3 Steps To Old Hollywood Glamour

Get that timeless old Hollywood glamour style with our 3 easy steps to amp up your everyday look for flawless, red carpet perfection.

When you think of old Hollywood glamour, you think of wavy hair, bold lips & big, beautiful eyes. This timeless makeup look has transcended the years, EVERYONE can feel like a more beautiful version of themselves with a touch of red carpet glam. We’re bringing old Hollywood into the modern day with the 10 matte liquid lipstick shades that could be straight off the silver screen.


  1. magic foundation

    1. Flawless complexion

    Whenever you look back at silver screen sirens, they all have flawless, poreless skin to frame their beauty. Now you can recreate that soft-focused perfection with Magic Foundation, buff in this full coverage foundation for that old Hollywood glamour to create a beautiful canvas for your makeup.

  2. Feline Flick Black Open Pack Shot

    2. Wing It

    Line along your upper lash line, then extend upwards & outwards to create a feline flick. If you have trouble perfecting this technique, draw a dot where you want your winged eyeliner to finish, then draw outwards to this dot.

  3. hollywood lips dangerous liason

    3. Pout perfection

    Add a deliciously bold statement to your old Hollywood glamour makeup, and bring it into the modern day with a new Hollywood Lips matte liquid lipstick. The liquid to matte finish formula glides on like a gloss and nurtures like a cream for full coverage lipstick with a weightless feel. This deep rusty rose pink is perfect for adding a vintage feel to any makeup look.