October Makeup Looks

Discover gorgeous October makeup looks - get a beautiful seasonal look with pumpkin spice lip colors and sparkly eyeshadow looks inspired by fall foliage.

Leaves are falling and the world is being painted in a stunning hue of golds, terracotta and russet-brown shades. It’s time to match your magical makeup looks to this new seasonal splendor!

October Makeup Looks

Discover magical October makeup looks with seasonal colors inspired by the changing leaves and pumpkin-spice everything!

October Eyeshadow Looks

October is a month that brings golden harvests and shimmering bronze colored moons. Make your eyeshadow match the seasons with some of Charlotte’s favorite makeup choices for October!

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  1. An open, quad eyeshadow palette in rose gold, metallic packaging with a mirrored lid having dark green, olive green, khaki, and golden eyeshadows.

    The Rebel Luxury Palette

    This four-colored eyeshadow palette includes stunning shades of glowing gold and khaki green. Your makeup can match the color changes by paying homage to the changing leaves around you. Wear this eyeshadow with confidence knowing its magical sparkle effects can deliver a brilliant jewel-like luminosity no matter what look you wear to enchant the world!

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  2. An open, mirrored-lid, quad eyeshadow palette with matte and shimmery eyeshadows in shades of copper and champagne.

    Copper Charge Luxury Palette

    Get caught up in the moment with this enchanted eyeshadow palette. You’ll find captivating shades of shimmering gold, rose-copper and russet-browns. These four sparkling shades can take your eyes from drab to fab! Whether you have captivating blue eyes or mysterious brown eyes, the Copper Charge eyeshadow palette can make your eyes hypnotize and POP!

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  3. An open, mirrored-lid ., 6-pan eyeshadow palette in shimmery and matte nude shades.

    Charlotte Darling Easy Eye Palette

    This six-shade eyeshadow palette includes glowing shades of coppery bronze, peachy pink, rosy terracotta and chocolate brown to morph your makeup into something new for the fall! Give yourself a seductive smokey eye look by replicating the enchanting effects of a sunset. The combined metallic and matte powdered pigments of this eyeshadow work together to create a glimmering glow—just like a gorgeous autumn sunrise!

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Pumpkin Spice Makeup

When many of your local flavor themes turn into pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that, try spicing up your makeup with some pumpkin tones and effects by starting with your luscious lips! Rose, peach, nude and terracotta tones can magically transform your everyday look!

  1. An open, nude-toned peach lipstick with a satin-finish in golden-coloured, metallic packaging.

    Bitch Perfect Peach Lipstick

    The light-diffusing pigments in this moisturizing nude-toned peach lipstick will give your lips a multi-dimensional satin finish. Capture the light on your lips and reflect it back into the world to get a spellbinding effect! Layer this lipstick with your favorite lipgloss to get a mesmerizing finish that works great for a night out on the town!

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  2. An open lipstick in a  peachy nude-rose shade with a satin finish with its lid next to it.

    JK Magic Nude Rose Lipstick

    Add a little spooky makeup magic with this JK Rowling-inspired nuanced shade! This peachy nude-rose toned hydrating lipstick gives your lips a dreamy satin finish with a plumper look. The soft and sultry tones of peach make way for a gentle rose-tone to turn your lips into a glimmering and glowing illusion!

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  3. An open lipstick lip balm in a sheer peachy-nude shade, in white and gold tube with a black-coloured lid with gold sparkles all over it.

    Happipeach Lipstick Balm

    When your lips need a little extra plumpness, this Hyaluronic Acid-infused hydrating lipstick balm comes in a kissable peachy-nude shade! Your lips will look and feel much plumper, softer and kissably soft. Not only can you give your lips some seasonal splendor with this lovely rose-peach tone, but you can enjoy the magically nourishing and highly conditioning hydration too!

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  4. An open lip and cheek tint in a warm peachy-brown shade with a matching-coloured bottle with a white and gold-coloured doe-foot applicator.

    Tinted Love Bohemian Kiss

    Say “Hello!” to Charlotte’s NEW! warm peachy-brown lip & cheek tint when you’re searching for that dreamy veil of makeup magic! You’ll get a beautiful satin-stain finish inspired by vibrant berries and delicate rose petals that is not only universally flattering, but extremely hydrating and nourishing as well.

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Classic Cat Eye

Whether you’re dressing up for a costume party or passing out decadent sweets, a classic cat eye will complete your mesmeric October look!

Define and enhance your enchanting eyes with Panther the Feline Flick Eyeliner, a black waterproof liquid eyeliner in a magically smooth formula. The stunning smooth and bold lines of this enchanting eye color accent will make your eyes pop while giving you a hauntingly seductive gaze. The highly pigmented bewitching black color is super long lasting to give you up to 12 hours of a mesmerizing feline eyes. 4x3 feline flick both eyes

From the golds and bronzes of a setting sun or seasonal harvest, to the rose and terracotta hued tones of pumpkin spice, there are a number of ways you can magically change your makeup to match the seasons in October. Whether you’re looking for something entirely new or just want to expand on what you know, discover Charlotte’s magical October makeup looks!

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