Your ULTIMATE Guide to Bronzer vs. Contour

Discover the difference between bronzer and contour, and how to use each individually or pair them together for a magical, glowing look!

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Bronzer and contour might seem like the same thing, but each play a magical part in your makeup routine! Learn the difference and unveil Charlotte’s super-easy tips for flawless-looking bronzer and contour application, so you can instantly add a dreamy golden glow to create a sun-kissed, gorgeous-looking makeup look for any occasion!

Discover where to apply bronzer and contour and how to use them on their own or together!

Bronzer vs. Contour

Knowing the difference between contour and bronzer is essential for creating that sun-kissed and sculpted complexion.

Bronzer is the perfect soft-focus transforming filter that will turn you into a glowing goddess. Instantly add the appearance of dimension to your facial architecture and create a youthful-looking, bronzed, sun-kissed effect to make you feel like the best version of yourself!

When contouring, you’re creating an illusion, intensifying the appearance of shadows and enhancing the look of your features. Adding depth to sculpt and define can help you create the effect of sharper-looking cheekbones or a defined nose. It’s like makeup MAGIC!

Where to Apply Bronzer

Create a spellbinding, sun-kissed, flawless-looking complexion using Charlotte’s NEW! NEXT-GENERATION MATTE INNOVATION, Airbrush Bronzer. The smoothing, blurring, and perfecting effects of Airbrush Bronzer softly smooths onto the skin and creates a sun-kissed, silky-smooth-looking finish.

Apply bronzer to your face and body where the sun naturally tans – cheekbones, jawline, top of shoulders, collarbone and the centre of your arms and legs. You're adding the appearance of warmth to your skin, like a gorgeous, glowing golden hour filter!

For flawless-looking application, use Charlotte’s NEW! Airbrush Kabuki-style retractable bronzer brush, The Air Brush. Just swirl in your Airbrush Bronzer, tap off the excess, and sweep on the skin for an ethereal airbrush-effect finish!

Top Tilbury Tips for Bronzing: -Apply bronzer to the high points of face, where your face naturally catches the sun -Apply to cheekbones, temples, tip of nose, right above where you’d apply contour (more on this below!)

  • Use Charlotte’s specially-designed Kabuki-style bronzer brush, The Air Brush for flawless-looking application!

Discover how to apply bronzer to the face and body with Sofia Tilbury’s magical makeup tutorial

Bronzer Swatch

Hollywood Contour Swatch

Where to Apply Contour

For a gorgeous contour, use Charlotte’s iconic Hollywood Contour Wand to create red-carpet-ready facial framework instantly! Build up and blend the magical liquid contour for a super-easy application and flawless-looking result!

Follow the hollow! Suck in your cheeks to see where the shadow naturally occurs on your face shape, before sweeping the magic cushion application in a horizontal line towards your hairline and blend, blend, blend using the Hollywood Complexion Brush!

Next, apply in vertical stripes on the sides of your nose and loop underneath, before applying to the sides of your forehead, temples, and jawline for that gorgeous, contoured, sculpted-effect look.

Top Tilbury Tips for Contouring: -Follow the hollow! Find your natural shadows -Apply to hollows of cheekbones, sides of nose, along jawline, temples, sides of forehead -Never forget to blend, blend, blend!

Using Bronzer With Contour

With bronzer, you can add a divine golden filter to the skin, while contouring sculpts the appearance of your facial framework, defining the look of your cheekbones and features.

Together, they create a MAGICAL, IRRESISTABLE combination to create a dreamy, sun-kissed, flawless-looking complexion! Apply your contour first, before layering your bronzer on top for a radiant-looking glow!

Incorporate Charlotte’s tips into your routine and learn how to use contour and bronzer – together or separately!