Spring Beauty Trends

Discover the spring beauty trends that are taking over the runway and the world!

Darlings, like the seasons, makeup trends are ever-changing! I’m sharing all the spring beauty trends that have caught my eye on the runway and across social media. Discover the standout spring makeup looks of the season and get inspired to create mesmerising makeup magic for spring!

Discover Spring Beauty Trends

  1. Meg wearing a spring makeup look with trending high blush placement

    High Blush

    Blushing cheeks go hand-in-hand with spring, darlings! This season, high blush placement is everywhere! On the red carpet and the runway, rosy shades are being blended higher on the cheekbones to give the face a pop of springtime colour while creating a flattering lift effect.

    Get the look with my one-dot-wonders, Matte Beauty Blush Wands, applying a dot of blush onto the apples of the cheeks, then blending upwards onto the cheekbones with my Hollywood Complexion Brush to get the It blush look for spring. Just DOT, DOT, BLEND and POP!

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  2. Meg wearing a trending multichrome eyeshadow look for spring

    Multichrome Eyeshadow

    Magical multichrome eyeshadows are lighting up the eyes of SUPERMODELS and STARS across the globe this spring! To put on a display of colour-shifting magic on the eyes, swipe my Hypnotising Pop Shots onto the lids to give them instant, dimensional, diamond-inspired colour that flexes and bends with the light!

    My multichrome eyeshadow formula lets the eyes sparkle with several show-stopping colours all at once, interacting with the light to reflect in different, dazzling shades from every angle! Discover NEW! shades from my Pillow Talk Party: Pillow Talk Diamonds – Diamond Dimension, a rose-gold multichrome, and Pillow Talk Ultra-Violet – Multi-Dimension, a celestial violet duochrome.

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  3. Meg wearing a trending spring makeup look with Pillow Talk pink lipstick

    The Perfect Pink Pout

    Pretty-in-pink is the motto for spring, darlings! Whether you love matte, satin or glossy lips, sign off your springtime makeup with a pout-perfecting pink lipstick that looks FLATTERING and FLAWLESS! Fresh, blushing lip colours are beautiful options for springtime, channelling the meadow-fresh, blossom tones of the season. My Pillow Talk lipsticks are ICONIC all year round, but their beautiful, rosy tones are perfect for getting plush, pink lips for spring!

    In my lipstick wardrobe, there’s a pink lipstick for EVERYONE! There’s a Pillow Talk Lipstick for every makeup look; Pillow Talk is a dreamy, universally flattering nude-pink, Pillow Talk 2. Medium is a rich, berry-rose hue, and Pillow Talk Intense is a moisturising, rose-brown. If you prefer a taupey-nude pink, discover K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Penelope Pink, or for a rose petal pink, choose Hot Lips in Kidman’s Kiss!

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  4. Meg wearing a trending brown eyeliner look for spring

    A Beautiful Brown Feline Flick

    Darlings, winged eyeliner never goes out of style… For spring, try using a beautiful brown eyeliner to create my famous feline flick! Reaching for a dreamy, neutral brown lets you achieve a softer look compared to a classic black, lacquered eyeliner. My Pillow Talk Eyeliner is infused with PILLOW TALK DNA – it’s a flattering, berry-brown shade that looks gorgeous on EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE! It suits every eye colour and every eye look, building dimension along the lash line and effortlessly enhancing the look of the eyes!

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  5. Meg wearing a trending spring makeup look with blush topper

    Highlighter as Blush Topper

    Spring is the perfect time to reach for beautifying blush toppers that transform springtime blush looks with the dreamiest blush-and-glow effect! After dotting my Matte Beauty Blush Wands onto the apples of the cheeks to give them a romantic, rosy flush, glide a pearlescent pink shade of my Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter over the top to get an enchanting Hollywood glow!

    Pillow Talk Glow and Rose Gold Glow are perfect, pink-toned shades for giving your blush a megawatt glow – take my Powder & Sculpt Brush and glide back and forth from the apples of the cheeks towards the temples and unlock a gorgeous blush and glow look for spring!

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  6. Meg wearing Charlotte's Magic Body Cream for a radiant springtime body glow

    Body Glow

    With jumpers and jackets back in the wardrobe, spring is all about glowing bodies, everywhere! I always say that Charlotte’s Magic Cream is my number one beauty secret for a gorgeous makeup application, and now, I’ve created Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream to treat EVERY BODY to an immediate skin revival! Smoothing my hydrating body lotion into the skin leaves it looking RADIANT – just massage it into the skin and get an INSTANT BODY GLOW from HEAD to TOE!

    Tilbury Tip: To give the shoulders, chest and clavicles a SUPERSTAR GLOW, glide my Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter onto the body to illuminate the look of skin with red-carpet radiance!

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