The Ultimate Eyeliner Application Guide

Discover how to apply eyeliner with this ultimate eyeliner application guide, with videos, tips and our favourite products for achieving that perfect winged eyeliner. This is one of Charlotte’s signature makeup looks, as eyeliner looks fabulous at any age! Follow our step by step guides and makeup tutorials so you can create a flawless feline flick with eyeliner pencil or liquid pen.

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How to apply eyeliner for beginners:

This eyeliner tutorial for beginners is made for people who want to use liquid eyeliner but aren’t sure where to begin. Charlotte’s Feline Flick eyeliner pen is designed for easy application, with an ultra-fine tip for a precise wing.

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Why you should use a nude or white eyeliner:

Using a nude eyeliner

Nude or white eyeliner is the makeup essential you never knew you needed! This lighter shade of eyeliner can really help to create the appearance of wider, brighter eyes. Discover how to use a nude eyeliner in our step-by-step guide.

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Wearable graphic eyeliner:

Wearable graphic eyeliner looks

Graphic eyeliner is a cutting edge trend, so we’ve created a guide on how to do graphic eyeliner in a wearable style. This is a great way to work new makeup techniques into your routine to mix things up for a fresh new look. Discover how to use liquid liner in our guide.

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Eyeliner tips for beginners:

Eyeliner tips for beginners_

These top tips for applying eyeliner will help you master your technique so you can have flawless-looking eyeliner every day. Use pencil or pen to help perfect your feline flick.

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5 Steps for Perfect Winged Eyeliner:

Ultimate Eyeliner Application Guide

If you have always wanted a fierce, sharp-looking feline flick, then follow this guide for step by step instructions on how to get perfect winged eyeliner.

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Posted by Charlotte on 28th September at 09.10 in Guides