The Best Fresh Perfumes from Charlotte's Fragrance Collection

Freshen up your fragrance line-up with the best fresh perfumes from my Fragrance Collection of Emotions.

Darlings, are you ready for a fresh start? A fresh perfume can transform the way you feel! There’s something so uplifting and magical about fresh fragrances – they make me feel instantly brighter and more motivated! Discover the best fresh perfumes from my First Ever Fragrance Collection of Emotions and spray on SERENITY, HAPPINESS, and ENERGY!

Fresh Perfume ingredients

What are Fresh Fragrances?

Fresh fragrances are light, enigmatic scents that captivate the senses with bright, refreshing fragrance notes. Zesty citrus, earthy greens, and aquatic notes are all commonplace in fresh fragrances. Fruity notes like lemon or bergamot provide an invigorating zing, while earthy and aquatic notes like pine woods, coconut water accord, and seaweed absolut create an atmospheric, out-in-nature feel.

Fresh Perfumes

Reach for a fresh fragrance as a perfume pick-me-up! Spray them on in the daytime to set a fresh intention for the day or apply in the evening to refresh and renew your magic aura!

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Discover My Best Fresh Perfumes

Calm Bliss fragrance packshot for blog

Calm Bliss 100ml


Fragrance Family: Aquatic Floral

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: sweet Neroli Oil and refreshing Watery Accord

Top Notes: fresh Bergamot Oil, sweet Neroli Oil, relaxing Lavandin Oil

Heart Notes: soothing Orange Flower Absolut, refreshing Watery Accord

Base Notes: warm Tonka Bean Accord, pure White Musks, peaceful Orris Concrete

93% agree they felt calmer*

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Fresh perfumes like Calm Bliss often take influence from Mother Earth, capturing the refreshing, revitalising feeling you get from being in nature. I wanted Calm Bliss to feel like you are being transported to a secret oasis, using fresh fragrance notes like Bergamot, Neroli, and a Watery Accord to paint a picture of calming waters bathed in sunlight. Spraying on Calm Bliss feels like submerging yourself into a mystical pool where orange blossoms float elegantly and undisturbed.

The Emotion-Boosting Molecules in Calm Bliss are sweet Neroli Oil and refreshing Watery Accord, creating a fresh character that combines the zing of citrus with a deep, aquatic aroma. These notes are proven to enhance feelings of serenity.

Discover more about Calm Bliss

Magic Energy fragrance packshot for blog

Magic Energy 100ml


Fragrance Family: Citrus Woody

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: reawakening Bergamot Oil, calming Cypress Ultimate and spiritual Palo Santo Accord

Top Notes: reawakening Bergamot Oil, earthy Myrtle Oil

Heart Notes: sophisticated Cypress Ultimate, sweet Jasmine Sambac, refreshing Seaweed Absolut

Base Notes: Cashmere Wood, spiritual Palo Santo Accord, Ambergris Accord, Olibanum Resinoid

98% agree the fragrance enhances your energy***

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I was inspired by Mother Nature when creating Magic Energy, calling on the magic of earthy aromas like Myrtle Oil, Palo Santo, and Seaweed Absolut to create a fresh perfume that feels connected to nature. Magic Energy is a refreshing blend of citrus notes like Bergamot Oil and rustic woods like Cashmere Wood, Cypress Ultimate, and Olibanum Resinoid, unlocking a unique energy that transports you deep into a hidden forest where the energy is electric.

Magic Energy features Emotion-Boosting Molecules: reawakening Bergamot Oil, calming Cypress Ultimate and spiritual Palo Santo Accord. These notes are proven to boost feelings of energy, interacting to create a fresh, earthy scent profile.

Discover more about Magic Energy

Joyphoria fragrance packshot for blog

Joyphoria 100ml


Fragrance Family: Warm Floral

Emotion-Boosting Molecules: radiant Ylang Ylang and enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract

Top Notes: joyful Petitgrain Oil, euphoric Coconut Water Accord, uplifting Neroli Oil

Heart Notes: intoxicating Tuberose Absolut, warm Jasmine Sambac, radiant Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract, velvety Cashmere Wood, powdery Musks

91% agree the fragrance enhances feelings of happiness*

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Joyphoria captures a warm, fresh feeling of wandering through floral meadows and beautiful botanical gardens. A bouquet of Tuberose Absolut, Jasmine Sambac, and Ylang Ylang pairs blissfully with Vanilla Bean Extract, Cashmere Wood, and powdery Musks to create a fresh scent that feels warm and inviting. Top notes of Neroli Oil and Coconut Water Accord offer a sparkling, tropical aspect, giving Joyphoria a fresh and fragrant opening that feels simply joyous!

Discover the Emotion-Boosting Molecules in Joyphoria: radiant Ylang Ylang and enchanting Vanilla Bean Extract. These sparkling notes are proven to boost feelings of happiness, helping to bolster Joyphoria’s euphoric, meadow-fresh aroma.

Discover more about Joyphoria

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