Discover Charlotte's easy-to-follow guide for how to use eyebrow pencil with NEW! formula Brow Lift and ICONIC Brow Cheat for natural-looking pencil eyebrows!

Darlings, no magic makeup look is complete without full, fluffy, feathered, defined SUPERMODEL BROWS! The first step to creating your perfect eyebrows is using an expert eyebrow pencil to add tint, texture and shape.

Discover how to apply Charlotte’s eyebrow pencils and why you NEED them in your beauty collection! They’re the secret to full, luscious, fluffy Supermodel Brows from dawn to dusk!

The brush end grooms brows and eliminates excess color, the highlighter in the middle of the pencil works to give your brows the illusion of an instant lift under the brow bone, and the triangular-shaped brow pencil glides on effortlessly, defining and shading the look of your eyebrows. This must-have pencil is available in 5 shades, explore them below and find your perfect color…

Fair Brow: The fairest shade of the Brow Lift, Fair Brow is perfect for blonde, light brown and red hair.

Star Brow: The perfect eyebrow pencil for blondes!

Luscious Brow: A medium brown shade which works perfectly for brunettes.

Supermodel: For those with medium to dark brown hair, Supermodel is a super flattering shade.

Perfect Brow: The deepest shade of Brow Lift, Perfect Brow is great for those with dark brown or black hair.

  1. 4x3 brow lift

    Magic Step 1

    Start by brushing the hairs upwards to reveal your brow’s natural shape. Use the BROW COMPASS to map out your flawless-looking, flattering brow shape!

  2. Brow Lift Supermodel

    Magic Step 2

    Use the pointed end of the brow pencil of fill-in the eye brow line using short, regular strokes to mimic natural hair. Or, for a softer, tinted effect, use the flat, wider side of the pencil.

  3. Mini Filmstar Bronze & Glow - mini travel sized contour and highlighter palette beauty gift

    Magic Step 3

    Lift the brow by applying your favorite highlighter under the arch to enhance your shape and lift the look of your eyes.

  4. 4x3 thick browformation

    Magic Step 4

    Comb through the brows to groom the look.

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How to Apply Charlotte's Brow Cheat Micro Precision Pencil

For more precise application, use Brow Cheat, Charlotte’s micro-precision refillable eyebrow pencil with a micro angled tip. The smaller tip of this pencil allows you to draw finer strokes that mimic natural brow hairs and add even more shape, definition and a fluffy, feathered effect!

Available in the same eight shades as Brow Lift, Brow Cheat is a smudge-proof, humidity-proof and sweat-resistant eyebrow pencil that can define, enhance and LIFT the LOOK of sparse, thin, unruly or thick brows!

  1. 4x3 Brow Cheat 8 Swatches

    Magic Step 1

    Choose your color, from Light Blonde, Taupe, Soft Brown, Natural Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black Brown and Natural Black.

  2. 4x3 brow cheat

    Magic Step 2

    Using the brush end, brush your eyebrow hairs upwards to reveal their natural shape. This will hep you identify sparse areas that need some attention!


    Magic Step 3

    Using the micro precision pencil, draw in little strokes one by one to mimic the look of natural brow hairs! Pay attention to any sparse areas, and be light-handed at the front of your brow to avoid a blocky shape.

  4. legendary brows tinted brow gel packshot in the shade soft brown

    Magic Step 4

    To add even more feather and fluffiness, follow by brushing Charlotte's micro-precision tinted brow gel, Legendary Brows through your brows.

  5. brow fix clear brow gel packshot

    Magic Step 5

    Finally, set your brow in place all day and night with Brow Fix clear brow gel for an invisible long-lasting hold!

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Now that you know how to apply eyebrow pencil like a pro, discover Charlotte's full eyebrow makeup tutorial using her full SUPERMODEL BROW collection! It's as easy as Fill, Feather, Fix!