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Product Information

Darlings, discover my All-Year-Round Sun-Kissed Kit for a SUN-KISSED, sculpted-looking complexion and that FLAWLESS SUMMER FEELING!

Featuring my NEW! HYALURONIC ACID-INFUSED, SMOOTHING, PORE-BLURRING EFFECT MATTE bronzer for the face and body, Airbrush Bronzer and my Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter that adds a dreamy, soft-focus GLOW to your cheeks, this MAGIC makeup kit is a must-have to create a BEAUTIFULLY-BRONZED, SUN-KISSED, SMOOTH-LOOKING complexion!

This magical makeup kit includes:

Airbrush Bronzer (Fill: 16g): My NEXT-GENERATION MATTE INNOVATION! Inspired by my 1 SOLD EVERY MINUTE worldwide PHENOMENON, Airbrush Flawless Finish powder*, my NEW! HYALURONIC ACID-INFUSED, MAGIC MATTE bronzer uses the same BEAUTIFYING AIRBRUSH DNA and fine-as-AIR FINELY-MILLED PIGMENTS to BLUR the appearance of PORES and SMOOTH over your skin for the appearance of a BRONZED, SUN-KISSED complexion! Choose from Fair, Medium, Tan or Deep.

Choose your glowing Beauty Light Wand shade!

Beauty Light Wand in Spotlight (Fill: 12ml): The award-winning original Beauty Light Wand is the beauty light effects from the Hollywood red carpet, bottled! In a dreamy rose-gold shade, the magic liquid highlighter gives your skin a luminous-looking, soft-focus-effect finish!

Beauty Light Wand in Goldgasm (Fill: 12ml): A golden highlighter that plays with the light beautifully to leave your complexion with a soft-focused-effect, candlelit glow.

Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm (Fill: 12ml): For a kiss of summer happiness, Charlotte’s pearlescent, pink highlighter blush leaves your cheeks with a sensual-looking, rosy glow.

Beauty Light Wand in Peachgasm (Fill: 12ml): This glowing, peachy highlighter blush gives your cheeks a wash of sun-kissed, dewy-looking color.

Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk Original (Fill: 12ml): Darlings, my Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk is the secret to cheeks that GLOW with Pillow Talk magic! The magical highlighter blush formula adds a kiss of glowing nude-pink color to your cheeks!

Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk Medium (Fill: 12ml): Inspired by my ICONIC, award-winning Pillow Talk shade, this dialled-up peachy-pink liquid highlighter blush looks DREAMY on everyone, but especially those with medium to deep skin tones!

*based on Charlotte Tilbury global sales figures for Airbrush Flawless Finish from Jan – Dec 2019.


What makes it magic?

  • HYDRATING HYALURONIC ACID in Airbrush Bronzer moisturises so that skin appears softer and smoother in seconds!
  • Airbrush Bronzer is enriched with SMOOTHING, SILKY MICA treated with amino acids to impart a silky smooth, long-lasting feel on the skin.
  • BLURRING SOFT-FOCUSING SILICA in Airbrush Bronzer adds a rich-velvety texture and reflects the light for a soft-focused effect.
  • MICRO-FINE PERFECTING POWDERS in Airbrush Bronzer deliver an invisibly thin, silky filter on the skin to add depth of colour and coverage
  • Airbrush Bronzer is enriched with MAGICAL MICROSPHERES for increased pay off and an elegant silky texture.
  • The magical Beauty Light Wand formula features lustrous polymers that enhance the look of skin luminosity, giving a high gloss, highlighting effect with a silky smooth, non-greasy texture!