Men’s Skincare Routine – Easy Skin Secrets

Discover Charlotte’s quick and easy men’s skincare routine to keep your complexion feeling hydrated and fresh all year round using our grooming essentials.

Unlock the secret to MAGIC SKIN with Charlotte's guide to skincare for men, and easy men's skincare routine.

Charlotte's RESEARCH-POWERED skincare is for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, and while some men may not be confident trying or using new products, Charlotte has easy-to-use skincare products that everyone can benefit from, whether you're a skincare newbie or MAGIC skincare superstar!



No matter your gender, everyone deserves to have MAGIC SKIN and experience the results of Charlotte's skincare collection!

But why should men have a skincare routine? The answer is the same as to why anyone needs a skincare routine; your skin is the largest organ of your body, and so it deserves regular care!

Many things can affect the appearance of your skin; from daily exposure to the external aggressors like humidity or cold conditions, pollution, UV rays and more, to your diet and lifestyle. At the start and end of every day, it's important to apply products like cleansers, serums and moisturisers to keep your skin looking plump, smooth, moisturised and youthful!

Also, if you're someone that regularly shaves your face, your skin may experience dryness, a stinging sensation or 'razor burn'. This is not only uncomfortable, but can be very bad for your skin health. After shaving, your skin will need some T.L.C. to hydrate, soften and smooth the look and feel of it.


For a fuss free skincare routine for men, discover how to cleanse, hydrate and moisturise your skin with simple steps to keep your complexion feeling hydrated and fresh all year round using Goddess Cleansing Ritual, Charlotte's Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, Magic Eye Rescue and Magic Cream Light...

  1. Two facial cleansers, one in lemon-yellow packaging and the other in charcoal-black, with rose-gold coloured lids.

    Step 1: Goddess Cleansing Ritual

    Start your routine with the Goddess Cleansing Ritual and massage the Magic Citrus Oil cleanser into dry skin in circular movements. Remove the cleanser with a damp muslin cloth.

    Follow with the Magic Charcoal cleanser and apply it evenly across the face. Remove the cleanser with a damp muslin cloth to reveal fresh and clean skin.

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  2. An open luminous, ivory-coloured serum in an opened glass bottle with its dropper beside it.

    Step 2: Charlotte's Magic Serum Crystal Elixir

    Next, apply a few drops of Charlotte's Magic Serum Crystal Elixir onto your skin. This hydrating face serum is enriched with research-powered ingredients like Golden Vitamin C to help brighten, Polyglutamic Acid to intensely hydrate, and REPLEXIUM™ to target wrinkles for a youthful looking complexion.

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    What is serum? Discover everything you need to know about serum here

  3. An open, light champagne-coloured eye cream in a glass pot with its rose-gold-coloured lid next to it.

    Step 3: Magic Eye Rescue

    The skin underneath and around your eye area is thinner and more delicatte, and so needs extra attention to keep it hydrated and looking looking bright and smooth. Apply the award-winning Magic Eye Rescue eye cream underneath your eyes and up onto your brow bone to moisturize, revitalize and brighten the appearance of your eyes. This formula is enriched with ingredients like Time Released Retinol and Botanical Eye Contour Complex which help to reduce the look of fine lines and dark circles!

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    Discover more about eye cream and its benefits

  4. Charlotte's Magic Cream Light lightweight moisturizer packshot

    Step 4: Charlotte's Magic Cream Light

    Finally, moisturize your skin with Charlotte’s Magic Cream Light, a lightweight moisturiser that provides instant hydration, plus protection from blue light and pollution. Apply the moisturizer to the entire face by working the fingers out over the face and finish with the ‘Tilbury Tap’ – pitter-patter movements across the face.

    Tilbury Tip: For an extra boost of hydration, use the original Charlotte's Magic Cream moisturizer here, which has a luxurious, richer texture.

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If you want to spend a little extra time on your skin, or you have specific skin concerns you'd like to tackle, discover more men's skincare and grooming essentials below to build your routine for hydrated, glowing, brighter and youthful looking skin!


Exfoliating is a must-do skincare step foreveryone, especially those who want softer, smoother feeling skin! Charlotte's acid exfoliator, Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial, uses the power of gentle-yet-effective hydroxy acids, EXFOLACTIVE™ and a blend of hydrating ingredients to reveal skin that looks and feels smoother, softer and radiant!

HOW TO USE: Apply a thin layer onto your face, avoiding your eye area once a week after cleansing and before serum.


Charlotte's Magic Lip Scrub and Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir are the perfect lip care duo for EVERYONE! These 2 products are your LIP SAVIOURS to help exfoliate, smooth and hydrate your lips every day!

HOW TO USE: Apply your lip care at the end of your skincare routine. Begin with Charlotte's Magic Lip Scrub, massaging over dry lips in small, swirling, circular motions, allowing the natural sugar crystals to buff away dead skin cells. Then, roll on Charlotte's Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir to hydrate, plump and smooth the look of your lips!

4x3 lip scrub still life

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