How To Make Lips Look Bigger

Scopri i consigli di Charlotte su come rendere le labbra più carnose grazie a questa guida dettagliata e a prodotti come matita labbra, rossetto e lucidalabbra.

Da Fair Brow a Kylie Jenner, le labbra carnose e stupende saranno sempre alla moda. Ecco i miei consigli per ottenere questo risultato. Per un effetto finale lucido oppure opaco, qui troverai tutti i passaggi per avere labbra voluminose e irresistibili.

I nostri rossetti preferiti per questo scopo sono il rossetto Matte Revolution e il rossetto K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Scegli uno di questi per un effetto lucido o un effetto moderno e opaco. Il rossetto matte si può applicare direttamente dallo stick con una rapida passata, oppure utilizza Lip Brush per una maggiore precisione.

7 Tips and Tricks To Make Lips Look Bigger

  1. Lip close up of model applying Charlotte's Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir to nourish lips

    1. Nourish lips with a lip oil

    Your lips will always look their best when they are healthy and hydrated, darlings. As well as drinking plenty of water, it’s important to apply an intensive lip product like a lip oil, lip balm or lip mask to help replenish the look of your lips. Lips can easily feel dry and chapped which can lead to a sallow appearance, so applying hydrating lip products like Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir is the secret to keeping them looking nourished and ready for lipstick. When you regularly hydrate your lips, they look naturally plumper and full of life! 

    Discover my full lip care routine

  2. Jourdan Dunn wearing a darker shade of lip liner for a lip contour effect

    2. Contour lips with a darker shade of lip liner

    Did you know that you can give your lips a contoured effect by using a darker shade of lip liner? Just as you would with your cheekbones, nose, and jawline, you can create a more dimensional lip look by creating a shadow effect with lip liner. Makeup is all about light and shade, darlings… When you glide around the outer edge of your lips with a chocolate brown, cool mauve, deep pink, or rich red lip liner, your pout becomes more defined and looks more prominent on the face.

    Tan and deep skin tones will love the contour effect that my Lip Cheat in Foxy Brown gives the lips!

    Fair and medium skin tones can use my Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude to create an expertly contoured lip look!

    Tilbury Tip: To create a fuller-looking, three-dimensional lipstick look, use a lighter shade of lipstick in the centre of your lips to make them pop!

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  3. Model wearing Pillow Talk Medium Lip Cheat to overdraw their lip shape

    3. Overdraw your lips

    To make your lips look bigger, you can use lip liner to manipulate your lip shape and create the illusion of fuller, wider looking lips! With a lip liner like my Lip Cheat in Supersize Me, trace along your natural lip line to define its appearance, then glide slightly beyond its natural end to cheat the appearance of bigger lips. Use your lip liner to accentuate the look of your Cupid’s bow and to overline your top and bottom lip, then connect your new lip line with the corners of your mouth to create a more believable shape. Overdrawing your lips is an art and practice makes perfect, darlings!

    Tilbury Tip: Discover which lip shape you have and learn tips and tricks on how to make lips look bigger.

  4. Lip close up of model wearing Pillow Talk Fair Kissing Lipstick to make lips look bigger

    4. Apply matte or satin lipstick

    A slick of lipstick will maximise the look of your pout, darlings! Whether you love a magical matte formula like my Matte Revolution lipstick or the smooth, satin-finish shades from my K.I.S.S.I.N.G collection, applying lipstick is an easy way to make your pout stand out! Lipstick perfects the look of your lips and helps them to appear bigger and bolder – I always say that lipstick is instant confidence and happiness in a tube! Swipe on a beautifying lip colour and it can change the way you look and feel!

    Discover how to choose lipstick

  5. Sarah wearing Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Moonlit Glow to highlight their Cupid's bow

    5. Highlight your Cupid’s bow

    Highlighter is a beauty trick that every glow lover needs in their makeup kit! I use highlighter like a light thief, applying it strategically to capture light on the high points and directing people to look at the most lifted, luminous parts of the face. You can use my lip trick to help your lips look bigger, darlings! Take a silky highlighter like my Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter on an Eye Blender Brush, then sweep it onto your Cupid’s bow to make your top lip appear fuller, lifted and even more mesmerising.

    Discover Charlotte’s Glow Glide Guide on where to apply highlighter

  6. Belinda wearing Collagen Lip Bath in Pillow Talk Deep to make lips look bigger

    6. Wear lip gloss for a dimensional lip glow

    While lip liner and lipstick can help to reshape and resize the look of your lips, lip gloss is the secret to creating a three-dimensional lip glow that makes lips appear bigger, fuller, and plumper! I love to apply a glowing lip gloss to give every pout a magical, reflective look. Coating your lips with glimmering gloss like Collagen Lip Bath unlocks gorgeous light play, giving them a mirror-shine, glass-like glaze that’s rich with potent, lip-cushioning collagen for a juicy-looking, plump effect.

    Learn more about lip gloss

  7. Dakota applying Pillow Talk Big Lip Plumpgasm plumping lip gloss to make lips look bigger

    7. Use a lip plumper or plumping lip gloss

    Darlings, lip gloss looks magical on the lips, but for that supersizing, maximising, big lip effect, you’ll want to reach for a plumping lip gloss that visibly plumps up the look of your pout. For fuller-looking lips with unbelievable wow factor, discover Pillow Talk Big Lip Plumpgasm! This Pillow Talk lip plumper is powered by Heat and Ice Technology to give your pout a tingling, plumping sensation that immediately makes lips look 93% PLUMPER!* The Plumpgasm Effect is GLOSS + HYDRATION + INSTANT PLUMPING SENSATION for BIG LIPS, WOW!

    That’s not all, darlings… When applied regularly, my Plumpgasm innovation can help your natural lips to appear plumped by 25% in just 2 weeks!**


●      Abbina sempre la matita labbra al rossetto per un look impeccabile. ●      Per garantire una maggiore tenuta del rossetto fino a sera, applica la matita labbra Lip Cheat su tutta la superficie delle labbra prima del rossetto. ●      Per labbra dai toni scuri, un po' di Magic Cream sulla punta di un cotton fioc è un alleato prezioso. Correggi eventuali errori grazie alla punta.

Darlings, pucker up the Plumpgasm way! Pillow Talk Big Lip Plumpgasm is my go-to product to make lips look bigger – everyone deserves one! Pair it with my pout-perfecting lip secrets like Lip Cheat lip liner and my award-winning lipsticks to SUPERSIZE, MAXIMISE, HYDRATE, and PLUMP the LOOK of your lips!

*Clinical trial of 32 people

**Clinical trial on 33 people with twice daily application

Collageneer™ is a trademark of Laboratories Expanscience

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