How to Create Supermodel Brows

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Application Tips

Tip 1: Pat your eye cream with your fingers as the area around the eyes is more delicate than elsewhere on the face.

Tip 2: Use concealer one shade lighter than normal under the eyes to brighten the face.

Tip 3: Brush your brows upwards to reveal their shape and give your eyes an instant lift.

Tip 4: To get the perfect feline flick, put a dot where you want the flick to end, and join up the line from the end of the eye to the dot.

Tip 5: To get killer cheekbones, suck in your cheeks and follow the hollow!

Tip 6: Dab lipstick with a brush or your fingers to get more of a stain to make the look softer.

Tip 7: Smile, swish and pp around and onto the apples of the cheeks where you would naturally blush.