How to Achieve a Dewy Makeup Look

Give yourself the most mesmerizing and flawless-looking complexion with a subtle dewy makeup effect with Light Wonder, Charlotte's lightweight foundation.

Create the most mesmerizing golden goddess dewy makeup look with Charlotte’s Light Wonder Foundation! This incredible foundation will give you a glowing, flawless-looking complexion with a subtle dewy finish.

Follow Charlotte’s best tips as this fantastic long lasting foundation will help cover blemishes and minimize the appearance of pores, the secret to luminous, radiant-looking skin! It smoothes and evens out the look of your complexion for a dreamy dewy finish. Learn how to replicate that youthful, dewy foundation glow!

> “Flawless is a feeling” Charlotte Tilbury


Fresh-looking, dewy skin is all about your base! Use Charlotte’s miracle-working Magic Cream moisturizer to keep your skin fresh and glowing. This award-winning, ultra-hydrating moisturizer is the perfect canvas for your face, it will leave your skin with a luminous and dewy complexion. Hyaluronic Acid and Wild Pansy Extracts help to seal in moisture so your skin feels rejuvenated. The BioNymph Peptide and Vitamins C & E will also flood your skin with moisture!

Dewy Complexion

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Best Foundation for a Dewy Glow

The secret to flawless-looking, dewy skin is Charlotte’s Light Wonder Foundation. The pseudo-ceramides hydrates your skin for up to 18 hours, it's ideal for dry, normal and combination skin types that want sheer, flawless-looking coverage. The light-as-air, breathable formula in this foundation means you can achieve that dewy foundation glow!


The magical ingredients in Light Wonder Foundation will make your complexion glow. Mica, Silicones and Emollient Esters offer a soft gliding effect for easy application and a silky, soft, lightweight, dewy finish! The magical formula brightens and smooths the look of your skin for a hypnotizing dewy foundation glow.

Also use Charlotte’s Beauty Light Wand liquid gold highlighter in Spotlight to create a magical dewy makeup effect on your skin. The Oleogel in the highlighter gives a glossy, bright, highlighted effect, giving you that beautiful candlelit glow. The easy cushion applicator is a soft cushion pad that dispenses product evenly onto cheekbones, making it super blendable and easy to use.

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