What is Hyaluronic Acid + Should I Use It?

Find out what hyaluronic acid is used for and why we use it in our skincare with our helpful guide to give you a gorgeous glowing complexion.

If you love your skincare, you will have heard about the magic molecules and skincare treatments that are a must-have in every makeup bag. Now with all the science-infused skincare routines popping up, it can be confusing to know exactly what you’re buying and what it’s used for. We are breaking down the ever-popular Hyaluronic Acid, finding out what it is, what it’s used for and why we use it in skincare. So you can ‘add to bag’ with confidence!

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is a polysaccharide, which means it’s a large sugar molecule, that is found naturally in our bodies. 50% of this sugar molecule is found within our skin tissues, and helps to cushion and lubricate it, which keeps our skin soft and supple.

Our ability to produce Hyaluronic Acid decreases when we age, which goes some way to explaining why we develop wrinkles, fine lines and dryness on the skin. It also explains why babies have such smooth skin!

So we think it is important to help restore our skin along the way, by including this fabulous molecule in some of our award-winning beauty and skincare.

Why Do We Use Hyaluronic Acid In Our Products?

Hyaluronic Acid is a clever molecule, as it can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water! That’s a lot of moisture. When skin becomes dehydrated, especially in harsh weather conditions, it can appear dull and lackluster, so Hyaluronic Acid acts like a sponge, holding in all that moisture so you can have glowing skin all year round. These properties make this molecule a must-have in your skincare routine, as it can plump and firm your skin at the same time for a youthful complexion.

With the extra hydration, it also helps to even out dry patches on the skin and soften fine lines, which can help you apply makeup to a smoother surface. At Charlotte Tilbury, we believe that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin, so all our makeup and skincare is designed to TREAT and TRANSFORM! Charlotte has always sourced the most beneficial ingredients that will help you achieve a gorgeous canvas for your makeup.

So, because of its hydration properties, Hyaluronic Acid can help to:

Reduce wrinkles

Firm your skin

Even out dry patches

Act as an anti-ageing molecule

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What Is The Best Type Of Hyaluronic Acid To Use?

Hyaluronic Acid can appear under different names, namely sodium hyaluronate, which is a salt-form of the molecule. Both sugar and salt types are used in skincare, but sodium hyaluronate has a much lower molecule size. This helps it to penetrate skin better, and help to draw the moisture to the top level of your skin.

This is why dermal fillers contain Hyaluronic Acid as it can get deeper into the dermis than a serum or cream. However, applied topically you can still reap many skin rewards, including smoothing over your fine lines and hydrating your skin for hours.

Which Charlotte Tilbury Products Have Hyaluronic Acid In?

Charlotte’s Magic Cream is the long-coveted moisturizer, which 100% of users* agreed instantly transformed their dull, tired skin!

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Brightening Youth Glow is the glow-boosting, anti-ageing & color-correcting face primer that helps to even skin tone and add radiance to your complexion.

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Makeup benefits from Hyaluronic Acid, as seen in Charlotte’s Magic Foundation, the full-coverage option for a gorgeous demi-matte finish to your skin.

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The youth-boosting original Wonderglow face primer helps to create an effortlessly dewy look so you can wear it with or without foundation.


Cheat your dream body without the workout with the Supermodel Body hydrating body shimmer to keep your skin glowing, firm, smooth & supple all year round.

*Tested on 103 women, aged 35-65, over a 4 week period.

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