Feline Flick - Quick Fine Line Shodo Pen

Discover the Feline Flick, a liquid eyeliner that’s so easy and effortless to use. Learn how you can achieve the perfect Feline eye in the flick of a whisker!

Now anyone can create the perfect Feline Flick with my magic shodō pen that’s so easy to use, it practically writes itself! The Feline Flick works on every face shape to elongate your eyes and lift your features, for a sexy, cat-like gaze. To simplify the technique, I wanted to create a liner that is as easy to use as a felt-tip pen but with the finish and elegance of Japanese calligraphy. So I created my very first “Fine-Line Shodō Pen”. I have always been inspired by the Zen art-form of Japanese Calligraphy, “Shodō”, where each line is achieved through “one chance, one stroke”, there’s no re-trace. The Feline Flick has a fine-tipped calligraphy-style brush that’s so easy and effortless to use, you can achieve the perfect feline eye in the flick of a whisker!

How to apply eyeliner

  1. feline flick step 1

    Step 1: Draw fine line

    Starting from the inner corner of the eye, draw a very fine line as close as possible to the lash line. There mustn’t be a visible gap between the lashes and your eye liner.

  2. feline flick step 2

    Step 2: Thicken the line

    Keep drawing a thin line until two thirds of the way across. From this point start to thicken the line, sweeping the pen slightly up and out.

  3. feline flick step 3

    Step 3: Finish the flick

    Instead of following the curve of the eye downwards, keep drawing the line diagonally upwards. Once you get level with the end of the eye, keep sweeping the line out and up. Your flick should end 2mm from the end of your eye.

    Always look straight into the mirror. If you look down then you will naturally pull the line downwards.

  4. feline flick step 5

    Step 4: Add liner to bottom lash & apply mascara

    To intensify, add a fine line of eyeliner underneath the bottom lashes at the outer corner as close to the lashes as possible. This should join your top eyeliner at the outer corner for a completed, lifted effect.

    For a true feline finish, curl your lashes and then apply my Full Fat Lashes mascara adding extra volume to the outer corner lashes, elongating the eye.

  5. feline flick dot

    Additional Tip: Draw a dot

    If you are not very confident with drawing a Feline Flick, I suggest, when you get two thirds across the lash line, draw a dot where the flick should end. This should be 2mm up and out from the outer corner of your eye as a guideline for where your flick should end.