How To Contour & What Is Contouring: Tutorial

Discover what contour is and how to contour with Charlotte Tilbury's top tips and video tutorial for contouring made easy.

Create a flawless-looking, sculpted complexion with contouring. With this guide, discover what contouring is, how to contour, the contouring essentials and further guides that will enhance your contouring knowledge!


What is Contour?

Contouring has been a huge trend for the last several years in beauty, but as Charlotte says “it’s the secret silver-screen sirens have kept to themselves for years!"

Contouring and playing with light and shadow can help reshape, resize, enhance and define the look of your facial framework. In theory, anywhere you apply a lighter, brighter product will stand out and appear more prominent, and anywhere you apply a shadow or darker shade of contour will give you more depth and definition.

Knowing how to correctly contour your face is key to any makeup MAGIC look, as contouring too severely, or in areas that don’t need it, can actually have the opposite effect of what you’re looking to achieve. For example, if you were to contour too heavily on someone with an oblong face shape and already high cheekbones, it could make the face look too sunken-in, aged or too gaunt.


Whether you're using powder or liquid contour products, follow Charlotte's 2 MAGIC Tilbury Tips for perfect contouring:

  1. Apply your sculpting shade to the hollows of your cheeks, the temples, the jaw line, sides and tip of your nose. Never forget to blend, blend, blend!
  2. Apply the Highlighting shade on top of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, the lip’s cupid bow and your brow bone for candle-lit skin!

Discover step-by-step tutorials to discover how to contour below!

How To Use Liquid Contour

  1. how to liquid contour step 1

    Step 1: Sweep through the hollows of the cheekbones

    To use Charlotte’s Hollywood Contour Wands, start by sucking in your cheekbones & sweeping the sponge applicator on the hollows in a horizontal line towards your hairline.

  2. how to liquid contour step 2 edna placement

    Step 2: Make stripes down your nose and along your jawline and forehead

    Apply in vertical stripes on the sides of your nose & loop underneath, then apply on the sides of your forehead, temples & jawline.

  3. Charlotte's Complexion Brush

    Step 3: Buff & Blend

    Finish by applying on the eye crease to fake a deeper socket, then use the Hollywood Complexion Brush to buff & blend it all in for a seamless finish.

How To Contour With Powder

  1. dark-sculpt_2

    Step 1: Sculpt

    Apply the ‘Sculpt’ shade of the Filmstar Bronze & Glow to the areas you want to define using Charlotte's Powder & Sculpt Brush: the hollows of your cheeks, the temples, jaw line, the sides and tip of your nose. Never forget to blend-blend-blend!

  2. highlighter powder shade from filmstar bronze and glow swatch

    Step 2: Highlight

    Apply the ‘Highlight’ shade on top of your cheekbones, down the centre of your nose, your lip’s cupid bow and the brow bone for a candlelit complexion.

Contouring Essentials

Filmstar Bronze & Glow

filmstar bronze and glow

Filmstar Bronze & Glow is Charlotte’s original contour palette, with two harmonious shades. The sculpt shade can be applied to the hollows of your cheeks or anywhere you want to create shadows, whilst the highlight shade is the perfect ‘candlelit complexion’ shade. It's available in 3 shades, Fair to Medium and Medium to Dark, to suit all complexions!

Super Nudes Nudegasm Palette

4x3 nudegasm palette open

Featuring 4 powder shades to contour, sculpt and add a supermoel-inspired GLOW to your cheeks, the Super Nudes Nudegasm Palette is perfect for creating a dialed-up, runway-ready contoured complexion!


hollywood contour duo

A cream or liquid contour is an ideal alternative if you want a buildable contour. Charlotte’s Hollywood Contour Wands are super blendable using Hollywood Complexion Brush, buffed in to your desired intensity.