Skincare Essentials For Dry Skin

Read our guide for skincare essentials for dry skin so you can discover the best skincare routine before applying your makeup.

Sometimes our skin can play tricks on us. We always assume that summer equals oilier skin, but for those that suffer with dry skin, this isn’t always the case. By taking care of your dry skin, you can be left with a smoother surface to apply your makeup. This is where skincare is essential to your routine. To help you wake up with the best looking skin of your life, we have gathered our skincare essentials for dry skin.

magic cream

magic night cream


When you have dry skin, you need skincare that is going to nourish and the Magic Night Cream does just this. The super luxurious formula feels like a blanket for your skin, and will work hard during the night to deliver softer-looking skin. This makes Magic Night Cream one of the top skincare essentials for dry skin, as we all know how our skin repairs as we sleep – the night cream helps along the process!


We all love multi-tasking skincare, and the Multi-Miracle Glow does not disappoint. A 3-in-1 cleanser, mask and balm, this fabulous formula is enriched with vitamins to keep your skin looking smooth and glowing, even if you have dry skin. Apply as a cleanser morning and evening to help clear any excess makeup, a balm for those extra dry areas such as your elbows and knees, or as a mask for a hydration boost.

multi miracle glow

sheet mask


When the dry sheet mask launched, we knew it was a revolutionary mask that would change the way we thought about sheet masks forever. It is hard to believe that a DRY sheet mask could have such an effect on our skin! Ideal for applying to dry skin just before your makeup, this glow-giving mask will help create a radiant complexion!


Charlotte's Magic Serum Crystal Elixir is a supercharged serum designed to flood the skin with hydration. It's powered by potent humectant polyglutamic acid that's renowned for being 4x as hydrating as hyaluronic acid, drenching dry, thirsty skin and leaving it feeling smooth and youthful. Dry skin types will love the skin-quenching properties of Charlotte's magical serum! Apply morning and night for youthful-looking skin that's full of magical moisture!

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Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil is a rich facial oil that's perfect for unlocking spa-like radiance from home. The silky-smooth oil is infused with essential oils and a powerful, youth-boosting collagen matrix that helps skin to feel smoother and more elastic while giving it a gorgeous, lit-from-within glow. This research-powered oil is deeply hydrating, making it the perfect extra step to add into your skincare routine for dry skin to add that extra dose of magical moisture.

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