Charlotte’s Best Nude Lipstick for Fair Skin

Discover Charlotte's best nude lipsticks for fair skin from the dreamy world of Pillow Talk, and learn how to apply nude-pink lipstick like a pro.

If you’re looking for a dreamy nude lipstick for fair skin, discover Charlotte’s magical collections of pout-perfecting lipsticks! Discover expert tips and tricks for what to look for when choosing a shade for you, and the MAGIC of Pillow Talk; Charlotte’s best nude lipstick for fair skin that’s on everyone’s lips…


Choosing A Nude Lipstick For Fair Skin

When looking for the perfect nude lipstick to compliment your fair complexion, it’s important to know which type will flatter you best!

Nude lipsticks with pink undertones tend to flatter fair skin tones the best, creating a gorgeous, barely-there lip look and glowing complexion. Choose a glossy, satin or matte finish to create a super sophisticated look that can be worn for any occasion.

However, nude lipsticks with yellow, orange or peach undertones often don’t flatter fair skin tones. Often, these can dull down your beautiful fair complexion, leaving your skin looking lacklustre and washed out. It’s best to avoid these and look for a dreamy pink-toned nude shade instead!

Next, discover the different lipstick finishes and formulas and find your favourite to create your desired perfect pout. From a matte finish lipstick for a long-lasting modern pout, a glossy finish or lip gloss for a high-shine kiss of nude color or a satin finish for a sumptuous kissable look.

Charlotte’s Best Nude Lipsticks For Fair Skin

Charlotte’s best nude lipstick for fair skin comes from the magical world of Pillow Talk. The ICONIC, pout-perfecting shade, Pillow Talk Original, is the perfect pink-toned nude lipstick that looks dreamy on everyone – but especially those with fair skin. Choose your favourite finish from the collection of Pillow Talk lipsticks…

Matte Revolution: The original Pillow Talk lipstick, choose Matte Revolution for a dreamy Pillow Talk pout with a modern matte finish!

PILLOW TALK - LID OFF resized 4x3

Superstar Lips: The iconic nude-pink shade in a limited-edition Superstar Lips formula, choose this dreamy lipstick for a gorgeous glossy pout.

pillow-talk-packshot resized 4x3

Pillow Talk Diamonds: This lipstick gives you a sheer kiss of the ICONIC nude-pink shade, but with a dialled-up, GLITTERING finish! Wear to make a statement or complete your party makeup look.

PTDIAMOND resized 4x3

How To Apply Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk Original

Step 1: Apply the Lip Cheat lip liner in Pillow Talk Original to your lips, starting on the outer corners and tracing just outside the natural lip line to define your pout.


Step 2: Complete your Pillow Talk pout by applying your matte, glossy or glittering Pillow Talk lipstick straight from the bullet onto your lips.

PILLOW TALK - LID OFF resized 4x3

Charlotte’s Tip: Complete your Pillow Talk pout with Lip Lustre lip gloss in Pillow Talk. Apply this dreamy, lustrous lip gloss as a final step for a kissable, supermodel pout.


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