Ultimate, sweet Jasmine Sambac, refreshing Seaweed Absolut

Base Notes: Cashmere Wood, spiritual Palo Santo Accord, Ambergris Accord, Olibanum Resinoid

98% agree the fragrance enhances your energy***

Shop Magic Energy

A rush of Magic Energy feels instantly energising while creating an 18-hour scent trail of ethereal, earthy depth. Woody notes are some of the longest lasting fragrance notes, and Magic Energy blends Cypress Ultimate, Cashmere Wood, Palo Santo Accord, and Olibanum Resinoid to create a bold, woody character that transports you to the heart of Mother Nature’s hidden forest.

Discover more about Magic Energy

Cosmic Power fragrance packshot for blog

Cosmic Power 100ml


Lasts for: Up to 18 hours

Fragrance Family: Ambery Spicy

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: bold Black Pepper Oil, divine Cinnamon Bark Oil, captivating Clove Oil, mystical Amber Accord and enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract 

Top Notes: bold Black Pepper Oil, divine Cinnamon Bark Oil, uplifting Bergamot Oil, fresh Woody Elemi Oil

Heart Notes: opulent Rose Ultimate, empowering Frankincense Accord 

Base Notes: mystical Amber Accord, enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract, powdery Musks

89% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of empowerment***

Shop Cosmic Power

Step into your Cosmic Power, darlings! This ambery, spicy fragrance is a warm, long-lasting scent that orbits through a star shower of Black Pepper Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Bergamot Oil, and Woody Elemi Oil into a galaxy of Rose Ultimate and Frankincense Accord. Base notes of Amber Accord, Vanilla Bean Extract, and powdery Musks create an out-of-this-world, sweet and spicy aroma that empowers Cosmic Power to last all day long.

Discover more about Cosmic Power

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