4 Need To Know Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Check our 4 most important makeup tips for glasses wearers, so you can still rock a flawless makeup look even with frames!

Glasses wearers among us, rejoice! We know the feeling when you pull off a flawless makeup look then you have to cover your peepers with frames. But don’t abandon your beloved eye makeup, embrace these tips that will make your eyes pop with your frames!


This should be number one rule in any makeup routine for a wide-eyed look, but it’s extra important when you wear glasses! Curling your lashes not only opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake, but when you wear glasses it stops them hitting the lens, especially if you are blessed with long lashes. Clamp your lashes with an eyelash curler before popping on your mascara to keep fluttering all day & night!

eyelash curler -

rich violet for green eyes, or silver black glitter for blue eyes


If you’re worried about your eye makeup getting lost behind your frames, enhancing your eye color can make your peepers pop! This is easy to do with a sweep of a complementing eyeshadow. Try a rich violet for green eyes, or silver black glitter for blue eyes. By enhancing your eye color even more, your frames won’t take away any attention!


We’ve all been there, in the summer when it’s hot, your frames can slip down your nose, which isn’t ideal, especially if your hands are full! Avoid this by applying a little finishing powder down your t-zone to stop any excess slipping, so your frames will stay in place and keep your makeup looking flawless.

airbrush flawless finish

eyes to mesmerise champagne


Enhancing your eyes is all about making sure the light reflects and shows them in their most flattering light. Take this one step further by going for a brightening shade, highlighting them instead of creating shadows which can get lost behind glasses frames. Apply a light highlighting shade under your brow bone and in the centre of your eyelid to brighten & shine.

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