Skiing Skincare Essentials

Whether you’re heading to Aspen or the Alps, discover all the skiing skincare essentials you’ll need to prepare your skin for a season on the slopes.

Darlings, before you head off on your spectacular ski trip, triple check that you’ve packed all the skiing skincare essentials that you’ll need!

The mountains have some of the most breath-taking views in the world, but they’re also home to some of the harshest weather conditions! Freezing temperatures, high-speed winds and direct sunlight can take their toll, putting skin at risk of becoming dry and irritated. So darlings, whether you’re enjoying the après ski in Aspen or practising your slalom in the Swiss Alps, discover my MUST-HAVE skincare saviours that belong on every ski break!

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Discover Skiing Skincare Must-Haves

  1. A primer in a white-coloured tube with a white-coloured lid with text on it that reads, 'invisible UV Flawless poreless primer SPF 50 PA++++'.

    Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer SPF50

    Spending your vacation out on the mountain naturally exposes you to the sun’s rays, so it’s important to shield your skin with a high-factor SPF. Snow intensely reflects UV radiation which increases the chances of sunburn, so it’s even more crucial to protect your skin while skiing - even on cloudy days!

    Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer SPF50 is my beauty secret for PRIMING and PROTECTING the skin! The invisible, weightless formula is infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid, airbrush polymers to create a beautifully blurred complexion and SPF50 for daily sun protection. Worn alone, it acts as a protective beauty glow filter, and underneath makeup, it looks SEAMLESS! Either way, SPF primer is an UNMISSABLE step in your skiing skincare routine!

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  2. Thick and luscious pearly-white moisturiser in an open glass jar with its gold-coloured lid placed behind it.

    Charlotte’s Magic Cream

    Before you shuffle onto the slopes, it’s important to moisturise your skin with Charlotte’s Magic Cream to help keep it feeling healthy and hydrated. Colder climates can tend to sap the skin’s natural moisture, increasing the chances of distress and dehydration. The INSTANT-TURNAROUND EFFECTS of my award-winning moisturiser help skin to bounce back from long days on the mountain, enveloping skin in a nourishing Magic 8 Matrix of superpowered ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, bionymph peptide and vitamin C.

    Massaging Charlotte’s Magic Cream into the face and neck using my Tilbury Tap technique provides an IMMEDIATE SKIN REVIVAL ahead of your next ski session, helping skin to LOOK and FEEL PLUMPER and SMOOTHER, drenching it in HYDRATION and creating a LIT FROM WITHIN GLOW!

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  3. Charlotte's Magic Water Cream ultra-lightweight, skin-drenching gel moisturiser

    Charlotte's Magic Water Cream

    Skin can become dehydrated when exposed to high wind speeds and glaring sunlight while skiing, so it's essential to take a deeply hydrating gel moisturiser like Charlotte's Magic Water Cream along on your travels. This bouncy, ultra-lightweight moisturiser floods the skin with hydration, giving the complexion a fresh-water glow while helping to boost the skin's moisture retention over time. Apply gel moisturiser before you head out onto the slopes or after your ski session to give dehydrated skin an immediate skin revival.

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  4. A luminous, ivory-coloured facial serum in a glass bottle with a white and gold-coloured dropper lid,

    Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir

    To give skin an additional MAGIC BOOST before you slip into your ski suit, apply Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir as a supercharged serum for HYDRATED, YOUTHFUL-LOOKING SKIN! I designed my high-performance serum as a flawless accompaniment to Charlotte’s Magic Cream; it floods the skin with polyglutamic acid for intense hydration and golden vitamin C for a beautiful, brightening effect. It’s perfect for tackling dryness and dehydration and creates a gorgeous, glowing canvas to massage your magic moisturiser into.

    Tilbury Tip: Apply to your skin before Charlotte’s Magic Cream in your morning routine!

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  5. Charlotte's Magic Hydrator Mist radiant skin rescue essence with lid off

    Charlotte's Magic Hydrator Mist

    Face mists like Charlotte's Magic Hydrator Mist are the key to a dewy-looking glow on the go! Ski breaks are full of adventure, so an easy-to-use face mist that's perfect for grabbing and going is an easy way to refresh your complexion and top up on moisture. This hydrating, oxygenating formula gently mists onto the face to deliver a magical moisture boost that helps to refresh and revive the look of skin. Just mist, glow and go ready for your next trip down the slopes!

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  6. A lip oil in a white coloured tube with reflective geometric patterns on it in silver colour and a rose-gold-coloured lid.

    Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir

    As you’re zipping downhill or sipping champagne in the chalet, remember to keep your lips hydrated with Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir! This crystal-infused formula is designed to replenish and revive the look of the lips with skin-saving ingredients including Alpine rose, Swertian Leaf extract and hyaluronic acid, helping to lock in moisture for smoother, plumper looking lips throughout ski season. Gliding onto the lips and providing essential moisture with a gorgeous, glossy finish, this magical lip oil helps to condition the lips and works to shield against dehydration. It’s truly a STAR on the slopes!

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  7. Charlotte's Magic Body Cream hydrates, lifts, smooths, firms and tones the look and feel of skin

    Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream

    To keep your body feeling hydrated and silky-soft on your ski trip, apply Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream for a nourished, radiant glow! I was inspired by the ICONIC FORMULA of Charlotte’s Magic Cream to create a luxuriously smooth body cream that provides the skin on your body with the same INSTANT-TURNAROUND EFFECTS. It LIFTS, it FIRMS and it TONES the LOOK and FEEL of skin, delivering a matrix of body-targeting ingredients that help your skin to look and feel its best instantly and over time. Massage this dreamy body cream all over your body in the morning and at night for smooth, supple-feeling skin with a beautiful body glow!

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