How To Visibly Firm & Tighten the Skin on Your Body

Discover how to firm, tone and tighten the look and feel of skin using my new firming body cream, Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream.

Darlings, moisturizing your body with a high-performance body cream is the key to firmer-feeling skin! I created NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream to hydrate and nourish the body, enriching it with lifting and firming-effect ingredients that help to FIRM, TONE and TIGHTEN the LOOK and FEEL of skin.

Discover the magic of my NEW! firming-effect body cream innovation and learn my ultimate beauty secrets for how to visibly tighten the skin on your body with this magical moisturizer.

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How To Get Firmer-Feeling Skin

Darlings, the skin on our bodies can start to lose its firmness as we get older, so the key to maintaining firmer-feeling skin is to follow a body care ritual that helps to tone and tighten the look and feel of skin. As the body naturally starts to produce less collagen – a superpowered protein that helps skin to feel youthful and elastic – skin can begin to feel loose and show signs of sagging.

I created NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream as a hydrating, firming-effect body cream that improves the look and feel of your skin every time you wear it! It SMOOTHS and TONES the LOOK and FEEL of skin, helping the contours of the body to APPEAR LIFTED and RESHAPED. The research-powered cream nourishes the body with supercharged, body-targeting ingredients, giving it an IMMEDIATE SKIN REVIVAL while helping to increase the look of skin’s firmness over time!

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Toning & Tightening-Effect Ingredients in my NEW! Firming Body Cream

When I was developing this firming body cream, I looked to the ingredients in my GLOBALLY LOVED Charlotte’s Magic Cream face moisturizer as my guiding light. Calling on hydrating hyaluronic acid, soothing aloe vera, brightening vitamin C and nourishing shea butter to name a few, I set out to create a rich, instant-turnaround cream that would unlock MAGIC SKIN FOR EVERY BODY!

Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream pairs the powers of the Magic 8 matrix with essential body-targeting ingredients Algaktiv™ Uplift Technology and an energizing caffeine complex to offer deep hydration and instant glow as well as firming, toning and tightening effects for the entire body!

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Magic Firming Ingredients

Algaktiv™ Uplift Technology: Clinically proven to FIRM, TIGHTEN and LIFT the LOOK and FEEL of skin, helping it to APPEAR SMOOTHER and more TONED.

Energizing Caffeine Complex: Visibly TIGHTENS, BRIGHTENS and ENERGIZES the skin on your body, helping it to appear smoother and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Fabulous Firming Results

  • 97% agree skin looks and feels firmer**
  • 95% agree skin looks and feels toned**
  • 96% agree the product instantly lifts and reshapes the appearance of body contours**
  • 95% agree skin looks and feels lifted**

Darlings, seeing is believing! My incredible firming body cream gives the skin IMMEDIATE RESULTS while helping to LIFT, FIRM and TONE the LOOK and FEEL of skin over time!

How To Visibly Tighten Skin on the Body with Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream

To get firmer-looking skin instantly and over time, massage Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream into your body day and night for best results. To apply, discover my Magic Massage technique to help stimulate the skin while enveloping it in nourishing, moisture-rich body cream.

Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream is an INSTANT-TURNAROUND, FIRMING-EFFECT body cream, helping skin to look lifted and contoured after every use. When used consistently, skin can look and feel up to 40% FIRMER in just 8 WEEKS!*

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