The History and Benefits of Beauty Oils

Discover the history and benefits of beauty oils, and Charlotte’s oils for your lips and skin that you need in your routine!

The History of Beauty Oils

Beauty oils have been around for centuries to target dry or stressed skin and enhance the appearance of radiance and glow. Civilizations as far back as Ancient Egypt used plant-based oils for a variety of aesthetic purposes in their beauty routines..

The original “Beauty Queen” Cleopatra was known for adding drops of floral oils like rose and neroli, alongside almond, sesame and olive oils, to her milk baths for enhanced softness and overall wellbeing. Additionally, the Romans were known to use essential oils when bathing and massaging, covering their bodies in divine fragrances to signify social status.

The Benefits of Oils for Your Skin

Fast forward to present day, and scientific research has been able to provide more insight into the benefits of beauty oils on a molecular level. With advanced technology, skincare scientists have been able to look at the structure of individual oils—typically extracted from the seeds of plants—to determine exactly what they’re made of, and how these components aid in rejuvenating skin.

Some of the most extraordinary oils and their benefits include Avocado Oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E to nourish and moisturize; Olive Oil, which contains vitamins A, D, K and E, plus fatty acids to make the skin feel soft and silky; Babassu Oil, which is high in moisturizing properties; Raspberry Seed Oil, which is enriched with Omegas 3 & 6 to help improve the appearance of stressed or dry skin, Blueberry Seed Oil, which is abundant in Omegas 3, 6 & 9 and Pro-Vitamin A to help support skin barrier function; and Evening Primrose Oil, which is rich in gamma-linoleic acid for intensive moisturizing.

Usually formulated as a blend of multiple oils which work in harmony to maximize nourishment and the look of luminosity, beauty oils also offer thicker, richer texture, which means they’re excellent at locking in moisture, boosting hydration in the skin. This makes facial oils an amazing final step to any skincare routine.

Charlotte's Beauty Oils for Glowing Skin + Luscious Lips

From Cleopatra, the original oil-loving ‘Beauty Queen’, to Charlotte, the Queen of GLOWING SKIN, beauty oils are adored by many and recognized as a must-have, miracle step in your skincare routines! Discover Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty oils for your face and lips, below…


Charlotte’s NEW! innovation Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil is your superpower for luminous, healthier- looking skin! A skin-nourishing, high-performance face oil, it nourishes, moisturizes, smooths, evens and hydrates the look of skin! There's exceptional glow in every drop!

Alongside the vitamin-rich blend of superfood seed oils in the formula, this miracle facial oil is enriched with a next-generation collagen matrix, the Collageneer® Molecule - extracted from the Sweet White Lupine Seed coatings - helps moisturize for a firmer and more elastic feel. This calming elixir also features an expertly calibrated blend of calming essential oils, Lavender, Rose Absolute, Damask Rose, Neroli and Eucalyptus, which are known to provide soothing, relaxing and balancing benefits.

To use Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil, simply massage a few drops into clean skin morning and evening after your moisturizer – Charlotte’s Magic Cream or Magic Cream Light by day, and Magic Night Cream by night - for a glowing radiance you can see, feel and believe. Or you can mix a few drops into your moisturizer before applying for a boost of hydration and glow!

Facial Oil - 30ml Closed Packshot



The skin on your lips tends to be thinner and more delicate, making it a perfect candidate for a expertly formulated, caring lip oil!

Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir is enriched with ground-breaking, potent ingredients to hydrate, smooth and enhance the look of your lips, including the high-tech Swertian Leaf Extract to reduce the appearance of lip lines, potent Plant Adaptogen Extracts like Resurrection Leaf to lock in moisture, Sqisandryl for plumper-looking lips and Hyaluronic Acid to instantly hydrate! This lip conditioner and mask boosts the appearance of lip volume and leaves lips feeling kissably soft, smooth and conditioned.

Simply squeeze the tube so the oil flows into the crystal roller ball and then release before applying to your lips for the ultimate shine and gloss. Nourishing and caring, this lip oil melts into the lips, improving the appearance of the lip texture!

Collageneer™ is a trademark of Laboratoires Expanscience™ Sqisandryl™ is a trademark of BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS.

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