NEW! Hot Lips 2: 11 Shades Inspired By Icons - TV Advert

Discover Charlotte's NEW Hot Lips 2 lipstick collection. 11 new shades named after iconic rule breakers, record makers and history shakers.

Darlings, I am SO excited to announce that my NEW #HOTLIPS 2 lipstick collection is NOW available from and my stand-alone Beauty Wonderlands. I have bottled the beauty DNA of 11 ICONIC, WORLD-CHANGING PEOPLE… RULE BREAKERS, RECORD MAKERS AND HISTORY SHAKERS and created lipsticks in homage to them in a new, suits-all range, so that everyone can experience glamour, confidence and power, every day and everywhere! Hot Lips 2 is the ULTIMATE EMPOWERING collaboration to inspire #LIPSTICKCONFIDENCE and change lives. Available worldwide later this month!💋 #HAPPYKISS #HotLips #LipstickConfidence

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