What is Face Mist and What is it Used For?

What is face mist, what is face mist used for and do you need to add a face mist to your skincare routine? Darlings, I’m demystifying face mists in this magical guide.

Darlings, what is face mist? Face mist isn’t just for show – it’s a supercharged step to add to your immediate skin revival routine that can yield magical results! Today, I’m answering your face mist FAQs such as ‘what is face mist?’ and ‘what is it used for?’ to demystify face mist for skincare lovers, everywhere!

In this magical guide, learn more about the purpose of using a face mist within your skincare routine, and discover my NEW! skincare innovation, Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist!

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What is Face Mist?

Face mist is a gentle, soothing step to add to your skincare routine. Designed to be misted effortlessly onto the face, face mists are usually enriched with supercharged skincare ingredients that help to hydrate, refresh and revitalise the skin. Mists are an unsung skincare category; they’re a fantastic way to take care of your skin in the morning, evening and on-the-go!

Discover Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist

I was inspired by the powers of oxygen facials to create a hydrating, oxygenating face mist that gives the skin an instant dewy glow. Selecting hydrating, skin-loving ingredients hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, I developed Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist. This gentle face mist is designed to give the face instant hydration. It’s perfect for refreshing your complexion in the heat and getting your glow on-the-go!

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What Does Mist Do for your Face?

While face mists can be formulated to tackle specific skin concerns such as oil control or reducing signs of ageing, the main use of a face mist is to douse the skin with hydration. When you apply a generous mist to the face, you receive an instant moisture boost that feels refreshing and gives the skin an extra helping of hydrating skincare ingredients.

Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist is a deeply hydrating face mist that leaves skin feeling 2x as hydrated in just 1 hour!* It’s infused with skin-quenching Hyaluronic Mesh that encourages lasting hydration, brightening-effect and pore-refining and radiance-boosting niacinamide to give the face an instant, dewy-looking glow, as well as providing pollution defence and visibly reducing signs of digital fatigue. By adding this magical mist to your skincare routine, your complexion looks hydrated and glowing throughout the day.

Are Face Mists Necessary?

Darlings, I always say that with the right skincare and makeup, everyone can conquer their own world, and face mist is an unmissable step to incorporate into your magic skincare routine! Applying a face mist to freshly cleansed skin is not only a soothing skincare ritual; it gives the face an instant burst of hydrating skincare ingredients that helps to improve the look of skin. By using a face mist like Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist, you are quenching thirsty, dehydrated skin with magical moisture that helps it to look smoother, younger and more radiant. Skincare is self-care, darlings, and applying a face mist is a quick and easy way to give your skin some Tilbury Loving Care – just MIST, GLOW and GO!

Can I Use Face Mist Instead of Moisturiser?

While face mists are deeply hydrating, they are not a substitute for your moisturiser. When you’re in a hurry, darlings, face mist is a magical way to give your complexion an instant surge of hydration to help revive its appearance. However, hydration and moisturisation are actually different skin concerns – when skin is dry it needs to be moisturised, whereas even oily skin can be dehydrated.

Your skincare routine will work best when you follow all of my magical skincare steps in the correct order; I always recommend applying Charlotte’s Magic Hydrator Mist to just-cleansed skin, then applying Glow Toner, Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir and Charlotte’s Magic Cream to complete your immediate skin revival routine.

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